Adam Lambert Hires Allison Iraheta and Orianthi for 'Glam Nation' Tour

April 17, 2010 02:04:31 GMT

Allison Iraheta and Orianthi are booked as opening acts for the 'Glam Nation' concert series which will have its rehearsal begin after Adam Lambert returns from Europe.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Following his radio interview about an upcoming tour with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, April 15, Adam Lambert took it to his Twitter to announce his opening acts. He wrote, "For those who didn't know, my opening acts are Orianthi and Allison Iraheta!!!"

Dates for the traveling show dubbed "Glam Nation" tour are promised to be announced sometime soon. Rehearsal will be kicked off soon after the "American Idol" alum finishes "For Your Entertainment" promotional effort in Europe.

"I want it to be atmospheric," he said on what he has to offer. "I want it to feel like you are somewhere else. I want it to transport people. I can tell you right now that it is going to be called Glam Nation. And it is going to be very glittery and sparkly, but it is going to have that mystery and the mood and the sexy and the celebration. I think the fans are going to be in for a real treat."


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posted by iWantAdam on May 03, 2010
uuurrgghh!! i want adam 2 perform in malaysia..! please adam!!
posted by ron_zac22rejoso on May 01, 2010 the no.1 fun of adam and allison. at that tym im confused to hu s my bet in the A.m idol bcuse its hard to choose of two of them. but now yuo..hoooooh. thier perform togthere....goodluck
posted by Glambert on Apr 27, 2010
Glam Nation? Wow!
posted by <3AdamSexyBˇtch on Apr 27, 2010
But im in Asian. . Malaysia. It will be impossible for me to attend the concert. Whoa so sad. Wateva is Adam i <3 u so much. . . .
posted by Syafeeqah on Apr 27, 2010
Yea the emo hair are back again. . I luv his eyes. . Soo adorablee. . .
posted by IMMA15 on Apr 27, 2010
O! Im so excited! I cant waitt!
posted by Sofia on Apr 27, 2010
This is going to be the best tour ever. So glad to see Adam and Allison together, love their chemistry and their talent!
posted by JerryW on Apr 18, 2010
The best of the best together on tour, it doesn't get any better than this. looking forward to this tour.
posted by emi on Apr 18, 2010
I miss the emo hair...
posted by therealdbuck on Apr 18, 2010
I just hope this helps spike Allison's record sales. Her album is awesome. I say that as a 35 year old man. It is a nice mix for the younger & older demographic. It is a pop/rock album with some powerful rock type ballads. Thankyou so much Adam! Allison needs a little deserved attention & this is a great way to do it! I wish both nothing but the best & awesome success!
posted by Angelraj on Apr 17, 2010
I love that Adam is bring along his little sis. They are amazing together, and she will learn a lot from the best mentor around!
posted by dtny on Apr 17, 2010
I can only hope his tour is coming to NY! or LI or NJ! Can't wait!
posted by TedW on Apr 17, 2010
This will be a great tour, two very powerful singers together. looking forward to it.
posted by rita on Apr 17, 2010
love adam lambert and allison iraheta tour excited.
posted by Laura on Apr 16, 2010
This is going to be incredible. I am so there!
posted by libraglam on Apr 16, 2010
AMAZING !!! ADAM knows how to make concert interetsting ! Orianthi is such a genius (see Santana comments of Orianthi on YouTube) She supposed to play solo at Michael Jackson concert"This is it" but...too bad it never happened. Allison is the best duet with ADAM !! Excellent choice ADAM ! It will be WILD ! Wou hoou...i just can't wait
posted by JewelRayne on Apr 16, 2010
I can not wait! Adam Lambert is amazing and I love Allison, she has great style and a fab voice. This is a concert I will not miss!
posted by BLM on Apr 16, 2010
Allison is so very talented, good for her. Her album is great, geared towards teenagers which it should be for now, but there also some absolute gems on it with mass appeal. "Scars" and "Trouble Is" are great - check them out. Lambert is special!

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