Kendra Wilkinson Gets 680,000 Dollars Check From Sex Tape Pre-Sales

Kendra Wilkinson

Although the 24-year-old beauty has publicly struggled to stop the release of her explicit video, she reportedly cuts a deal with Vivid for the sex tape sales.

Kendra Wilkinson has reportedly inked a deal with porn company Vivid Entertainment which is about to release her sex tape "Kendra Exposed". According to Radar Online, the 24-year-old beauty will receive a $680,000 check from a pre-sales of the X-rated video this week and will also be receiving up to 50 percent of the sex tape profits.

The site further reported that Kendra's upfront payment has been kept secret. Although the "Shoot Out of Luck" actress has publicly struggled to block the distribution, she is said secretly signing on the deal. In 2008, she allegedly shopped the sex tape around, hired a lawyer and formed Home Run Productions, LLC for the potential sale.

"Greed got in the way of the deal," a source told the site on why the sex tape wasn't sold at the time. "Too many people were involved... the negotiations went sour and it was pulled."

However, two years later, Vivid was aware that they could make a bank through the explicit video after Kendra's former high-school lover Justin Frye, who is featured in the content, approached them. Justin then made the deal and Kendra secretly did too.

Justin himself has pocketed a reported $100,000 for selling the sex tape and new sources close to him moreover revealed that the 28-year-old man is also getting a percentage of sales although it is a much smaller percentage than Kendra's.

Additionally, Radar Online disclosed that Justin sold the home videos that numbered as many as 20 tapes and tens of hours of content. In one clip, Kendra is seen having an intimate moment with a woman named Taryn.




    Jun 18, 2010

    everyone makes mistakes - it doesnt mean it has to be broad-casted for the entire world to have an opinion - sex is sex - just because its filmed doesnt make it more despicable than those who do it behind closed doors. it is possible to change, and when those make an effort to do so, we all should be supportive. -money is the root of all evil, and the one they should be pointing fingers at, is the person who was so low to sell it, knowing the damage it would do to her life, her husband and her son.

    Jun 08, 2010

    I am pretty sure Hank did not know everything when they got married.

    May 28, 2010

    She may be rich, and she may be pretty but this woman has no idea of what it is to be proud. If i had a body like hers i would treat it like a temple . . . not like a mens football room.

    May 25, 2010

    Although i like the show i must admit that this girl is really messed up, she's despicable, she's the cheapest of the cheap. I don't know how a promiscous person like that is even married. she's full of dirt and possibly HIV

    May 25, 2010

    Hank knew he was marrying this attention whore. What's she famous for again? Oh yeah employed at the playboy house. E is so pathetic for giving this tramp a show!

    May 25, 2010

    I wonder what Hank thinks of this. I bet his family is real proud of her.

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