Justin Bieber Posted Picture With Kim Kardashian, Calling Her 'Girlfriend'

May 03, 2010 03:42:54 GMT

Responding to the teen singing sensation's claim on her, the reality TV star tweeted, 'I officially have Bieber Fever!!!'

Justin Bieber Posted Picture With Kim Kardashian, Calling Her 'Girlfriend'
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Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian have declared their admiration to each other. The two met on Saturday night, May 1 at the 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C. Though he did meet a lot of other female celebrities at the event, the "Baby" hitmaker apparently was charmed by the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star.

"Look its my girlfriend," Bieber wrote on his Twitter along with a picture featuring him next to Kim. The 29-year-old beauty then replied, "I officially have Bieber Fever!!!" However, when asked by Ryan Seacrest whether or not they are dating, she simply said, "Biebs??? LOL"

Justin Bieber recently claimed he is still single and is open to possibility of dating his female fan. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, is back on the market after breaking up with boyfriend Reggie Bush. She later was reported dating soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, but has debunked the rumor.


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posted by dede fatwa on Jul 29, 2012
ilove you
posted by jamaira on Dec 30, 2010
posted by wowww!!! on Nov 28, 2010
how can you luv him? if you dont know him?
posted by sophie on Nov 13, 2010
hi,justin bieber.I'm from vn,i'm 9 years old.I'm a big fan for u.i luv u so so so much.My email is sophienananguyen15 u...friend my by email!love u so much!
posted by kim on Nov 06, 2010
Hi justin I luv u I am a singer I record in trinidad record do u know wats bustin bamboo it cool I luv u and kim please go out with me please
posted by tracy on Nov 04, 2010
Hey justin I wish u good luck with ur life u do wat ever u like
posted by tracy on Nov 04, 2010
Hi justin I live in trinidad u are so nice I am a practice singer I sing in chote champs I am 13 and in form 3 please text me back
posted by kavita on Nov 04, 2010
Hi justin I luv u
posted by tracy on Nov 04, 2010
Justin it wouldn't kill u to text back
posted by tracy on Nov 04, 2010
Hi justin I know u will not text back I think people don't text u because u don't text back but got to go got to practice
posted by tracy on Nov 04, 2010
Anything u want to fine out in trini text me ok text me on my black berry I paided 2000 on this bye*
posted by tracy on Nov 04, 2010
Hi justin luv ur songs and videos I am an indian I am fair and tall I luv u I have everyone of ur things ur songs videos I am not obsses with u just a fan I will be 14 very soon I know u don't text back but please do I am begging u please please justin I am a very big fan the bigest u can fine do u only date popstars and famous people how would u feel if u were just a high school student and u liked a popstar and if she turned u down how would u feel like others I had a boyfren and we broked up is kim ur girlfren well age does not matter but a 29 she really prettyand u cute please text back my number is well first text back and then please I will be famous like u next mouth and that will be good
posted by Nini.x on Nov 03, 2010
All you bitches and bitchmans a juhs fucked up man. i mean seriously.dont hate on em
posted by Angel on Oct 21, 2010
Justin bieber I'm 16 years old and love you very much!P.S can I go with you?
posted by Smiley 4rm Miami ! on Sep 25, 2010
I Love Keepeing Up With The Kardasions & Justin Bieber And The Boys Who Say Justin Is Gay Well The've Got Probs And Justin Bieber Is 16 And Kim is 29 So girls Chill! Btw Ily Justin -Karina♥
posted by justin bieber on Sep 16, 2010
hi justin bieber i love you.
posted by jk on Sep 12, 2010
i love you i wish i could see you one day. i am 9 years old and the biggest fan you will ever have.
posted by cat_woman on Aug 21, 2010
he is pretty she should be with justin bieber forever!
posted by jesaril on Aug 01, 2010
justin, caithlyn is nice but i think kim is older than you yah kim is older than you so i think she will just hurt you
posted by MusicPrincess on Jun 24, 2010
I hate Kim but i love justin bieber
posted by ciara on Jun 19, 2010
tell us ur.#?
posted by ciara on Jun 19, 2010
whats ur #.?
posted by sheena on Jun 19, 2010
i love justin bieber..!
posted by ********** on Jun 15, 2010
Kim I think that u r a b**** anD by the way in some oF thOse pictures u look hella old for justin we'll JUSTIN U R SO HOT.
posted by Ur Fan on Jun 13, 2010
U r so so so so cute
posted by !!!jessi!!!v!!! on Jun 09, 2010
If u want som1 2 luv so bad just pik 4rm da millions of gurls dat adore u! Oh yeah except me!
posted by Silly=) on May 29, 2010
Hey stupids u guys no u wuldnt do shit so instead of sayin wat u gonna do just f***in do it already
posted by invisible gal on May 20, 2010
hey justin i don't know why people like but in my point u are the worst
posted by Jessi411 on May 15, 2010
Neva want 2 c ya ur career is ova jessi411
posted by silly on May 15, 2010
Don't listen to these people jb ur the best
posted by crystal on May 15, 2010
hey justinQesution are you gay
posted by bridget on May 12, 2010
posted by Alex lover on May 12, 2010
Justin í think u should come 2 riverbank ca its the best city ever cas i live in it peace love =)
posted by Silly=) on May 12, 2010
Ur cool love ur songs and 4 all tha haters go f*** urselves
posted by justin bieber on May 12, 2010
she's not my real girlfriend cause im cheating on her shhhh! dont tell anyone
posted by Tessa on May 09, 2010
You arent really goin out wid her r u??
posted by georgia on May 08, 2010
ily justin
posted by j.b. Rinna on May 07, 2010
justin you are the best i love your music
posted by Khatia ! on May 06, 2010
I want free things ! sun,moon,and love ! sun For Light Moon For Night,, and lOVE fOR yOU JUSTIN ! ILY
posted by crstal on May 06, 2010
you act like he really reads your comments shut up
posted by cat food on May 04, 2010
i love you so much you are a insparation
posted by happy:) on May 04, 2010
love your songs.;)
posted by smile:) on May 04, 2010
love you music.:)
posted by Courtney Quinn on May 04, 2010
my kim & justin!
posted by violetgirl on May 03, 2010
my friend minat sgt kt bieber bye...........
posted by ichaaa on May 03, 2010
just wanna say i love youuuuuuuu <3
posted by louie66 on May 03, 2010
OMG!!!! justib bieber u r da best!! soz to hear bout ur mum, is she ok? I will buy a new hat 4 u?
posted by tesslovsjustin on May 03, 2010
haha!i think justin loves me
posted by x...xx...? on May 03, 2010
your girlfriend is very beautiful
posted by CRISTAL on May 03, 2010
posted by maria tolosa on May 03, 2010
heyy i just wanted to let u know that i cant wait till ur concertt.. ill be there no doubt.. ur soooo sexxxyyy justin bieber.
posted by laflakizz on May 03, 2010
heyy cutieee
posted by edita on May 03, 2010
i love you
posted by edita on May 03, 2010
you are very hot
posted by cool cat on May 03, 2010
love you justin you where on my schools milk ptw LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE YOU!
posted by girls on May 03, 2010
yeah it's to bad he didn't hit puberty yet
posted by usexyandimsexy on May 03, 2010
uhhhhhhhhhhhhh u r fine and i luv ya song "baby" i always listen 2 it
posted by luv justin on May 03, 2010
OMG u r fine 2 1st i throught u were sum1 else lord u fine
posted by sexy ms.bieber on May 03, 2010
i am ya # 1 fan and i luv u and u should date a better lookin gurl then dthat u no u can do better and i luv u and hope i c u sumwhere and u can get sum and i can get sum 2 i am fine and u fan
posted by luv biber on May 03, 2010
u should have had a gurl ava since kure u r u should i am ya # 1 fan luv u bired
posted by Ren on May 03, 2010
Will you all learn to spell? JEEZ!
posted by Leanne on May 03, 2010
I Am Gonna Kill Her Justin I Love You <3
posted by honeyleth on May 03, 2010
This is my real name i am jast a kid i am going 2 10 on July 2 ,2000 me and my crush likes your song keep going yor good work love u
posted by mfundo.s.g on May 03, 2010
wow ur gal is totaly hooot n keep up the good music peace
posted by patricia jeanne on May 03, 2010
hi.. justin drew bieber.. i love you..
posted by ryen skate teku sibu on May 03, 2010
hye justin????you so cute..i love you so and his you girlfriend make me jelous..
posted by BIEBER GAL on May 03, 2010
posted by Mr. Blue on May 03, 2010
Every thing this kid says or does makes me wanna hit him more and more.
posted by nad khalid on May 03, 2010
hi bieber
posted by JEEZZ on May 02, 2010
posted by Hi on May 02, 2010
Love You
posted by AliSaysPeace on May 02, 2010
justin was just joking about the whole &#8220;look its my girlfriend&#8221; thing

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