Whitney Houston's Australia Tour Opener Receives Mixed Reviews

February 24, 2010 04:22:22 GMT

Concert promoter says Whitney Houston should be appreciated for performing live despite her shaky voice when singing some of the songs.

Whitney Houston's Australia Tour Opener Receives Mixed Reviews
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Whitney Houston kicked off the Australian leg of her "Nothing But Love" tour at Brisbane Entertainment Centre Monday, February 22 and she got mixed reviews from the concertgoers. Some of them were disappointed over her shaky voice, while the others put on happy faces when leaving the venue once the light was off.

Whitney who opened the gig with an upbeat song, "For the Lovers", from her comeback album "I Look to You" was slammed by those walking out of the show early for taking long breaks in between songs and coughing through some of her performances. "It was so sad and disappointing. Out of breath, incoherent, barely sung any full songs and butchered the ones she did," a fan wrote to The Courier Mail.

Meanwhile, another music fan told the publication that the show actually went great. "I had seats a few rows from the stage and the energy was amazing. Yes, she missed some high notes but she still has an amazing voice," the fan testified.

Concert promoter Andrew McManus also stepped up defending Whitney, saying "I saw the whole show. Was it an A? No, it was probably a B+." He continued, "It was not a train wreck. She was hitting most of the notes, yes her throat was a little croaky. Her health is fine but she's also not 22 years of age anymore."

"This is a tough country, you're going to be critiqued on your performance. At the end of the day it's not like the other act who was just here who didn't sing a note, she sang every single note. -- She performed all her hits. She did everything we promoted and said she'd do. It was a great performance. This is an icon of the business who hit rock bottom and is fighting back, instead of slamming her we should be praising her."

Indeed, Whitney Houston is not the first artist getting criticized Down Under. Back in November 2009, Britney Spears was blasted for delivering lip-sync performances in the nation which led her manager Adam Leber to fight off the unfavorable reports.

Whitney herself still has five more live concerts in Australia and will next be seen rocking Acer Arena in Sidney on February 24. After finishing the Australian leg, she will fly to Paris and a number of major cities across Europe for a series of shows.


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posted by Hayley on Apr 29, 2010
Saw Whitney at the O2 last night and loved her. Would pay all over to see her again :)
posted by katie on Apr 07, 2010
How rude to talk about people who are deaf and blind. Lets hope this doesn't happen to you.
posted by Beebex on Mar 06, 2010
How can you bring a half deaf,half blind person to a concert and you expect such a person's comment should be taking seriously.First of all,go fix that deafness and blindness and as for anybody talking about Whitney's shows,I want you all to realize that a 1 yr old voice cant be the same when its 45yrs old and you all ought to commend Whitney for doing you all a favor for putting out another album coz your sisters cant sing no more and if you're offended,go pick up the microphone and make your own album.
posted by Moscow on Feb 28, 2010
She arrived an hour and a half late for the opening Moscow concert. Cut the concert short when the band had started intro for another song. Talked through half of the concert and kept starting and stopping songs. Probably only sung 5 or 6 complete songs. She was not fit enough and backing group did a long number in the middle. Also advertised fur coat designer because it was so "cold" in the arena that she had to borrow 2 different coats. Embarrassing concert.
posted by London on Feb 25, 2010
Oh and that was a typo! i know how to spell reporteR
posted by LondonBob on Feb 25, 2010
I cant believe the reported doesnt know how to spell SYDNEY!
posted by Disapointed on Feb 24, 2010
My sister and I bought our Mother tickets for this concert and even my Mother who is half deaf and half blind still commented on the poor performance, the songs not sung through to completion and made the comment that she looked like she was suffering withdrawals.
posted by casual fan on Feb 24, 2010
Unlike Mariah, she should be praised for singing live...not using backup tracks to prove something.
posted by Andrew on Feb 24, 2010
I was there and she was amazing. I will always love you was great.

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