New but Spoilery Synopsis of 'True Blood' Released

New but Spoilery Synopsis of 'True Blood' Released

Find out when the arrival of new characters will be and what will happen with the romance between Jessica and Hoyt in the last five episodes of season 3 before the finale.

HBO has just released the synopsis for the August run of its vampire series "True Blood". As usual, elaborate in describing what happen to each of the characters, the episodic synopsis is considerably full of spoilers for those who prefer to be surprised.

The August 1 episode called "Hitting the Ground" is apparently progressive, but the next one which is called "Night on the Sun" seems like a game changer. [Spoiler Alert], award-winning actress Alfre Woodward will begin her story as Ruby Jean Reynolds aka Lafayette's mother in this August 8 episode and the same case happens to Lauren Bowles who is cast as the new Merlotte's waitress.

Things will build up from there and explode in the next episode where "Bill uncovers the truth about Sookie's true identity" and the Magister disappears. Meanwhile, over the course of two episodes, Jessica is known to have romanced both Tommy and her former flame Hoyt. But the confusion is not long-lasting for she takes her relationship with Hoyt "to the next level".

HBO is still keeping the final season's plot a secret. However creator Alan Ball spilled a bit to EW, saying there will be a lot of "Bill-Sookie-Eric stuff" in the finale and "it involves blood, it involves trust, and it does not go where we expect it to go."

"True Blood" airs on HBO every Sunday at 9/8c.

Episode #31: "Hitting the Ground"     Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 1
Imperiled by Lorena, Sookie goes to extremes in her attempt to save Bill - with unforeseen consequences. Sam infiltrates a dogfighting ring to extricate Tommy from his parents' Cameron, greedy influence. Jason heads to jail to uncover the truth about Crystal; Summer makes a home-cooked play for Hoyt's affections; Debbie vows revenge on Alcide; Eric uses Hadley as bait to get information from Sophie-Anne; Russell turns his back on the Authority, and on the Magister.

Episode #32: "Night on the Sun"     Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 8
Shaken and disillusioned, Sookie rethinks her relationship with Bill. Sophie-Anne takes up a new residence as Russell plots his next move. Jessica and Bill reconcile; Jason throws down the gauntlet in hopes of saving Crystal; Lafayette gets a surprise visit from his mom, Ruby Jean; Sam tries to keep Tommy in check; Merlotte's gets a new waitress; Eric proves the depth of his allegiance to Russell. Sookie finds herself in a vulnerable position when Alcide needs to deal with a family emergency.

Episode #33: "Everything Is Broken"     Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 15
With the ratification of the Vampire Rights Amendment at hand, Nan Flanagan detours to Fangtasia to confront Eric about the Magister's disappearance. A grief-stricken Russell vows revenge against his foes, vampire and human. Awaking from a slumber, Bill uncovers the truth about Sookie's true identity. Jason gets unexpected help as he goes up against Felton and Calvin. Sam is distressed by Tommy's attitude; Tara encounters a new ally and an old tormentor; Hadley introduces Sookie to a new family member; Arlene despairs about her future; Hoyt confronts his true feelings.

Episode #34: "I Smell a Rat"     Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 22
A reluctant Bill warns Sookie about the dangers she will face. Jesus is intrigued by the mysterious qualities of V. Sam's recent fit of rage triggers dark memories. Eric takes precautions and fulfills a wish; Arlene turns to Holly for help with a pressing problem; Jason deals with the unexpected, both with Tara and Crystal; Jessica is torn between Tommy and Hoyt. After communing with Talbot, Russell promises to extract vengeance on his enemies.

Episode #35: "Fresh Blood"     Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 29
Bill tries to earn back Sookie's trust, but ends up bringing her face-to-face with fresh dangers. Knowing he's no physical match for the King, Eric tempts Russell with the "ultimate vampire dream." Jason tries to wrap his head around Crystal's revelation. Sam embraces his dark side, alienating everyone except Tara. Hoyt and Jessica take their romance to the next level; with Holly's help, Arlene puts her future in the hands of a goddess; post V-trip, Lafayette struggles with new demons.




    A Soldier\'s Wife :)
    Jul 15, 2010

    I just LOVE True Blood1 Haven't missed an episode since the very first one! I hope & pray that there are MANY MORE seasons to come. & EVERYONE knows that True Blood is A LOT better than Twilight.

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