'Batman 3' Begins Scouting in Chicago

February 24, 2010 02:31:14 GMT

The project which has not been officially announced yet reportedly has been scouting location in the windy city, where 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' were shot.

'Batman 3' Begins Scouting in Chicago
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Despite report that story for "Batman 3" has been planned, there has been no official word that the project is under work. However, the film could start production soon as the latest report regarding the "The Dark Knight" sequel mentioned that the film crew have begun scouting. BATMAN ON FILM has received information from a tipster who mentioned the filmmakers "have been out and about in Chicago's Financial District."

In late January, it was reported that the plot for the next installment of "Batman" film franchise has been written while the script will be penned in February. A source who claimed he is a "plot outliner" at Warner Bros. also revealed some details, saying Riddler will be the main villain and will figure out Batman's identity in the upcoming film.

Previously, Johnny Depp has offered himself to join the cast ensemble for the movie to portray the superhero's nemesis, the Riddler. Meanwhile, Aaron Eckhart stated he is up to reprise his role as Harvey "Two Face" Dent, which appeared in "The Dark Knight". Still, nothing has been set in stone for this project.


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posted by beth on Sep 13, 2010
Johnny Depp was awesome in Charlie and teh chocolate factory and in pirates of teh Carribean and other movies.. I can't yet imagine him in Batman cause it's a different kind of a movie - it's not THAT funny of a movie - though as a riddler.. maybe.. though I susect he'd steal the show too easily..
posted by texasboy on Apr 18, 2010
They need to set the movie 5 years after the events of The Dark Knight and let things pass with Gotham becoming the city with hell on Earth with all the criminals running it without Batman present. I always believed that they should cast Johnny Depp as The Riddler before anybody even mentioned it and having him being hired to figure out who Batman is. They also need to put Catwoman in the movie and have her be like a mysterious woman that catches Bruce Wayne's eye and someone that he thinks can fill the hole that he has after the death of Rachel Dawes. I believe they should have Robin make a cameo in the end of the movie, but as a young orphan that Bruce sees himself in the kid and takes him in and leave it like a cliffhanger for any reason, unlikely, for a 4th movie. There is just one thing that makes me mad is that they put The Joker in the second movie when they should of put him in the last one as the ultimate villain. They shouldn't worry if the movie doesn't do Dark Knight's numbers, because it's unlikely it will reach that.
posted by rebecca lee on Mar 03, 2010
What was that? Johnny Depp ruined Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? I value everyone's opinion here...but are you kidding me? Depp MADE that movie. He was awesome! His facial expressions alone were enough; not to mention the acting. Anyway, I just thought it was great...and I have no doubts about Alice in Wonderland doing as well:) Depp is right up there with Christian Bale in my book of, "INCREDIBLY TALENTED ACTORS" I may be a little biased?? :P PS: PLEASE Christian...PLAY "The Batman" again...PLEEEEEAAASE!!!! ok...I'm done now:o)
posted by tsass22 on Mar 03, 2010
This would be great to watch. just like the previous batman movies. the thing i love to watch in these movies are the darkness of the actors. johnny depp would be great, i think he would put a new twist to the character (than what jim carrey did) a more meaniful and rememberence like the joker.
posted by oldjimmywilson on Feb 25, 2010
please not johnny depp, he ruined charlie and the chocolate factory, and it looks like he did the same for his role in alice in wonderland, although I mostly blame burton for that one.
posted by mgman on Feb 24, 2010
this is awesome batman 3 will be great

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