'24' Movie Script Is Completed

April 20, 2010 09:24:22 GMT

Kiefer Sutherland said scribe Billy Ray finished the screenplay few weeks ago, but he has not read it yet.

'24' Movie Script Is Completed
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"24: The Movie" is likely to come out not long after the TV series ends in the eighth season. Kiefer Sutherland, who plays major character Jack Bauer in the FOX show and is set to reprise the role in the big screen version, has just confirmed at an exclusive BAFTA Q&A that the screenplay for the movie is ready.

According to the actor, screenwriter Billy Ray has finished writing the script a couple of weeks ago. Sutherland has not read it but he plans to do it when he returns to the United States.

About the idea of the storyline, it has been mentioned that the film may take the special agent from Eastern Europe to England during the course of movie. Sutherland has also revealed that the crisis faced by his character doesn't necessarily deal with a bomb. "It can be something personal that people understand," he stated as quoted by IGN.

It has not been known when the production for the movie will begin. No director has been tapped to work on the upcoming project while The 20th Century Fox has not picked up a release date.

In the meantime, Kiefer Sutherland has wrapped shooting for the last episode of "24" TV series last week. FOX will air the two-hour series finale on May 24.


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posted by Dmoforever on Feb 02, 2012
This 24 season is a master piece. It portrays reality. Way to go Mr. Bauer!!! You are the man
posted by 24fanatic on Feb 06, 2011
Heard they are talking about the movie, and heard that Kiefer is really excited about the possibility of making the movie. Really want it to happen, I need my dose of Bauer.
posted by Jp on Dec 10, 2010
I seen every season. Of 24 I miss this show, I hope to see the movie. It should be one hell of a thriller. Jack Bauer you belong in the Hall of Fame. Jack is the man.
posted by 123456789 on Dec 09, 2010
we dont need teri to act like kim she should be a mini bauer
posted by Worldsgreat1 on Nov 24, 2010
I just hope this movie has a part 2, 3, 4, 5 oh man as long as He can play Jack, I wanna watch it.. ahh man i miss 24.. it hasn't fully hit and it won't until American Idol starts up... both shows started in Jan.. its gonna hurt... 24 made my day cudnt wait for a new one. And when they had a 2hr episode... ohhhh man i get so excited.. i miss dis show.. greatest show ever.
posted by Ash on Nov 16, 2010
All time best show cant wait to see the movie... Serching every where for the relese date hope it i will find out soon!
posted by 1L1K3FuCl<1nG on Nov 15, 2010
Ya... when is the movie coming out? I've been searching the whole net and still haven't found it yet.. WE NEED TO KNOW!!!
posted by JaCKbaU3r on Nov 15, 2010
So when is the movie coming out????
posted by Dirk:From Holland on Oct 01, 2010
please jack come back soon.
posted by Seun on Jul 14, 2010
Hi Jack,I miss u
posted by Pogi on May 25, 2010
The only tv series I followed from the beginning to the end.. Now movie time:)
posted by bauerfan on May 19, 2010
So I guess its safe to say that Jack Bauer will not die in the series finale if he is reported to be in the movie?
posted by KING on Apr 22, 2010
sucks that i wont be seeing jack bauer any longer.
posted by CharliePATpk on Apr 21, 2010
Here's a thought: granddaughter Teri is kidnapped. Maybe by a drug lord. Gives Jack motive and reasons to use guns.
posted by endlsblessings on Apr 20, 2010
Oh Jack, I will miss you so! I hope that movie comes out soon.....I just can't get enough of my Jack Bauer! Kiefer, I just adore your work!!!

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