Adam Lambert Confirms He Will Sing on 'American Idol'

March 27, 2010 07:52:45 GMT

Beside returning to 'American Idol', Adam Lambert will also be occupied with the video shoot of 'If I Had You' next month.

Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert will soon follow the footsteps of his "American Idol" pals, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, to return to the "Idol" stage. In a live chat on Ustream, the singer confirms he will be coming back to the popular singing competition as a musical guest next month.

Adam doesn't mention when he will perform though. But, he gave update about his upcoming mini album. "The remix EP ... is coming out ... around the 14th of April. It has 'Voodoo' on it and remixes of 'Whataya You Want From Me' and 'For Your Entertainment'," he said.

Moreover, he revealed his third single and it's "If I Had You". A music video in support of the upcoming single is promised to be filmed sometime in April. A summer tour is also currently being planned.

In the meantime, Adam Lambert is staying in the U.K. for a series of promotional effort for his debut album "For Your Entertainment". He recently tweeted, "London is like a grass skirt right now."


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posted by Lynda on Apr 08, 2010
This is my last season with out Simon and Paula. And the singers are so bad this year . Ellen doesn't know about music. It just is not the same. Very excited about Adam coming next week. He needs to come more often. Also Carrie Underwood, would help them alot. And something else, why can't we give back more money to our Americans that need it so bad.
posted by Steph on Apr 07, 2010
I'm so looking forward to next week! I love Adam!
posted by boobsy on Apr 05, 2010
I am so excited to see Adam Lambert again on AI. This will definitely pull up the show's rating(cos i believe that it went down).Last season for me, was the most exciting season ever in AI because of Adam Lambert. He is an exciting singer and performer.I can't wait to see Adam on stage again in AI.
posted by VAMom on Apr 01, 2010
Idol needs Adam to be a mentor, not just a guest singer.
posted by Betta on Mar 28, 2010
Idol is crap this year. I guess it will be forever more after last season. There is nothing after Adam, the show has reached its peak. Adam is way ahead of anything else. Simon is leaving at the right time. Boring!!
posted by khelxander on Mar 28, 2010
i wish i meet adam in person because i really like him a lot.... omg!!! i like his voice, damn..... he is the best idol ever!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Lily on Mar 28, 2010
Adam in Switzerland ? I thought he was going to Sweden...
posted by Bern3755 on Mar 28, 2010
Adam Lambert needs his own world wide musical TV show!! Pilot series - see how it flys. Hey TV execs are you listening.
posted by sia2001 on Mar 28, 2010
I miss you Adam! Without you AI cannot be the same anymore. Poor kids have no chance to be half as likable as you are. I will not vote again after last season either. The disappointment was huge. It still hurts after one year. If you put all the seasons togheter, you still had no competition.
posted by ianaleah on Mar 28, 2010
I still remember Simon saying to Adam after one of his performances that Ai was foemed to find someone who could be an international star and they "found it in you'(Adam) Adam is a better more exciting artist than all season 9 contestants added together.
posted by shelby on Mar 28, 2010
ADAAAAAMMM!!!!! I will watch it just to see him!!
posted by DJ Hong on Mar 27, 2010
OMG can't wait to know when... And it will be the first time I actually wanna watch AI this season... Go Adam!...
posted by lomarish on Mar 27, 2010
I think he means that London is "shakin'" just like a grass skirt!!
posted by Krista on Mar 27, 2010
I agree..give him the whole hour! 1st time I'll be tuning in to AI this season.
posted by B. on Mar 27, 2010
Adam's appearance in April will be first time I tune in completely to AI this season (have only watched snippets-----it's just not the same. I miss Paula too!). Last year was a weekly must-see TV event!
posted by Sprite on Mar 27, 2010
Forget giving ADAM 2 songs Sandy and Sheryl...GIVE HIM THE WHOLE SHOW!!! Now talk about a ratings boost. There are no words for this gift called ADAM.
posted by Mel on Mar 27, 2010
I read somewhere in some blog that this certain blogger couldn't even watch AI anymore because the whole venue served only to remind them of the magnificence that was Adam Lambert on Season 8... and I realized that this was exactly how I feel - I'm trying to appreciate the few that show real talent, especially Bowersox who I think is great, but in the end the whole venue, the whole show, serves only to remind me of every little thing Lambert did on that show! And to be fair, last year's top 5 were quite compelling actually - and definitely lent towards the specialness of the season as a whole. It is no mistake that Lambert will be appearing towards the end of the season. Kris Allen will probably be on again too I bet... but still, no mistake at all that Lambert booked towards the end. Ryan Seacrest's plea for fans to vote is not so subtle either - I'm sure their voting count is way down - notice how Ryan never mentions any sort of comment about "record voting" or what-have-you when he starts the shows - which I believe was the case even this early in the season last year! Anyway, can not wait to see Lambert on the AI stage again - he's grown so far past it of course, but I bet he will blow our socks off nonetheless.
posted by beatka on Mar 27, 2010
Bring Adam on the show. Fire everybody else. Idol will never be the same ever again. It is pointless to watch it. Thank you God for giving us Adam and thank YOU -- Adam for giving yourself to us. Love you 4ever. B.
posted by Sandy on Mar 27, 2010
My husband and I can't wait for Adam to be on Idol. Yes, it would be great if they would let him sing two songs. He's an icon!
posted by nancy on Mar 27, 2010
AI stinks this year but but Adam was the best they ever had. Yes Adam needs to have the entire hour. I am sure the ratings will explode when Adam is on. Adam is the most amazing talented person they have ever had. Go Adam your career will sore to the top. The voting system is garabag and I will never vote again.
posted by here on Mar 27, 2010
NOOOO!!! I don't need any screaming. Yulch.
posted by hep. on Mar 27, 2010
adam returns to where it all started for him and us,cannot wait to see him back on idol,he will be the highlight of season 9.
posted by ging on Mar 27, 2010
I cant't take another horrible week of this year's AI. pls get adam back to save this awful season.
posted by Traci on Mar 27, 2010
It appears Adam was at a tropical themed club last night, so his "grass skirt" tweet was probably referring to a drink he was having or something.
posted by sheba on Mar 27, 2010
I miss Adam on AI. I tried to watch it few times. I like Cassy the most. But there is NO excitment. A real SNOOZ. Can't wait to see Adam back on this stage. will be EPIC!!!
posted by C J on Mar 27, 2010
Oh god do they need an "Adam" this year! Thus far, this Idol season has been a snooze-fest.
posted by Dianne on Mar 27, 2010
Can't wait to see Adam again cause I sure miss him being out of the country!!
posted by ela on Mar 27, 2010
I assume they are saving Adam for one of the last shows, he'll increase their ratings on the night he performs. Once again Adam is being saved for the end!
posted by CR on Mar 27, 2010
Adam back on Idol. A dream come true.
posted by ADAMFREAK on Mar 27, 2010
posted by John on Mar 27, 2010
Oh he would be on Idol? Amazing! He's someone born for the stage.
posted by Sheryle on Mar 27, 2010
Please please... Adam come to Idol right away. Can he sing there twice? Plz plz plz
posted by SK on Mar 27, 2010
Yeah for Adam. I'll watch AI that week. The few snippets I've watched were painful. I had it playing in the background two weeks ago and the screeching from one contestant sent my cat running...literally. Shades of Danny.
posted by DD on Mar 27, 2010
I am missing Adam Lambert on American Idol so much it hurts!!!!!!!! Can't wait for him to bring everyone to the edge of their seats with his awesome voice!!! You just gotta love him for being so amazing!!!
posted by Marilyn on Mar 27, 2010
I can't wait until Adam sings on Idol! Did anyone figure out what the grass skirt meant? LOL. He always leaves us wondering.
posted by Phyllis on Mar 27, 2010
Watching this year's AI makes you realize how great Adam was on that show!! It's really boring without him. And I miss Paula's freaky comments and the bantering with Simon. Sure is better than the hostility between Simon and Ryan. What's with that anyway? You're right about voting. I felt compelled last year to spend hours voting. This year I couldn't care less. Sure, there's some talent, but that the best the could do after auditioning thousands of people?? Last year's top 5-6 were ALL better than anyone on that stage this year!! We need Paula and need to lose (sorry) Ellen. I like her, but she adds nothing to this show.
posted by yhe leader 39 on Mar 27, 2010
can"t wait look at his video each day for hours. A Big time fan 71years young. The Leader
posted by adamsluvjnes on Mar 27, 2010
I have not watched one minute of AI this season because there was no point...Adam was not there. I have been an Adamholic since Bohemian Rhapsody and I wanna Rock with You. Adam is all that AI ever wanted to be and without him, it has sunk to the depths of mediocre tv. I love Adam, I cannot wait till he is on AI. Meanwhile, he is in the UK, will be in Germany and in Switzerland on 3/31 and soon will be back here for us! Yay!! There is no talent like Adam Lambert. AI can look till doomsday, but they will never find no one of the caliber of the Glammmeeddd ONNNEEEEE!!! Adam Lambert!!!!
posted by virginia on Mar 27, 2010
I can't wait for Adam to be on AI. I have not seen not one episode this year and will DEFINITELY see it when he comes on. To me, no one can compare to Adam. I guess he did spoil all of us last year that no one can even come close to his magnificent talent. I really do miss seeing him and waiting anxiously for each performance. But time does go on and he's gone WAY BEYOND our imagination. Will always keep cheering him in all his endeavors.
posted by jwm\'smom on Mar 27, 2010
Can't wait for Adam. Its the only reason to watch AI this year.
posted by runnerkm on Mar 27, 2010
Like most everyone else already said, AI seems so boring this year. Is it because this year's contestants are so bad or that Adam spoiled us all last year? Whatever the reason, thank God Adam is coming back. He needs to do at least two songs (if nothing else to get the ratings back up), but also he deserves it. He is the BEST IDOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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