David Archuleta's 'Something 'Bout Love' Gets Official Cover Art

July 13, 2010 09:38:39 GMT

The image puts the focus on the 'American Idol' alum as he leans forward and gives an adorable look to the camera.

David Archuleta's 'Something 'Bout Love' Gets Official Cover Art
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David Archuleta gives his devotees an endearing look in an official artwork for his new single "Something 'Bout Love". It's a close-up shot and the runner-up of "American Idol" season 7 looks gorgeous, having his face slightly hid behind his arm as he leans forward.

Confirmed to be the lead single of David's upcoming studio album, "Something 'Bout Love" will be made available for digital purchase on July 20. It was previously announced to be released on July 13. "The change was made because David wants to give his fans WAY more than just a single, and needed an extra week to do it," it was explained.

What is currently prepared by David Archuleta probably is an accompanying music video which reportedly will be shot on July 16 in Los Angeles. The video will be directed by Declan White Bloom and have "young live and good times style concept."

David Archuleta eyes to release the not-yet-titled effort in which the song will appear in fall this year.


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posted by archie_angel on Jul 19, 2010
WOW! I like this 1 a lot better than his first album, he looked too serious! This album is going to be great. hes gorgous and talented! :)
posted by Celina on Jul 16, 2010
You are so cute and adorable with your pose.
posted by cheyenne archuleta on Jul 15, 2010
lady`s back of he`s mine we are togethet forever
posted by Ashley on Jul 15, 2010
posted by Melanie on Jul 14, 2010
Wowwwwwwwwww!!! Hot baby hot!!!Those eyes have it!!!!!!
posted by kami on Jul 13, 2010
Wow, this picture of David is gorgeous!! Can't wait to buy his single and his new album. There is no artist out there today who is as talented as David!!
posted by John on Jul 13, 2010
Can't wait to get that new single (love it!) and his new album. Nice picture David! Seems David is all over the place lately...loving it.
posted by Katlyn on Jul 13, 2010
I think David is so cute and adorable, but this picture is something else...goodness David are you trying to kill us. I love his new single Something Bout Love. It is so amazing..can't wait to buy it
posted by possum on Jul 13, 2010
Wow! David Archuleta you are a hottie!
posted by Violet on Jul 13, 2010
I love the single art! I can't wait to see the rest of the shoot - some like the above photo were done at Coney Island. And the album has a tentative date now - Septenber 14 worldwide release (date subject to change) according to Sony in a few countries.
posted by Mandi on Jul 13, 2010
Nice photo. His eyes are very pretty. He's got a beautiful voice. I will be buying his music.
posted by Kathy C. on Jul 13, 2010
It's very hard to look at this picture for any length of time...I can honestly get "lost" in those dreamy eyes of his! Oh yeah, I <b>LOVE</b> Something 'Bout Love! :grin:
posted by sarah on Jul 13, 2010
posted by trace on Jul 13, 2010
Great looks AND mega talented! He's got it all! The new song is going to be a sure hit! It's ridiculously good. Way to go, Archie!
posted by VJ on Jul 13, 2010
FIRE FIRE! Uh, can anyone say "gorgeous?" My co-worker just saw the pic and said "Uh, wow. He's looking reaaaally niiiice these days. The girls are gonna fall over all him. His eyes are really striking; it even got MY blood pressure up." lol.
posted by waffles on Jul 13, 2010
yes, he sure does look gorgeous!! (and hot, and sexy, and I want him for myself -GAHHH!!). and Something 'Bout Love is awesomage x 100000000000
posted by tegan on Jul 13, 2010
david is looking might fine here - those eyes pop. the song is great too - can't wait to download it on the 20th from itunes! nice jammin' tune!

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