Casey Johnson's Family Boycotting Tila Tequila's 'King' Appearance

January 09, 2010 06:16:15 GMT

The one-hour show is allegedly intended to be a tribute to Casey, accommodating 'all the good things and happy times of her life' and having only Tila as guest.

Casey Johnson's Family Boycotting Tila Tequila's 'King' Appearance
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Earlier this week, it was reported that Tila Tequila is negotiating to appear on "Larry King Live" but the road to there may not be so smooth after all. Family of Casey Johnson, the fiancee of Tila who was found dead on January 4, is reportedly against the reality show star appearing on the CNN talk show although rumor has it, it would be a tribute to Casey.

Per E! News, the Johnsons and Casey's friends are calling Larry King to cancel the plan of having her live on Tuesday, January 12. "The Johnsons just want Tila to go away," a source told the publication. "They're in mourning. She is the last thing they want to deal with right now." Tila reportedly would be the only guest in that evening.

A source close to the Johnson family said they were tired of Tila and only wanted to maintain their dignity post Casey's death. "Everyone knows the tabloids won't back away from Tila, but they didn't think Larry King would actually consider having her on his show," E!'s source added. "They've called him and sent him emails asking him to cancel the interview."

The unharmonious relationship between Tila and people close to Casey was sniffed a couple of days ago when Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips visited Tila's home to collect Casey's dogs and belongings. Tila refused to give them up and ranted on her Twitter. "Now that she's gone her family and so called 'FRIENDS' pop up at my house, stealing our stuff & acting like they care? BULLS- - -! Money doesn't buy you class," she wrote.


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posted by Facts on Feb 27, 2010
To Bp: I dont know casey or Tila but i do know facts that actually came out of the horses mouth on several occasions, that she thought her friends were fake and that she hated her family, and also several hundred times how much she loved Tila.So like it or not millions of people have seen those facts. Stop Hating!!! I hate people who think they r God just because they have alot of money, your just pieces of trash that just spend all of daddy's money!! Tila i'm sorry for ur loss! R.I.P Casey
posted by RIP Casey on Feb 27, 2010
Even though i am not a fan of Tila i do on several occasions remember her and casey declare there love for one another, and also announce there engagement! I also recall her stating that she didn't have a good relationship with her family andthat all her friends were fake! So whether we like it or not, They loved each other! Money doesn't buy happiness, and all u rich snobs who only throw money at everything to make problems go away you guys can never take that away from tila! Casey chose tila over u guys and that is probably why u feel the need to throw ur money around and take everything that doesn't really belong to you!! Shame on u guys!! Karma is a bitch! Tila they can never take away ur love and memories, it's something that they wished they had with her! R.I.P Casey
posted by F**k Bp & hiltons on Feb 27, 2010
Bp & hiltons are spoiled little white trash girls who need to shut the fuck up and get a life. Tila should have knocked those bitches out!! R.I.P. Casey! Tila i'm sorry for ur loss!!
posted by lm on Feb 27, 2010
Bp you are a complete fukin idiot!!! How dare u post someone's address like that!!! The only person here that has a problem and that needs fukin help is u!! The only thing that people should let tila know is that we are sorry for her loss, because like it or not tila is who casey chose to be with. Casey hated her family and friends,and she was not shy about letting people know that!! You r nothing but a hater!! And for u saying who doesn't call the person they love for days especially new years eve, is a load of shit because she has phone records confirming that she called her tons of times!! They loved each other and who r we to judge who someone loves!! You people need to get a life and stop spreading all these lies!! Tila my prayers are with u!! There are tons of people who r on ur side!!
posted by fuckthehiltons on Jan 13, 2010
posted by blupheonix on Jan 12, 2010
WTF is with you Tila supporters??!! Can't you see this girl is a walking DISASTER?! Having read some of her posts on the web, it's all too clear that she has a mental disorder. But since guys (not me by any means) find her "sexy", no one calls her on her blatant attention whoring. I have to agree with BP, in saying that Tila knows NOTHING, and I totally agree with the families decision to not indulge this sick girls fantasy. It sounds like Casey had some problems also. But I hadn't really heard of Casey Johnson before this. She was not a media attention whore! Do I think being with Tila, contributed to CJ's untimely death? Without a doubt! Attention whores will break your heart everytime. They are interested in only what YOU can do for THEM, and what THEY get out of it. The whole new years eve story, puts it in perspective almost. To the friends and family of CJ, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this trash in your time of mourning. Keep to the high road, at least you know you won't meet TT on it....
posted by susan on Jan 11, 2010
Yeh, i agree with Kirk!!! And it is true...if you really love each other. How come you don't speak for days ans especially on newyears eve!!!??? This sick little girl should be stopped!!!
posted by CP on Jan 11, 2010
To Horrified: Tila's home address is public knowledge and in the public domain. She has invited the paparazzi to her house, posed several times right in front of her address - this is different than stars than real stars like DiCaprio or Clooney who do not stand out for the press in front of their homes, take measures to keep their privacy, etc. It's pretty well known that once you've come out for an interview with the paparazzi (not even real journalists), that you've made your whereabouts public in LA. Studio City in her case... Tila made her bed, now she has to lie in it -that's what happens when you make sure everything you do is done in front of the media or for a world wide audience. And as for suing - her address is all over the web - so nobody's suing anyone.
posted by CP on Jan 11, 2010
Just to set the record straight: Bijou and Nicky are huge animal lovers - the idea that they would ever put down these animals is absolutely beyond ridiculous. Secondly, I may not like Bijou and I may have had my spats with her before and I definitely cannot stand Paris, but MAKE NO MISTAKE that the Hilton girls and Bijou are in real and sincere mourning. These girls have been friends, raised like sisters, since they were toddlers with Casey. Tila said that they were no where around, well Tila was around for approximately a month, that's FOUR WEEK OUT OF 30 YEARS of Casey's life. I've been in the car with Casey, driving past Paris' house and Casey yells something profane out the window as a joke, knowing Paris is home. Ms. Tequila says that she knows everything and that she's the only one that cared???? This is such a joke on so many levels it might be funny if Casey was not deceased. I wonder if she could even tell you the maid's name who found Casey? I wonder if she could tell you how many years that maid had been taking care of Casey... I wonder if she could tell you about the owner of the house and what the true nature of her relationship with Casey was and how far it went back? I wonder if she could inform you of Casey's relationship with her long term shrink and what Casey concluded together with him? I wonder if she could tell you the conference calls between certain individuals with Casey as one of them. I wonder if she loved her so much, why she let Casey be videotaped in only a bra and panties for the "engagement" video when Casey was absolutely out of it? Dangerously out of it given her condition. If Tila knew Casey so well, then she would have known that Casey may have hated many things that she grew up with but did believe strongly in certain things staying behind closed doors. In a lucid state, Casey never would have been part of a lingerie clad 'engagement' video. Anyone who had ever had a heart to heart with Casey would be able to confirm that. Perhaps Tila could go over Casey's application process for Ava and why she chose Kazakhstan. Perhaps she could fill you in on just the highlights only for Casey with her first year with Ava. Perhaps, with Tila's extensive knowledge she could tell you the genesis of Casey's anger issue that she never managed to work through regarding her mother. Note to Tila: it goes back to her being 5, maybe that will help you pull something out of your ass. No, Tila would not be able to fill in any of the above because she did NOT know the real Casey Johnson. The Casey Johnson that appeared in the last 3 months of Casey's life was a woman in serious trouble, grasping where she could. It was not the Casey of the previous 30 years. Tila would have you believe she knows all - she knew Casey better than anyone. Yet I doubt she could sit and answer one really important character question about Casey. And she would probably be ignorant enough if she was reading these posts, to lash out, spew out a bunch of expletives and tell me that I don't know sh*t. Well, fact is: every single thing I mentioned in this post I could answer with 100% clarity. And the answers would not be mine, they would be Casey's. They would come precisely from what Casey herself chose to confide, her words, her confidences. Do Not Buy In to what Tequila is blabbing to anyone that'll listen or give her press. She DID NOT KNOW Casey at all. The fact that she is using Casey's death to gather press for herself and her new website is probably the coldest, least loving, least compassionate thing I've come across. Tila Tequila is a non-stop barrage of tawdry publicity that is akin to salt being rubbed over and over into a really bad wound. May the press please, please, please stop giving this cold-hearted, publicity wh*re free coverage and let some small amount of dignity be restored to Casey and let her rest in peace!!! There are many of us who loved Casey and are reeling from her loss. This has been a week of tears, shock, disbelief and heartbreak. Perhaps we are all too boring for the press - mourning someone quietly and protecting their business must be very unappealing. Fighting silently, without getting the press involved, to restore Casey's dignity must seem like a non-event. Wishing to lay her to rest in peace privately - well that is something that I think everyone should understand, Casey is loved. If you wish to remember her or judge her, please remember the last 30 years of her life, don't reduce her to less than 21 days - she was worth more than that and she deserves more.
posted by sorry2tila on Jan 11, 2010
tila, stay strong and dont be scared of the amount of funds the johnson family have and what they could do with it, you have a massive following and nicky has a massive hate group, just keep in mind she is a hilton and hiltons are low life peices of shit!!!! much love for Tila
posted by Blake on Jan 11, 2010
wow, how dare Nicky hilton and Bijou Phillips show up to Tila's house like they dide, just because u are a hilton doesnt mean u are the queen of hollywood infact you nicky are a talentless pathetic waste of space and u Bijou have nothing to be proud about, your father is a druged fucked hasbeen. I hope Tila comes out with the truth and destroys you all! Nicky is way past her due by date, cant u see the world hates u and paris, its been hat way for years, money is the only thing keeping u around and its true what tila said, money obviously cant buy u class! do everybody a favour and fuck off!!! i only hope your story ends like a jfk or john lennon ending! bang!! your gone! ROCK ON TILA AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH GIRL!!!!
posted by amen sister on Jan 11, 2010
tila is seriously disturbed.
posted by Horrified on Jan 10, 2010
If any harm comes to this woman due to this site allowing the posting of her home address; her family will sue the pants off whoever owns it! As a Verizon customer, I intend to protest that company advertising on this site immediately! This site & TMZ should be shut down for posting this woman's home address. Whoever posted the address is far creepier than Ms. Tequila could ever dream of being.
posted by saywhat? on Jan 10, 2010
So how much do you wanna bet that the above poster 'bp' was none other than Bijou Phillips herself? How else would she have known the address?
posted by Gerry on Jan 09, 2010
I hope they cancel her. According to her web site, it doesn't look like it'll be a tribute to Miss Johnson. It just looks like she's going on the show to do a lot of mud-slinging. Hopefully Larry King doesn't stoop this low.
posted by linus4real on Jan 09, 2010
I feel so sorry for Tila. Casey's family along with Nicky hilton and the rest have treated her like crap after Casey's passing. I for one wonder why they are so scared of what Tila will say! Casey was engaged to Tila and the way Nicky took the dogs is just horrible and showed that money cant buy class! Tila and Casey had been living together and thats why tila had the dogs and should have told them to piss off. I think tila showed alot of class as she did not have to release the dogs to them but did so to avoid drama. Larry will let the world see between the lines. look forward to see what Tila has to say and hope that it will give the poor girl some healing! Tila come from a hard backgound and it's so sad that the johnsons and hiltons with all thier money and power cant show the same class as a girl from the streets. Tila is so misrepresented in so many enterainment news shows and blogs. it will be nice to see Larry set the record straight. RIP Casey and my best to you tila! hope you find some comfort in knowing you do have people on your side!
posted by Kirk on Jan 09, 2010
Watch the video of Tila's little photo shoot in front of her house. That girl is NOT in mourning! Let the video speak for itself. Watch it and then try to tell everyone that Tila is heartbroken over the loss of someone she cared about. Yeah right!

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