Adam Lambert's New Single 'Voodoo' Comes Out

March 05, 2010 09:41:14 GMT

The song will appear in 'For Your Entertainment' international release and 'Whataya Want From Me' remix EP.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

A fresh track titled "Voodoo" which is performed by Adam Lambert has just been unleashed. The "American Idol" alum shared the arrival of the song to his followers on Twitter on March 5 while at the same time informing that Sam Sparro is the co-writer.

The new track is confirmed to appear in the international release of Adam's debut album "For Your Entertainment". Also, it is going to be included in the mini album of "Whataya Want From Me" and "For Your Entertainment" remix.

In related news, Adam Lambert has taped a performance for the resurrected "VH1 Unplugged". His performance is scheduled to be broadcast on March 10. He is also booked to sing on "American Idol", following the footsteps of Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta.


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posted by :D on Jun 04, 2010
*FLAILS ARMSSS* i just lovee the mysterious atmosphere of this hit. awesomeness...adam is just so adamazing.
posted by Brian on Mar 08, 2010
Adam is the best singer out there. No one can hold a candle to him. He's amazing. Paula was so right when she told him he was going to be iconic. We're witnessing it peeps. Adam is going to soar!
posted by zz8w on Mar 06, 2010
please idol live this song... viva the glam king!
posted by kelly on Mar 05, 2010
Oh Bill, awesome comment. Adam has a lot going for him- looks, brains, talent,charisma, humor. And it is nice to see a male fan who recognizes that.
posted by peggy on Mar 05, 2010
I love this song voodoo, course there is nothing Adam sings I have not liked....
posted by Shannon on Mar 05, 2010
I've been waiting impatiently for this song for months. As usual, Adam does not disappoint. Great, moody, sexy song.
posted by Selena on Mar 05, 2010
Britt you are an ignorant sh*t head. Go away you stupid troll!!!
posted by karen on Mar 05, 2010
posted by Jen on Mar 05, 2010
I have been under Adam's spell since the first time I heard him sing. He just embodies the music and becomes whatever song he sings. Just magic. Magnetic. Glamtastic. And, did I mention he is just a truly charismatic person in every way? He seems happy and friendly and genuine. How is he even real? Must be Voodoo.
posted by laura on Mar 05, 2010
I love Adams voice and want to hear more of it! This song is cool but still overshadows his voice more than i would like. Just want to hear him rock or sing a ballad with less techno/fancy background stuff. So love you though Adam!!!
posted by ianaleah on Mar 05, 2010
I luv luv luv this song. Adam still amazes me and I know how great he is.
posted by kelly on Mar 05, 2010
Song is fantastic. Adam is magnificent.
posted by deana on Mar 05, 2010
I can see the more you listen to this song the more you get hooked on it. I love it. Its different and catchy. Love Adam.
posted by tara on Mar 05, 2010
LOVE it..Love Adam..AMAZING
posted by grammakaren on Mar 05, 2010
I just love this guy, i get chills every time I hear his voice.. I will come watch him perform over and over and over. His vocals are UN BE LIEV ABLE !!!!! and WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!
posted by Dark Willow on Mar 05, 2010
Adam is pure perfection, best singer/entertainer in years, and one of the most enlightened beings on the planet!! LOVE YOU ADAM, love this song
posted by Jeanne on Mar 05, 2010
Another fabulous peformance by the most fabulous singer performing today!
posted by ravengirl on Mar 05, 2010
Well said, Bill! I had the sensual, exciting pleasure of seeing Adam perform both in New York City and California and I can tell you that he was alive and well and amazing -- and there are thousands of women like me there who agree.
posted by Britte on Mar 05, 2010
I am not the Britt who posted such a nasty message. I love this man's voice and his musical instincts. His charisma on stage and recordings is something you can almost hold. Magic! Love Voodoo.
posted by Telise on Mar 05, 2010
Britt, Adam is the extremely sexy and hot gay guy with amazing vocal talent who has the power to steal your wife, mother, or sister and toss them right back to you. And if you don't like him, then I suggest you climb back into the dirty, dark, dank homophobic hole from whence you came.
posted by MaryL on Mar 05, 2010
I LOVE the song and your comment Bill. Get a life Britt.
posted by michelle on Mar 05, 2010
BILL... love your comment..seriously Britt is clueless!!
posted by Silva on Mar 05, 2010
Adam is brilliant singer, no other singer gives me chills like Adam does. I love yopu ADam
posted by Mary on Mar 05, 2010
Love the song! So different!
posted by Mem on Mar 05, 2010
I really like this, not for everyone I suppose, but so fun to get to enjoy something a little retro and a little forward thinking all in one. I guess maybe Lambert's music is not for everyone, but for me, someone who is getting so weary of the current slate of R&B tracks, Top 40, singer/songwriter types, and even the likes of Daughtry and Nickelback aren't all that exciting to me, catchy maybe, but not exciting, so for me - I'm diggin it! . I'm so loving the sort of Meatloaf, Prince, Queen, Duran Duran vibe to some of Lambert's music - Loving it... not for everyone and I get that, but dang man, this dude's so talented and has so much to offer vocally and musically IMHO. Loving having a new Lambert track to devour.
posted by My Glam God!!!!!! on Mar 05, 2010
Adam is my glammy idol and I just adore him!!!!!!! Voodoo is addictive!!!!!!
posted by RubySlippers on Mar 05, 2010
I love you, Bill.
posted by Laura on Mar 05, 2010
Great song! Adam's voice gives me chills.
posted by voodootoo on Mar 05, 2010
fabulous. this man is a genius.
posted by Samantha-Montreal,QC on Mar 05, 2010
I'm ok that the song is not available in Canada. I love you Adam please do a Canadian tour and of course a north american tour.
posted by Bill on Mar 05, 2010
That "foul-looking person" is the guy that turns down women 10 times hotter than you will ever even fantasize about Britt. He is traveling the world singing to packed houses of screaming girls. What did you do today?
posted by Sarah on Mar 05, 2010
Not big on the song, but i still love him.
posted by Britt on Mar 05, 2010
Who is this foul-looking person? Is he the embalmed Liberace from his crypt?
posted by Kristina on Mar 05, 2010
I love Voodoo! It is soooo good. Very happy that it will be available in the US. Love Adam So Much!!!
posted by Lacy on Mar 05, 2010
Sweet! Adam has a perfect personality for Unplugged. BTW, Samantha - He is playing two shows in BC this month!
posted by Lacy on Mar 05, 2010
Sweet! Adam has the perfect personality for Unplugged. BTW, Samantha - He is playing two shows in BC.
posted by Lacy on Mar 05, 2010
Sweet! He has a perfect personality for Unplugged. Sleep Walker is awesome! BTW, Samantha - he is playing two shows in BC.
posted by Lacy on Mar 05, 2010
Sweet! He has a perfect personality for Unplugged. Sleep Walker is awesome! BTW, Samantha - he is playing a two shows in BC.
posted by :) on Mar 05, 2010
Adam is such a doll in person. Hilarious and a sweetheart. I love that every celeb who meets him falls in love with him, dudes and girls.

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