Jake Pavelka on Eliminating 4 Girls: 'I'm Tired'

January 27, 2010 07:33:18 GMT

The shocking decision to 'clean out the house' by sending home four women in one night is based on Jake's willingness to get closer with only some of them.

Jake Pavelka on Eliminating 4 Girls: 'I'm Tired'
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"The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison explained the reason Jake Pavelka wiped out four women from his list on Monday, January 25 episode. Chris said Jake was tired of wasting time and would rather spend time with those whom he really care about in order to explore them further.

Ella and Kathryn were sent packing after spending a two-to-one date with him. "I know in my heart that neither Kathryn nor Ella was right for me," Jake said before tossing the roses to fire. Jake then asked Chris whether he could bend the rules and deny two more girls a rose from him. Given the freedom of act, Jake sent home Jessie and Ashleigh, leaving Tenley, Vienna, Gia, Corrie and Ali hopeful.

"Last week really set him off so at this point he's like, 'I'm tired of wasting time, I know she's not the one, let me spend more time at the cocktail party with someone who I am still questioning or I know has a shot. I just rather spend time with people I know have a possibility'," Chris recalled his conversation with Jake to TV Guide.

Since two girls were supposed to be sent home only next week, there is a speculation that the show would end earlier than scheduled. Chris denied this saying, "Maybe the next week instead of two going home, one will go home. I don't think people understand how fluid our show always is. People think we go in with grand plan and we follow this script and it's not like that at all; it's never like that."

Next week, the women will go with Jake to San Francisco, home to Ali. "They have a great time and a great experience because she gets to [have the] hometown date before the hometown date. I don't think we've ever had that before where someone has the show go to their hometown, so it's really cool for her," Chris teased.


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posted by countryflower on Feb 02, 2010
Jake needs to get rid of Vienna. What does he see in her
posted by Ed Nakh on Feb 02, 2010
Birth, Death and Love are not choices . When you love you do not choose and when you choose you do not love. So if he is hisitative between 25 women and couldn't figure out his soulmate among the 25 women in less than a week there is no love or his soulmate is not among them and he is just going with the flow
posted by meow on Feb 02, 2010
why did he kiss Corrie when he knew he was sending her home. Also when she said she is a virgin, that put him off as obviously he wants sex before marriage and Corrie refused to put out to anyone.
posted by ly on Feb 02, 2010
i think he should get rid of vienna.she thinks she's jake girlfriend. he should pick ali not tenley because she's been married before.
posted by the real thing on Feb 02, 2010
Tenley is dumb and Ali is downright manipulative, who is she to tell who is right or wrong for Jake? She is an over jealous biatch who ate her words. Vienna is giggly honest and forward but keeping it real - she has zest for life. Gia is so hot but could be incredibly boring - and she is so New York that it may not work out at all with Jake.
posted by haha on Jan 28, 2010
apparently, you didn't see the Trista and Ryan in 2002 when they are actually married and have kids.
posted by myfaithcage69 on Jan 27, 2010
Seriously would you really even want to marry a man who has to sort through women to see if your really the one!!!!!! He also wouldn't be swapping spit with all the girls either. Can you imagine your family saying oh you won but he had his tongue down that one a few days ago and he told that one she looks hot and so on. It is all fake. Thats why hes on a reality show. Poor example of how to find your soulmate. If hes so wonderful why can't he find a real women on his own?????????????
posted by Lexi on Jan 27, 2010
He should pick Ali or Tenley.Get rid of Vienna she is trouble. I think he is to pickey thats why he's alone.
posted by real time with me on Jan 27, 2010
doesn't matter who he pipcks. they'll never stay together. no couple has ever stayed togteher that comes out of one of these dumb as a box of rocks shows.
posted by Grindleson on Jan 27, 2010
What are the odds on him picking "none" as the winner? plz pick Gia or Ali ! Jake have a brain as well as a heart dump Vienna.

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