The Ejaculation Scene on 'American Dad!' FOX Is Fined For

June 05, 2010 03:11:34 GMT

The Parents TV Council urges the Federal Communications Commission to fine the network for airing the Sunday episode when children are watching.

The Ejaculation Scene on 'American Dad!' FOX Is Fined For
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Parents Television Council (PTC) is none too pleased with a scene in the January 3 episode of "American Dad!" which many refer to as "Horse Ejaculation". FOX is due to pay The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a $25,000 fine for negligence in properly responding to questions about airing the episode.

The episode, that drew 100,000 consumer complaints, had some between-the-lines racy jokes such as "Makeout Point", "tongue your gas hole", "POPPER Ln" and "CHERRY St." Then there's the horse chores where a character appears to give a horse an ejaculation because of his choice of language.

Before cleaning the animal, the character said to the horse, "Do me a favor and let me know when you're about to, you know." The scene then cut to the man being sprayed in the face but when the shot is pulled back, it turns out that a water hose did it.

Tim Winter president of PTC issued a statement, saying "A broadcast television network aired an animated program on a Sunday evening when children were in the audience, and the program featured a man masturbating a horse. Up until now, I never imagined that those exact words could ever be spoken in that particular order. But sadly, here we are".

Shortly after that FCC responded, asking FOX information of which affiliated stations may have aired the episode. "But instead of sending the entire trove of complaints, the FCC sent Fox just a sample complaint identifying FOX station KDFW in Dallas," Variety reported.

The network itself has also released a statement, saying it was puzzled by FCC's action because it has "responded to all of the questions related to the substance" of the investigation. "We will respond in greater detail to the Commission in due course," the network added.


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posted by Sethrules on Aug 13, 2010
Hey "concernedmom"...change the channel.
posted by eljakeo on Jun 07, 2010
This is a bunch of bs. maybe they should fine the parents of the 'children' who watched the episode for ignoring the disclaimer before the show airs every time... you know, the one that warns the show may be offensive... stuff like this really gets on my nerves
posted by Tanaka on Jun 07, 2010
Excuse me! What time was this Sundays at 9:30pm lasting until 10pm? What the hell were they doing up anyway? there are disclaimers. Besides when will parents realize your kids know more about the outside world than you do...just ask them and maybe you'll wake up
posted by SHANNYBABY on Jun 06, 2010
Okay if people are really that offended why are they still watching. Get over it.
posted by concernedmom on Jun 06, 2010
I'm glad someone has finally taken a stand against some of the raunchy and insensitive humor on American Dad or Family Guy.
posted by cbam5 on Jun 06, 2010
Where were all these offended people when a baby (Stewie) asked a hooker how 'things' were down there and then asked if it was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

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