Brad Pitt Returns to New Orleans to Mark the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

August 28, 2010 03:54:49 GMT

Wearing a blue shirt and jeans, Pitt, on Friday, August 27, arrived in the Louisiana state and greeted locals who are grateful with the actor's Make It Right Foundation for the country.

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On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt went back to New Orleans on Friday, August 27. Without the accompany of Angelina Jolie and their kids, the "Inglourious Basterds" actor, in a blue shirt and jeans, greeted a crowd of locals and shared his biggest smile.

Beside meeting with the locals, Pitt also took a look around of some eco-friendly houses which have been built through his Make It Right Foundation, a project he and Jolie founded in 2007 to help residents who lost their homes in the 2005 disaster. The foundation has so far built 50 homes and Pitt wants 150 more.

In the Louisiana state, Pitt also spent his time to conduct an interview with Brian Williams for NBC's "Nightly News". Recalling what he saw when he visited the country after the hurricane, Pitt said, "It was unfathomable. I mean, just.. you had no idea that there were families and here. It was just wiped clean. Except for the occasional pile up of homes and.. on top of homes."

"People build their lives here. And.. and.. I mean, New Orleans is a unique place to begin with. And I say.. a cultural treasure trove for.. for America to begin with," Pitt shared when asked what made him come up with an idea of Make It Right Foundation.

"But the thing that struck me was that these people were trying to.. you know, these people were trying to get home," Pitt added. "And.. and were having a very difficult time doing so. And as I got into and started studying it."

And locals are grateful with what Pitt has done in their lives. Baxter Barnes, who received a home from Make It Right and has previously spent time with both Pitt and Jolie, told Radar Online, "They are both genuine and down-to-earth people and if were not for them we, like a lot of other people, would not have homes back in New Orleans."

Update : Angelina Jolie also paid a short visit before leaving in a private jet on Friday.

Brad Pitt Returning to New Orleans:


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posted by insider on Sep 12, 2010
Thay are broken up. They do hate each other. Brad was doped up at the salt premiere. They live seperate houses. Brad is not seeing jen.
posted by brad hipocrit pitt on Sep 06, 2010
If brad pitt wants to kill the BP bigwigs that is fine. That is his opinion and he is entitled. The big hipocritical problem is this, there is a private jet that is logging millions and millions of miles flying around the world and only carrying one passenger, his "wife". What is that doing to our enviroment mr. Pitts??? Is she too prissy too fly first class???? Not good enough???WHAT A HIPOCRIT.
posted by rudger on Sep 04, 2010
Angalina was erasing the saved images from there home security camera Images of her chasing and beating the crap out of brad In front of the kids She is afraid they would be used against her in a custody battle My cousin told her how to do it
posted by sashaisgullible on Sep 04, 2010
Brad pitt was not photographed with angelina in new orleans last weekend. She arrived and left and then he arrived. Someone is always with the kids. They are good parents.
posted by della on Sep 04, 2010
Angelina was in town briefly. Then left. Brad showed up later. They were not together this last weekend in louisana. Maybe the pictures are old ones. Della
posted by truth on Sep 02, 2010
Brad and Angelina are broken up. They will never announce it so the tabloids would be correct. They hate each other with a passion. Very easily one of them could end up dead. It happens all the time. She is crazy. I have worked with her. Everything is fake. She is not nice. And she is never with her kids. She sees them in passing. And says "by" if she goes somewhere. She also HATES brads mom jane. Its sad
posted by lulu on Sep 02, 2010
Brad pitt has screwed up his nice simple life. He probably thinks back to the days with jen and how he was in charge with noone pushing him around and screaming at him. He is laying in the bed he made. Didnt anyone tell him that he was experiencing LUST not love. Lust is a very dangerous emotion. And it totally screwed up his life. His adopted kids are more important then his bio kids. And it was reported the 3 adopted kids would attack baby shiloh. Brad is so stupid. Everybody knows if you adopt and have bio kids, you have the bio kids first and when they get older , then you adopt younger children. That way you dont have wild orphans beating up your babies. Which is what has happened here. With all brads money, hes not very smart.
posted by deville on Aug 31, 2010
Angelina jolie and brad pitt otherwise known as 'the demon and her trophy'
posted by dennis on Aug 31, 2010
Yeah cuz angie hates new orleans.she never stays long. There are no refugees here she can exploit. I have lived a long time and there is something seriously wrong with that woman.
posted by stella on Aug 31, 2010
No sasha get your facts straight First angie arrived alone and spent 2 hours in their house and then left on a private jet. Then 14 hours later brad flew in by himself. Angie appeared to be picking something up from the house before brad got there. Wonder what? By the way im a local
posted by frostywind1959 on Aug 29, 2010
Brad,congrad,i worked andrew,morgan city; I want to make u n louisiana an offer;;;best seller;best movie biography;;;Guaranteed.60% of all revenues,given for life to louisianna Rebuild n maintain;;;
posted by Sasha on Aug 27, 2010
Angelina is there with Brad. Pop Sugar has pictures. Get your facts right.

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