'Vampire Diaries' Teases Elena's Mom Episode

April 20, 2010 07:02:59 GMT

Isobel will up and front in the May 6 episode when she returns to town and demands a meeting with Elena.

'Vampire Diaries' Teases Elena's Mom Episode
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Mia Kirshner will re-enter "The Vampire Diaries" scene bigger than before. After it was revealed in earlier episode of the hit series that Kirshner's Isobel is Elena's birth mother, writers decide to go full length in exploring the story of this family tie.

In fact, The CW has specially made a poster that highlights both Elena and Isobel under the tagline "connected to her mother by blood, not love". Released via E! Online, the art is to promote the May 6 episode which is aptly called "Isobel". According to E!, Isobel will shock her ex-husband Alaric when she cruises back into town and demands a meeting with the daughter she fought so hard to keep away, Elena.

A source said the mother-daughter reunion will not be all pretty and sweet. The story arc will lead to the season finale on May 13, but Isobel will first re-appear on the show's April 29 episode.


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posted by i\'ma nobody on Apr 20, 2010
hey ur show is great getting better to. good luck mia.. :)
posted by jade on Apr 20, 2010
you are sooo cool i love you guys hope you will be bck on soon when the series is finched like because you are great watching you tonight
posted by vamp fan on Apr 20, 2010
This show is so great, I love it. Look forward to watch it each week
posted by sarah on Apr 20, 2010
wicked cool
posted by sarah on Apr 20, 2010
hey i love you are so cool
posted by aly22 on Apr 20, 2010
damon is a smart mouth
posted by Guest on Apr 20, 2010
this is an AMAZING SHOW keep it up please and dont just drop off the TV like so many other shows

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