Picture: Naked Lady GaGa Wrapped in Police Tape for 'Telephone' Video

Picture: Naked Lady GaGa Wrapped in Police Tape for 'Telephone' Video

Standing in a prison-like room, the 'Just Dance' singer appears nude, only covering herself with yellow police tape in a brand new picture of the Jonas Akerlund-directed video.

Another sneak peek to "Telephone" music video is released in the form of a picture. Coming out on Lady GaGa's Twitter page, the photo features the dance queen wearing nothing but yellow police tape placed strategically to cover her modesty. She is standing in an empty room which looks like a prison cell.

"RING RING its coming little monsters," so GaGa tweeted in an accompanying message. The video is directed by Jonas Akerlund and will pick up where the storyline of the "Paparazzi" video left off. It will follow GaGa behind bars and then rescued by Beyonce Knowles.

The video is rumored to be premiered on March 8 along with Alicia Keys' "Put It in a Love Song" video which will also feature Beyonce. In the meantime, the video is still in the editing room to make it perfect. "The Haus has dubbed her a 'masterpiece'," GaGa previously shared to her followers.

Beside posting the picture for sneak peek, Lady GaGa also informed her fans that "Telephone" which is taken from her album "The Fame Monster" has topped the chart. "LITTLE MONSTERS!! Today is an exciting day. Telephone become our SIXTH NUMBER 1 RECORD IN A ROW IN AMERICA! I love you so much! Celebrate!" she proudly stated.

"Telephone" is going to be followed up by "Alejandro". Rumor has it, GaGa has set her eyes on David Williams to play a cameo in the video alongside his fiancee Lara Stone.

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    Jan 29, 2011

    lady gaga...oh god,thanks to the police tapes,cover her ummm...body.but most of her vedios she reveal herslf as nude..

    Jun 16, 2010

    ya me 2 telephone should make it

    Prem saha
    Jun 10, 2010

    I want to see a very hot vibeo

    Apr 04, 2010

    lady gaga looked better in just dance

    Mar 16, 2010

    look up the works by an artist named -mar-, cool caution tape from 1990, possibly the first published artmajeur has a page called marphoto--you will like it!

    Mar 10, 2010

    Her modesty? She's nude in all her videos.

    Mar 04, 2010

    Omg bet this song is going to be on the hot one hundred

    Mar 04, 2010

    she never said Hot 100. it was in the pop/radio charts. Only her first 2 singles have topped the Hot 100. Hopefully telephone will top it as well.

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