'Smallville' 9.15 Preview: Escape

February 27, 2010 03:32:01 GMT

Only coming back with an original episode in April, the show will reveal two characters' secret identities and bring back Metallo.

'Smallville' 9.15 Preview: Escape
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The time has come for "Smallville" to take another long hiatus. The superhero series' ninth season was first shelved for the entire December run as well as the most part of January, and it will take a similar approach starting next week only to be back on Friday, April 2.

The return episode is called "Escape" but no synopsis is shared. From the look of the preview, some secrets will be revealed including that of Lois' and Zod's. As EW's Michael Ausiello hinted last week, "Two characters will soon discover each others' secret identities."

There is also a glimpse of John Corben coming back as Metallo. Another clue derived from the preview is the scene where Lois lies next to Clark, meaning they are together through the episode. Executive Producer Brian Peterson said previously, "Martha is coming back at a time when Lois and Clark are still trying to figure out their relationship and doing that under mother's watchful eye is going to present a new dynamic for them."

Meanwhile, there is still no news yet regarding whether The CW will order the tenth season of the series. The network had excluded "Smallville" from the early renewals.


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posted by Informer on Apr 02, 2010
Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season.
posted by MyfavethingonFriis S on Mar 01, 2010
I would be sooo sad if they ended the show...I mean I know it will come eventually but it has to be the perfect ending and there are sooo many lose threads there.
posted by renato26 on Feb 27, 2010
its true. in noticed by the tatoo on the back of zod an that was the face of tes
posted by Dodo on Feb 27, 2010
The scene involved Zod & Tess in bed not Clark & Lois

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