Angelina Jolie Explains Why She Left 'Wanted 2', Talks About Future Projects

Angelina Jolie

The 35-year-old beauty says she is not that interested to reprise her role in the 'Wanted' sequel, but is open to possibility to work with Tim Burton in 'Maleficent'.

Angelina Jolie has opened up about her decision to skip "Wanted 2" despite the filmmakers' efforts to resurrect her character. Met at the junket for her upcoming flick "Salt", the actress explained that the plot which kills off her character in the end of "Wanted (2008)" was one of the reasons of her departure.

"Being dead makes it difficult. They were (trying to bring me back) but I kind of feel like if I die in a movie, I should die actually," she shared to Coming Soon. Jolie additionally revealed another point that led her to leave the project, saying "I'm that way, and that character is not as complex as Salt. It would just be doing the exact same thing in another movie, so it's not that interesting to me."

Since she announced that she is out of the next "Wanted" film, Jolie has been rumored to play Egyptian queen Cleopatra in a musical directed by Steven Soderbergh or to portray Evil Queen in "Maleficent", which is Tim Burton's reimagining of the "Sleeping Beauty" tale. However, the living partner of Brad Pitt claims it would not be that fast.

"It got out that we may be doing them, but we're so in the early stages. Neither one has a script," she says, before adding "but I've loved Maleficent since I was a little girl, so when I heard somebody may be doing it, I was the first one to try to (get it). I would love to work with (Tim Burton), it would be a dream to work with him. I think he's just extraordinary."

Angelina Jolie is in the middle of promotional duty for "Salt" which is going to be dropped by Columbia Pictures in U.S. cinemas on July 23. Prior to that, she has wrapped production for "The Tourist" in which she stars opposite Johnny Depp.




    green hornet
    Jan 09, 2011

    why should she leave?no one is capable of filling Ms.Jolie's shoes.she's one of a kind.the director should try and revive the character.persuasion is key Ms.Fox[Angelina jolie]

    Aug 27, 2010

    Good decision. I don't prefer to see the same character also dead in 2nd part

    Jul 19, 2010

    Ive watched 'Wanted' many times. Ive seen Jolie in movies many times. Kristen is a HORRIBLE actress. ONly a few women can pull off a true action hero. Anyone really believing Kgirl is an action hero is a lunatic. I will not watch Wanted-2 if Miss Prissy Nose is in this film. I think Juliette Lewis would be a much better action hero that Kgirl. But I doubt any on air 'love' chemistry could be had with Juliette and Wesley. Pehaps much better choices would be: - Kate Beckinsale - Halle Barrie - Milla Jovovich

    Jul 15, 2010

    How about she left because her character is dead?

    Jul 12, 2010

    Well, considering that Wanted sucked big time (little strappy mini bombs on rats. The loom of "fate." dear god.) being killed off in a laughably terrible film is probably a good thing.

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