Joanna Krupa's Nude PETA Pic Unleashed

November 26, 2009 03:02:34 GMT

Together with her dog, the Playboy model would like to spread the words that it is better to adopt animal companion from a shelter than to buy from breeders.

Joanna Krupa's Nude PETA Pic Unleashed
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Joanna Krupa bares her back for all the world to see in the new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The actress and Playboy model who finished fourth on this season's "Dancing with the Stars" encourages people to become an angel by adopting animals instead of buying.

In the eye-popping ad, Krupa who is attached with angelic wings is joined by her dog Rugby. PETA said that this is only a sneak peek to an even "racier version" which will be released after Thanksgiving. "Every time a dog or cat is purchased from a pet store or breeder, an animal in a shelter loses his or her chance for a forever home," PETA said on their blog.

Posing for the ad is not the only thing that Krupa will do for the organization. On December 1, she will go down the Los Angeles street to lead a protest outside a pet store that sells dogs and puppies from breeders. "We're trying to spread the word that breeding isn't the way to go," Krupa said.

"Somebody needs to put their foot down and stop this breeding and these puppy mills. ...they're in these little tiny cages, and all they're doing is breeding their whole life. It makes me so angry that our government doesn't do anything about it. So I am!"

This is the second time Joanna Krupa has posed for PETA. She previously joined the good cause of "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur", wearing nothing but thong with her nude breasts covered by neon blur.


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posted by irish on Dec 01, 2009
why a rosary (and now a crucifix)? why not an Islamic crescent and star? Haven't we been picked on long enough? Pick on the other guy's symbols!
posted by alic on Nov 29, 2009
breeding is not the way to go?? lol.. tell that to her about a media slut.. that is what the ugly PETA pres calls herself.. so it is not just medai sluts unite.. kill pets.. as PETA does.. over 95% last year alone.. Friends don't let friends donate to idiot organizations like PETA or the HSUS
posted by D on Nov 29, 2009
PeTA=People Euthanizing and Torturing Animals. Their is nothing ethical about PeTA. In there own shelter they have a 95% kill rate. It isn't for lack of homes but because they feel no one should own, keep, or use aniamls period. If they had their way everyone would be a starving vegan. I boycott stars who speak for PeTA. I have a tendency to call advertizers concerning their programing too.
posted by Get real on Nov 29, 2009
Looks like she is holding a pure bred Yorkie! Ha Ha Ha The truth about Peta is that they want to liberate all animals from any human intervention therefore getting rid of pure bred dogs is the first step, the next is to make owning a pet either illegal or thought of as slavery. That is the true animal rights agenda, which in its extreme form is always accompanied by Veganism. Although not all Vegans are as extreme as Ingrid Newkirk, Peta's CEO.
posted by maggieb on Nov 29, 2009
Boycott Joanna Krupa
posted by C on Nov 28, 2009
The whole "a puppy/dog bought means a puppy/dog dies" is such a bunch of BS and nothing more than an attempt to make people feel guilty for having the freedom this country gives us to make choices. No one should be making any decision based on being made to feel guilty, and any one pr group that tries to make that the case can't win their argument on its merits so they turn to bullying tactics...all the animal rights groups, including PETA, HSUS, ASPCA and all the other extremists are great at this. Don't buy into it, folks. A person who needs/wants a dog for a specific purpose, be it hunting, dog sports, showing, herding, or whatever is NOT going to go to a shelter, nor find what they need at a shelter. So buying a dog does NOT take away a shelter life because those people would never be going there to begin with. I have nothing against shelter/rescue dogs (I have a couple myself), but they are NOT for everyone, people have certain things they need/want in a dog and buying from a reputable breeder will get them what they want/need in most cases. There are always exceptions to that, but your chances of getting a dog with predictable temperament, and other qualities is much better if you get one from someone who has been working with a certain breed for a long time. The recent attempts by PETA, HSUS, and other shelters/rescues to make breeding a four letter word, discredit ANY breeder and to wipe breeding off the map is disgusting and amounts to nothing more than bullying and shoving their philosophical viewpoint down everyone else's throat. If you want to adopt a shelter dog and can find what you want/need at a shelter/rescue, then go for it, there are many dogs out there that are good dogs, I don't dispute that. But DON'T you DARE insinuate that because I choose to get my puppy from a reputable breeder, that I am somehow an animal abuser or that my choice takes away another life!!!! This country was built on freedom of choice and the elitist, high and mighty, idiot, extreme, bullying groups and people need to get over yourselves.
posted by Dynadobe on Nov 28, 2009
This is so not true. People that want a purebred will not compromise by going to the shelter to get a mixed breed. Give us the right to know what we want. Purebreds are 'predicatable', you know how they will look, will know what health risks to watch out for, and know the temperament. With a mixed breed you have no idea what it will look like, what health problems it has picked up from the various breeds in its make-up, and of course have no idea what the temperament will be. Having bought my sixth Doberman from a breeder, because this breed has everything I want in my dogs, my new puppy is already displaying the Doberman traits. If this doesn't matter to you, fine, get a mixed-breed. But if you are looking specifically for certain traits and qualities, buy from a breeder. And remember, the far majority of dogs in shelters are adults that had a home, not puppies. The problem is not that there are too many dogs born, but that owners are not keeping them for one reason or another. Humane societies and shelters should address the root cause of dog turn-ins and work with the owners so that the dogs can stay in their homes. And Krupa is an idiot. Usual Peta sensational misuse of women. She is NOT a class act!
posted by 4fairplay on Nov 28, 2009
When PETA kills 90+% of the animals they take in annually, how do they expect anyone to adopt them? Seems to me that it isn't people buying from breeders who kill shelter's PETA. It doesn't matter whether you choose to get a dog from a shelter or a breeder, what matters is that you get the dog who suits you and your lifestyle. To add a bit more to Dottie's post, they also import them from Taiwan and Mexico, and according to CDC records, 300,000 are being imported every year to U.S. shelters from those countries. If shelters are over crowded, why on earth would it be ok to import that many more per year???
posted by L on Nov 28, 2009
I Thhink she was good !
posted by Purebred supporter on Nov 28, 2009
HSUS, PETA,SPCA and other ARs want to make us, the American public, believe that everyone should adopt a dog from a shelter instead of a purebred dog from a breeder to save a dog's life in a shelter? What a load of rubbish that is, complete B.S! If a person wants a purebred dog, he/she is NOT going to adopt a dog from a shelter! This person will have done his/her homework, researched a particular breed, its looks, its temperament, its health issues, its qualities with children and so on. This person will not adopt a dog from a shelter simply because all of the above qualities are not discernible within a mutt. So, instead of 'saving' a dog from a shelter, this person will rather NOT get a dog at all, should he/she not be able to purchase the dog from a breeder. Imagine, ARs like HSUS, PETA and SPCA know this, but they think that we, the people are stupid! that we, the people, only need to see a naked or semi-naked woman (who has seemingly not researched anything about the group she supports with her ad) to make us roll over on our backs to 'rescue' a dog from a shelter! Think again, PETA and HSUS, we Americans so far can actually use our brains and evaluate what is what!
posted by Dottie on Nov 28, 2009
If this country truly has too many dogs, WHY are we importing them from Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and Porta Rico?
posted by The Lineman on Nov 25, 2009
What an idiot. And I thought she was cool.

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