Jennifer Aniston's 'The Bounty Hunter' Welcomes First Trailer

December 18, 2009 05:01:26 GMT

Skipping out on bail, Jennifer Aniston becomes the next target of her ex-husband, a bounty hunter who is played by Gerard Butler.

Jennifer Aniston's 'The Bounty Hunter' Welcomes First Trailer
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The first trailer for "The Bounty Hunter" has been made available for viewing pleasure. Debuted by Yahoo! Movies, the video gives sneak peek at the actions as well as the funny moments that can be found in the Jennifer Aniston-starring film.

In the upcoming movie, Gerard Butler plays a bounty hunter Milo who is hired to track down a woman, who has skipped out on bail. Surprisingly, his next target is his ex-wife, Aniston's Cassidy. As Milo is forced to retrieve Cassidy, they are now involved in a strange situation.

Coming from Andy Tennant, the director of "Hitch" and "Fool's Gold", "The Bounty Hunter" has Jason Sudeikis, Christine Baranski, Dorian Missick, and Joel Marsh Garland joining Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in the cast ensemble. Produced by Neal H. Moritz, the drama action will hit theaters across the U.S. on March 19, 2010.


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posted by sara on Mar 12, 2010
brangelenas fans bite me jen is soooooooo cool and gerard as well theu are cute
posted by calort on Feb 17, 2010
i gotta say, jennifer aniston is the sexiest girl in hollywood, she looks a bit older in this but i saw her at the golden globes and she didnt look like that shes a fox
posted by okoko on Feb 17, 2010
aniston is a rocket so hott
posted by SUNSHINE on Dec 23, 2009
I see teh trailer and I love it. It's natural action mix with funny mimics from both. It's freat to see both of them together.
posted by anoni on Dec 23, 2009
she seriously needs this to be a hit after the last 2 bombs (every one knows the dog movie and not into you had built in fan bases due to their bestselling books and it didn't matter who were in them). Looks awful and the release date isn't prime time (when's Easter?) but at least a little different from her norm. Gerry, what are you doing? don't turn into Hugh Grant, please!
posted by Alexa on Dec 19, 2009
Looks funny ..... Cant wait to see this movie!!
posted by dandy on Dec 19, 2009
LOVE IT, can't wait.
posted by sassy on Dec 19, 2009
Can't wait to see! Love Jennifer! of course brangelinas are jealous.
posted by anna on Dec 18, 2009
Yup, still a bad actress. Remind me to forget to see this.
posted by Fiorella on Dec 18, 2009
Jennifer Aniston does not look his age should be that you've seen bad girl, not a terrible first actress is very good and beautiful and unlike every day you grow older is becoming more exi and beautiful than ever. For that reason I assure you that Brad Pitt will be back with Jennifer Aniston!
posted by axia on Dec 18, 2009
posted by star on Dec 18, 2009
Saw the trailor, Looks terrible. Her acting leaves little to be desired. If i were a Jen fan i'd be sorely dissapointed in the movie AND her. She looks like a leathery old woman. She's showing her age. Bottom line, she sucks.
posted by sandy on Dec 18, 2009
I think she is a good actress and one of the actreeses in Hollywood who is a respectful actress.

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