Charice's Botox Procedure Not for Cosmetic Purposes, Rep Explains

July 20, 2010 02:21:53 GMT

Charice's rep has cleared out report that the singer underwent Botox to make her 'naturally round face' more narrow as part of 'Glee' debut, stating '[It was] to relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ.'

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Filipino singer Charice, who reportedly made her preparation for "Glee" by having Botox, was indeed undergoing the procedure but not for cosmetic purposes. A rep for the 18-year-old star denied that she had the procedure to change her appearance, telling Us Magazine, "[It was] to relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ. It did not hurt; it relieved the pain."

"You've seen her face - she doesn't have a wrinkle in it so she wouldn't need it for cosmetic purposes. The 'Glee' people are thrilled with the way she looks which is why she got the part," the rep added. "She had her hair colored at the Brad Johns Studio at Elizabeth Arden [in NYC]. That's the only cosmetic thing she's done."

According to Associated Press, Charice, who will begin filming 'Glee' in late July, underwent the 30-minute Botox procedure to make her "naturally round face" more narrow, as celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo told ABS-CBN television.

Doing the Botox injections in front of cameras, Vicki said as she touched Charice's face, "You chew gum and it turns out to be a favorite super-exercise for these muscles, your chewing muscles. So we will show you, this muscle here it's a bit protruding." Vicki continued, "It's like a ball, so we are going to Botox that in order to get it flat so she will have a cuter face... we want to give you the apple cheek look because it's cute, right?"

Charice herself has previously shared about the intense pressure surrounding her "Glee" debut. The "Note to God" singer revealed, "All people will be anticipating how will Charice look? Is she good enough to pit against [Lea Michele's 'Glee' character] Rachel Berry? So of course there is tremendous pressure."


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posted by dan on Nov 15, 2011
Previously, Charice said that many people try to change herself. Than this procedure is acceptable because they were trying to convince her that it was only for physical health treatment. Woe people! who suggest this is !!!
posted by Dan on Nov 15, 2011
In their descriptions, Charice just understand the purpose for the treatment of physical health not cosmetic purposes. That why, she agreed to undergo the procuder in front of camera.
posted by Nabzzgerl on Oct 16, 2011
Yes its true she can fix her jaw at other means but every girl wants to look beautiful.She just killed two birds with one stone.Oh and Charice you look great not because of botox because you're a beautiful person itself. But great job on the face though!
posted by TLP on Sep 04, 2010
You know what? We are not stupid! If you have a jaw problem you should go to orthodontics or maxilo-facial surgeon! Do not make your jaw problem as an excuse for your facial plastic surgery. Charice, it is okay to improve your face because you don't have the face you want it. But, don;t give us a shit and make the people stupid for your stupid reason! Because your stupid reason makes you STUPID!
posted by lea on Aug 08, 2010
vicky belo is a joke. she's not even a real plastic surgeon or even a dermatologist.
posted by Nica on Jul 25, 2010
I heard that Vicky Belo is her God mother or something. I dont know if this is true, just trying to help.
posted by Disgusted Pinoy on Jul 22, 2010
I don't know who's more pathetic in this comedy of errors--Charice herself; her handlers (who probably influenced her decision to do this); the predatory plastic surgeon-quack; or Charices spin-doctors trying to retroactively bamboozle the many outraged public into believing that this wasn't done for cosmetic reasons. She's already cute and has a good voice. She didn't need to do this. To fix a condition caused by chewing too much gum... my ass! Is her self-esteem so low that she thought she needed to do this--and HAVE IT FILMED?!? What the heck was this airhead thinking?
posted by jekko on Jul 21, 2010
in the article, there's a video and pictures of charice during the treatment or procedure, dr. belo has needle stick on charice face and belo said 3 shots instead of 4 she had given to charice..ouch!
posted by metoo on Jul 20, 2010
i want botox and thermage too waahhhhh
posted by wacky09 on Jul 20, 2010
if not cosmetic purposes why cosmetics surgeon?....why not dentist or ortho?...explain it pls...damage has been cannot take it back..people are not that stupid.
posted by wacky09 on Jul 20, 2010
si charice mismo and belo nagsabi na botox and thermage and ginawa...hmmm..ewan ko diyan...
posted by carly on Jul 20, 2010
Gosh, I wonder what she would do to herself when she is 28.
posted by supporter on Jul 20, 2010
That is for facial contouring only. Para mejo maging oval ung face nya at inde bilog. Temporary lang naman yan at hinde syrgery kaya ok lang. Doesn't matter. As long as she will look beautiful at her appearances for GLEE --- GO!!! Wag na masyadong mareklamo pwede ba! Dami arte ng mga iba jan pero pagnagkapera, I'm sure magpapaBelo din yan!
posted by Jaiho on Jul 20, 2010
Oh,,,im loving it she did a good job, because she needs to treat herself. she is not changing her face anyway, go...go ...go're beautiful inside and out and we love girl. God bless
posted by Jaiho on Jul 20, 2010
our princess Charice is now very popular and all I can say about the treatment that's a good job. Charice did not change anything on her face, but all she just wanted is to look fresh,free from pain. Furthermore; especially from all that hectic schedule she has right now.. um mm she really needs to treat herself or give herself something that will make her feel goodah. Go go girl you already look pretty inside and outside. And we love you girl. God Bless you and your family. Labyo labyo.

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