Bill Murray Acting Like 'a Jerk' on 'Ghostbusters 3' Development

Bill Murray Acting Like 'a Jerk' on 'Ghostbusters 3' Development

Though he has signed on to reprise his role in the new installment, the actor reportedly does not cooperate well with crew and wants his character to be killed off in the beginning of the movie.

Another problem could be standing on the way of "Ghostbusters 3". After it was said that Columbia Pictures tries to get rid of Ivan Reitman from directing duty, it is Bill Murray who is now reported causing the movie stalled. According to National Enquirer gossip columnist Mike Walker, the actor does not cooperate well for the project.

On Thursday, April 1, Mike was on "The Howard Stern Show" playing his regular "gossip game" where Howard Stern and company have to guess which story is fake. One of the "true" stories told by him was "Dan Aykroyd called 'ol pal and 'Ghostbusters' co-star Bill Murray and snarled 'stop acting like a jerk'. Murray, despite agreeing to doing the film, has suddenly turned so cranky and mean [that] he refuses to answer phone calls."

"Producers gave Bill script approval needed for his cooperation, but that cant even seem to get him on the phone to talk about the script," said a source. "He's even told 'em that his character needs to be killed off in the opening minutes of the film."

While report that Bill may end up killing "Ghostbusters 3" should be just considered as rumor since it was released by National Enquirer, it was previously reported that Ivan has a power to shut down the project if there is anything he does not like. Therefore, it is suggested that Columbia's effort to bring younger crew, including director, for the film could bring a threat to the project.

Despite all the alleged clash, Bill has signed up to star in the third "Ghostbusters" film along with other original stars such as Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Meanwhile, Ivan is also set to serve as producer. The movie is expected to start shooting in early 2011 to be released later the same year.




    Sep 13, 2010

    Fuck bill murray! Cocky bastard. Ghostbusters made him. My personal opinion, make the movie without him. He'll kick his own ass when it comes out...

    Steve F.
    Apr 03, 2010

    This is the problem with Hollywood these days. It is full of career jerks that want to rule producers, directors and the cast instead of letting them get on with the job!. I don't blame Ivan for standing his ground and Bill's stance on the project. He wants a good story to get involved with and if it's just gonna be a big special effects, kill the old cast off fast move then he has the right to be careful about signing up. Let the the Ghostbusters team do what they fell is right to make the film work!! instead of Hollywood telling everyone what to do now days.

    Apr 03, 2010

    Maybe Murray is just a smart guy and sees the writing on the wall. This movie is a terrible idea. I mean, how many movie franchises sell a film by telling established fans that they can look forward to another installment because they're gonna get to see a major character get killed off? That turned me off right off the bat. There is absolutely nothing so far that I've heard about this project that has me excited and wanting to buy a ticket. I was with Star Trek, but they kept the same characters. This one just wants to throw them overboard and tell the audience to love it or leave it.

    Apr 03, 2010

    I know what Dan Aykroyd has said. I also know I've read elsewhere that he apparently "says" a lot. Then on the other hand, so does the National Enquirer. My only concern is that a lot has been "said" to get the public excited in an effort to put pressure on Sony to go along with this project. Who knows. Only time will tell what is and isn't true, and we'll only know that when a movie is in the theaters and whether it's enough to get excited about or throw up over.

    Apr 03, 2010

    Look this Information from The National Enquirer is False completely False!! Theyy always make up lies and they spread them on the papers,on a tv show and online. If you can read this Information at the bottom of this page says that Bill has signed on to be in GB3 with Harold,Dan,Ernie and Sigourney and Ivan will direct GB3. With that Information that should tell you that this Info. from The National Enquirer is False complety False!! Harold said that filming will began this Summer 2010 for a May 2011 release and Dan said on March 12th 2010 that GB3 is getting closer then everr to make and that the script is finished and Bill likes it and the first draft is finished and the 2nd draft will be turned in next month in May 2011. That's when Production will began then filming so belive me please and Not the National Enquirer because there always making up lies and there Full of Shit!!

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