Lee DeWyze Vs. Crystal Bowersox in 'American Idol' Final

May 20, 2010 02:54:45 GMT

Texan Casey James was voted off in the Top 3 round, leaving Lee and Crystal the chance to grab the ninth season's title next week.

Lee DeWyze Vs. Crystal Bowersox in 'American Idol' Final
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As predicted, this season's "American Idol" will be a showdown between Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. Sent home in the Top 3 week is Casey James whose two performances last night could not balance Crystal's and Lee's.

Lee was in fact the first to be called out as a finalist, followed by Crystal. The equally strong contestants will battle it out on Tuesday, May 25 with three performances. The first round is the contestant's choice, the second is producer Simon Fuller's choice and the third one is the winner's single.

Lee DeWyze is a 24-year-old contestant hailing from Mount Prospect, Illinois who is credited for his bluesy and raspy voice. Crystal Bowersox, also 24-year-old, came from Elliston, Ohio. Judges praised her for putting soul to her every performance.


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posted by Jjang on May 27, 2010
Vocally, Crystal is the best. (:
posted by 123soccer on May 24, 2010
I loved Lee, all season, since the auditions, but then I got attached to Crystal. I think they are both fabulous, but Lee has been strong more weeks in a row than Crystal is. Face it last week Crystal didn't pick a great song, but Lee did then when the judges chose both of them were good so Lee has had one better performance Overall I think Lee DeWyze will overcome Crystal and her talents and rise to the top and just beat her, but then again it will be a close call.
posted by Donna on May 24, 2010
Lee for the win!! Both amazing performers, but, um, Lee for the win!!
posted by Just a Banker on May 24, 2010
I like Lee, but...He hasn't sung a complete song on key in at least 8 weeks. If the judges had given honest criticism of his performances, he would have been gone long ago. As to Lee's "natural talent" he reminds me mostly of a cheap knock off of David Cook. If you had to choose an album by Cook, Daughtry or Lee, which would you buy? Honestly
posted by leeftw on May 23, 2010
Chrystal has a pretty voice, but that's it for me. She howls and screeches on her high notes. Lee, I love his sexy raspy voice and his personality. They both are geat and I hope that Lee will quiet all those naysayers with a great finale. GO LEE!!!
posted by ATL on May 23, 2010
Crystal has an attitude.. hmm.. i dont like it! and I can see she's trying hard now to please the viewers. Lee is just natural. Go for Lee!!
posted by Elle on May 23, 2010
I want Lee to win, of course! I dont like Crystal when she goes high pitch.. jsut not quite there.
posted by babe on May 23, 2010
Yeah, it's gonna be a close one but I'm pretty sure Lee's gonna win!
posted by lala on May 22, 2010
it's going to be close but humble lee has the talent and deserves to win
posted by sal on May 22, 2010
its LEE and its not evn close
posted by Carla on May 22, 2010
I hope Lee wins, I love his voice. But they both deserve it :)

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