Christina Aguilera Denies 'Ripping Off' Lady GaGa

April 22, 2010 07:46:00 GMT

The 'Bionic' singer says she is inspired by artists who came out before her, which means Lady GaGa is not one of her inspirations because the dance queen is her junior.

Christina Aguilera
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Christina Aguilera answers Akon's claim that she copied Lady GaGa. In an interview with Atlanta's Star 94 FM as part of her "Bionic" promotion, she sets the record straight, saying "No rip-offs, we're all inspired by different things."

"I was inspired ... by artists that came before me. ... You know what I love about the new breed of newcomers is that they're risk takers," she explained more. "They're doing things that aren't so safe. ... I always had the guts and passion to do things like that. ... I'm happy to see that people have come full-circle and are now accepting it and are into it and these girls have the guts to do it."

In another radio interview, the singer stated, "It just comes with the territory. That, in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment on." She added, "I've been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for myself. [When I was younger] I would have engaged, been a little upset [about the comparisons]. There's a bigger picture out there. I've got my son, my family, my work."

Christina Aguilera is due to release "Bionic" in the U.S. on June 8.


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posted by eka on Apr 30, 2010
oh my God!!!!!....Christina is awayyyyyy better than another female singer in the world...a sophisticated video like that has used also by some other singer before lady "ghost" came....and Christina do the best of all....go Christina!!!!!! comparison....
posted by Giselette on Apr 30, 2010
Totally influenced by Gaga. The whole video is Gaga. From the white outfit with fire in the Background to the electronic influence. It's not a bad thing but it's totally obvious so why deny it.

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