Taylor Swift Accuses Kanye West of Using Her Name to Promote His Album

September 07, 2010 08:16:48 GMT

Instead of accepting the apology like she did when Kanye West first asked for forgiveness, Taylor Swift reportedly is disgusted with his latest 'sorry' statement.

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift reportedly is not happy when learning that Kanye West keeps bringing up the MTV Video Music Awards incident which saw her standing in embarrassment while he rudely threw drunken rants on stage. She allegedly accused the rapper of using her name to promote his new music.

"Taylor is furious that Kanye keeps discussing the VMAs incident," a source said. "She's fed up of hearing about it and is disgusted that he has the cheek to use her name to promote his new album! Taylor has moved on from the incident and is hoping Kanye will - eventually - do the same."

Kanye West previously admitted to public that he was wrong for attacking Taylor Swift in front of live audience. "With new found humility ... who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down," he wrote on Twitter.

Blaming the media for "getting between" him and Taylor, he insists he's actually not a bad person. He explained, "That moment I was only trying to do good but people don't always need my help. Beyonce [Knowles] didn't need that. MTV didn't need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn't want or need that."


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posted by Kylie on Sep 11, 2010
Um Taylor honey, Kanye does not need you to sell records, he will run circles around you, Your expiration date is quickly approaching, when the next teeny boppers come along you are out, Kanye is known worldwide. and you ?
posted by Ha ha on Sep 11, 2010
Yeah, because Kanye needs Taylor to promote shit. Kanye has been making top ten hits since before Taylor hit puberty. He has always been a bigger name than her, and always will be.
posted by llmpyspaniels on Sep 11, 2010
Imagine if a white superstar like paul mccartney had gone on stage while benoyce was accepting an award and said that a white lady should have won,, Al Sharpton and jesse jackson would have demanded that the white super star was forever banned from signing in public again..
posted by 13fairytales on Sep 09, 2010
I'd be annoyed too if I were her! I mean she's a smart girl and he should just drop it. Love ya Taylor!!
posted by Tev on Sep 08, 2010
this is fake its just media making up a fake story and why would he say all this to promote his album and keeping it real Kanye helped Taylor and she was known but after the VMA thing more people became to know her. If Taylor is over it why cant other people be
posted by 13thirteen on Sep 08, 2010
she never wanted it to be like this. she ignored it and wanted it all put behind everyone. now, kanye is apologizing for the first time, RIGHT BEFORE HIS NEW ALBUM! it is not a coincidence. he feels sorry for himself that people may not like him as much. i love taylor, she needs to go up to him personally ( since he won't go to her ) and just tell him to fuck off and drop it. he just wants people to think he is a good guy, and to still buy hiis new album... he is a douche!
posted by Maroonsista on Sep 08, 2010
The media did not make Kanye West get up onstage, interrupt her acceptance speech, and then point Beyonce out in a crowd. The media didn't get in the way. Kanye West got in his own way.
posted by Lena1 on Sep 08, 2010
lol ~a source~ taylor = a source. LOL at anybody who believes this. So dumb.
posted by taylor swift is a hy on Sep 07, 2010
taylor your such a hypocrite. when joe jonas dumped your ass, YOU DID THIS TOO HIM! you wouldnt stop talking about him and tried to destroy his reputation, (u said it yourself.) in every interview, and whenever you got the chance to bash him you did, shows a lot on who you really are, you trashed joe jonas and thats how you became a big star and won awards that should have went to beyonce or lady gaga or whoever cause you clearly didnt deserve it she wouldnt be this big if she didnt date a jonas brother. shes so childish, her career is tickin, because EVERYONE is getting sick of taylor swift and how she only sings about princesses and fairytales. and all her songs sound the same All Iím trying to say is that Taylor used her breakup with Joe to sell her album and now that Kanye is doing the same with her, she has a problem with it
posted by marina on Sep 07, 2010
Do people actually believe this? A "source" said that. Wow. I can't believe Americans are really this gullible. Taylor would never accuse Kanye of anything like that. She's over it, period.
posted by Steeler Kenn on Sep 07, 2010
So it's ok for her to go on the view SNL and other talk shows discussing it while he is out of the spotlight.... Now he is back and has every right to get his thoughts heard. That's called free speech. BTW, when has Kanye ever needed help selling his music?
posted by Mikkael on Sep 07, 2010
He wouldn't keep bringing it up if she FORGAVE him. I've never heard here say she forgives him publically. If she'd said it back when it happened, it wouldn't still be such a big deal. However she was loving the way everyone fawned all over her and demonized him. Now she's tired of it?
posted by Swifty on Sep 07, 2010
It's just a gossip blog and it has seem that people will definitely read everything about Taylor Swift (and West) someday. Taylor never says something which is controversial like that. If you dont know much about Taylor, please dont accuse her of anything bad. But I also think Kanye had better not repeat the incident again
posted by wow on Sep 07, 2010
can u believe this shit?? no-one even knew Taylor Swift as much as they know her now thanks to Kanye...if Kanye hadn't gone on stage at the VMA's n done the thing that he did, Taylor swift wouldn't even be a well known music artist. Grow up Taylor. Kanye pretty much made you well known around the world. Besides that, Kanye is just apologising on twitter. What do u want him to do? lol
posted by swiftie on Sep 07, 2010
lisa your the one mistaken. Taylor was a household name before Kanye interrupted her. She had the number one selling album of 2008 and 2009 before he interrupted her and remember she was ACCEPTING an award when he jumped on stage. She sold way more albums then he did in 2009. He apologized to her personally last year. She said she forgave him and just wanted to move on and forget. He is using her name for publicity and I highly doubt she said that anyways.
posted by rocker on Sep 07, 2010
Ma2t Youre a bitch! This is reporting on one single gossip blog and kanye is using taylors name for publicity whether she said it or not.
posted by lisa on Sep 07, 2010
that is hilarious that this girl thinks kanye west needs her to promote his album. lmbo!!!! taylor please. it's the other way around. k west MADE U A HOUSEHOLD NAME. if anyone should be saying anything, she should be thinking ye for making her relevant!
posted by Ma2t on Sep 07, 2010
She's just a bitch
posted by benda on Sep 07, 2010
who gives a F. I dislike all celebrities & the cult.

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