On-Set Pics of Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video

November 16, 2009 02:34:02 GMT

Adam Lambert will involve bondage dancers for the music video supporting the title track of his November 23 release 'For Your Entertainment'.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Adam Lambert has begun filming a music video in support of his first single "For Your Entertainment". He reportedly shot it at the Alexandria in Los Angeles with Ray Kay sitting on the directing seat. Two pictures taken from the set have been found through fans' twitters by the name Victoria4Real and kjavsu, capturing several male and female bondage dancers.

"For Your Entertainment" is the title track of Adam's upcoming major-label debut album. "For Your Entertainment" album will be made available for purchase across United States on November 23. Fans who order the collector's edition package of the album will get instant downloads of the title track and two other new songs, "Whataya Want From Me" and "Master Plan".

On another news, it has been confirmed that Adam Lambert will team up with Jamie King as well as associate director Stefanie Roos to work on his upcoming performances and appearances. Jamie is well known for directing Britney Spears, Madonna and Rihanna's tours.

Update: Several new pictures taken during the video shoot have emerged and can be seen on Celebrity Mania. One of them features Adam in all-black outfit.


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posted by alyssa on Dec 31, 2010
OMG,he is so freaking hot i can't believe he is gay i mean really 'lol'
posted by Adam lambert fan(lin on Nov 05, 2010
Adam lambert is just so hott&sexy&georges and every song he sing is great.His voice is so sexy also i wish i could meet him in person and if i did that would be awsome.His style is so sexy&awsome.Adam is my favorite singer.most things he dresses in is so sexy. Adam lambert rocks(=
posted by AL luver on Nov 23, 2009
it doesnt matter. I think its hot
posted by Steph on Nov 19, 2009
What's with ya'll? Have you not seen the Crawl through fire zodiac show video on youtube? THAT is Adam... sexy, showy, fun and wild. I love it! I was hoping all year he would let it fly and not temper himself for a American Idol crowd.... don't get me wrong. There are good singers to come out of AI, but, they are too squeaky clean. Adam has this great mischievousness about him.
posted by Mickey Mouse on Nov 18, 2009
~~~Damn u Look Gud~~~
posted by euroglambert on Nov 17, 2009
Yes, Americans need to open their minds a bit. What's up with you people and your narrow mindedness? Give this amazing talent a break, and let him do his own thing. From day one we realized that Adam is not mainstream, so what do you expect? He's amazing, and I will follow him throughout his career and support everything that he does, including being sexy and naughty. That's such a turn on. Go on Adam! You're the best!
posted by Niko on Nov 16, 2009
First single about bondage, poor choice. Too bad
posted by QUEENROSERED on Nov 16, 2009
I know Adam will do just fine and everyone needs to stop trying to put him into their own little box and think they know better than he does! He has his own creative vision and people need to realize he is NOT a damn kid! He is a grown man for God's sake and so what? He curses...that's the real Adam! Just because one curses doesn't mean they are raunchy or unintelligent! I was a nurse for over 30 years and I've had doctor friends with no "filters" either! Realy fine doctors and surgeons! So people, lighten up and stop feeling so damn entitled! Adam will do pop AND rock, and he will do it HIS way! He is NOT the "boy next door" (God, I wish!) and as a male artist, cannot be compared to Gaga, Britney, Perry, etc. He is breaking new ground. He is a "Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce" so if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. And GROW UP! Like Adam says himself, "It's not that deep, people" He's only here "For Your Entertainment"
posted by ianaleah on Nov 16, 2009
actually, 'sexy' dancers might be more accurate than 'bondage' dancers. people see who they are not who they see.
posted by KT on Nov 16, 2009
I'm afaid he will end up just being a big joke
posted by LAMB on Nov 16, 2009
Yes, the bad language from him and other young people does not make them look cool - more of the trailer trash image. Just Sayin
posted by Juli on Nov 16, 2009
Yeah, he's becoming a freak show - makes me sad
posted by TC on Nov 16, 2009
Totally agree
posted by sizzlingsmile on Nov 16, 2009
I have to admit that I am a bit confused lately and I am one of his most ardent fans. I have loved Adam ever since Ring Of Fire on the AI show and I have been 100% supportive of him given his incredible talent and natural charisma that he projected. Lately I am wondering if he is heading in the right direction though. I am still looking forward to the album -I really like the lead single FYE which you can interpret any way you want, and the 30 sec. song snippets sound fantastic- but I am starting to miss Adam the person that I fell in love with especially when the "F..." word keeps popping up in recent interviews. Edgy, speaking your mind and playing with people's fantasies is fun and sexy, but rubbing it into their faces is a turn-off for me. Adam used to come across as an intelligent, grounded and well spoken person who stays true to who he is and I only hope that he won't drown that natural charisma that people fell in love with. He does not need all that over-the-edge hype, he is an incredible performer and his voice most of all is out if this world. So I hope that he will get good advice from people that he cares about and not ruin his career before it has a chance to take off. So far I am still along for the ride. I am very much looking forward to watching Adam perform on the AMAs and I am definitley curious about the video...
posted by floewers82 on Nov 16, 2009
I think the video will be great. Every one has their own taste to see how they want to see Adam. I feel hes giving us just was he said he was Entertainment. Go Adam I'll buy your music. I still think your sexy and amazing.
posted by AL Fan on Nov 16, 2009
He can do what he wants and may have to learn the hard way. I just think he is cheapening himself. People who don't like something are not prudes, don't need to chill. Maybe a few negative comments are good. Constant, total adoration won't really help him.
posted by Jon on Nov 16, 2009
Hey - I liked the "time out" thing. Funny
posted by Dylan on Nov 16, 2009
Seems like a bunch of judgmental, entitled fans who think it's OK to direct Adam's career from the side lines on this blog. This is the same place some nutter wrote an open letter to Adam's mother! FGSakes people, lighten up and give Adam a chance before you tear him a part over every little thing he does. With "fans" like you who needs critics. ugh.
posted by Fran on Nov 16, 2009
Not his best hairdo. Looks like the video scared him ;)
posted by Mick on Nov 16, 2009
Chill, people. Just sit back and give the guy a week. You'll hear his whole album, you'll see what is sure to be a memorable performance on the AMA's. Adam has said it is all for entertainment. You are basing your very negative judgments on media twists and exaggerations. The media know how to get people talking. Just let the music do the talking and chill out.
posted by LAMB on Nov 16, 2009
Not edgy - just raunchy
posted by TAM on Nov 16, 2009
The songs are a little over produced - can't hear his voice.
posted by (: Ru :) on Nov 16, 2009
I think they are saying that this type of thing will limit his audience and they just want him to do well.
posted by SCat on Nov 16, 2009
I can't believe what some of you are saying. "His mother needs to put him in time out." If all this comments are from American fans - I say send him to Canada we will eat it up and the Europeans will love it too. Get over yourselves it's sexy, raunchy and hot. Everything he said he would be. If you don't like it close your little eyes (just like you have closed your little minds) and just listen to the music. Bunch of prudes!
posted by Lea on Nov 16, 2009
Did anyone see footage of the concerts? Packed with 50 somthing ladies & 10 yr old girls. Bondage won't fly with them - art or career? Tough choice.
posted by Kal on Nov 16, 2009
Hmm...."Old School Prudes". That may be half his fan base. Better be careful.
posted by Fredie on Nov 16, 2009
Yeah, looks like overkill
posted by Juli on Nov 16, 2009
Adam does not need all that junk - he is hot just standing there.
posted by JKLeo on Nov 16, 2009
What a bunch of old school prudes! Today many music videos are on the edge, sexy, wild. FYE especially calls for this type of video, current and hot! Looks like the vid will perfectly fit the song. Can't wait to see it. Will be soooo HOT!
posted by Sia on Nov 16, 2009
These comments are not hate - Adam fans don't want to see him become a joke.
posted by Adamizer on Nov 16, 2009
Wow. Can't imagine being Adam and having everyone dissect every move and every word. He is mature enough to say "it goes with the territory." He knows he chose the pop music path for good and bad, and he accepts and OWNS the fame and the criticism. How he has managed to rise above so much for so long is amazing. If you read his interviews or see a video of one, you see how completely aware and respectful of his audience he is. He knows the Rolling Stone audience expects "rocker talk" complete with the f word and "on the edge" topics. He never talks that way in the other media interviews. So, yeah. I just hope he can continue to keep his head in all of this. Can't imagine how he has done it. PPL give him some space to get his career started. Who else debuts with such high expectations and hype to live up to? As much as I like Kris Allen, I think he is very lucky that expectations for him are so low. Anything he does will be okay if it is just average. I'm not hating on him, just comparing expectations. Adam will be seen as failing on his first album if he is not instantly the new Elvis or Michael Jackson. I'm sticking around and giving him a few months to get his career going. Good luck Adam!
posted by Renne on Nov 16, 2009
Yeah, you don't need to look like a girl, grab yourself, do songs about tying people up......JUST SING
posted by Barb on Nov 16, 2009
Adam does not need gimmicks - just sing.
posted by ***AL*** on Nov 16, 2009
PEOPLE! It's not just the video. It's the overall sleazy tone of everything he is doing. Fans are dissapointed.
posted by Sal on Nov 16, 2009
Consider the language used by (imane). They could use a little class themselves.
posted by jolie on Nov 16, 2009
Those are some ugly people. You'd think they could have easily done better than this. There has to be hundreds of beautiful aspiring dancers in Hollywood who would have done this video for free!!!!
posted by olderfan on Nov 16, 2009
I just read what I think was a very hurtful letter about Adam's cover and article in "OUT" Magazine. All I have to say is this. I am so sorry this talented man is being "pulled apart" from every side, can only apologize for all of us. Do the best you have to offer, I think I finally "get it", you are such a "talent" - It seems you are in a both, wonderful and terrible place and I just wish you everything that "you"! want from this career!!!
posted by JJ on Nov 16, 2009
If this is the "real Adam" that's why he did not become a star years ago. First song about bondage - what's next? Fans are slipping away.....
posted by Sue on Nov 16, 2009
It's "Artistic". Yeah that's what women who pose for skin rags say. Was hoping he would be a little more classy.
posted by BJ on Nov 16, 2009
Excellent comment (Is Anybody Listening) Hope he gets & takes your advice. I will watch the AMA performance, but expecting to be embarrassed for him.
posted by Is Anybody Listening on Nov 16, 2009
Adam, are you listening to these comments? We are your devoted fans, and we're saying you're going over the edge instead of living "on the edge." I loved seeing your sexy performance of Whole Lotta Love, Starlight and David Bowie Medley this summer. No one compares to your performance energy, voice and TALENT! But the stuff I'm seeing (Details photo shoot, this preview of your video, and FYE single's lyrics) are turning me off. PLEASE don't go S and M for the AMA performance. Some people have never heard of you and are going to judge based on this performance only. Adam, you really can be huge and iconic for a long time to come, but there is a little bit of business savvy and strategy that does not compromise your artistry. You yourself have said you understand that balance. I will defend and champion you to any nay-sayers. But I don't understand why you are hurting your own career when it is just starting. People like you for your charm and level headedness just as much as your sex appeal. It's your maturity, humility and good sense that make so many people see such potential in you. No one can sing like you. So, just SING and let people get to know you who didn't watch AI. Put the whips and chains away for a little while and let your voice shine. Good luck!
posted by Former Fan on Nov 16, 2009
NOT just the video shoot - lyrics, interviews, photo shoots - more porn than pop.
posted by StarLight on Nov 16, 2009
I just love how people judge before they have even seen the video, sums up your lives pretty good, jump the gun, make personal decisions even before the event actually happens, loserville.
posted by Jan on Nov 16, 2009
His mother needs to put him in time out.
posted by leilani aloha on Nov 16, 2009
chill out guys:) It's all about being creative, arty & fun:):):) Let's dance & enjoy the music & show :):):)
posted by ALALAL on Nov 16, 2009
Some new freaky thing every day - getting sickening. Thought he would do better things.
posted by Deesa on Nov 16, 2009
Yeah, he enjoys controversy but Gaga wannabe doesn't cut it. I am losing interest fast.
posted by alli on Nov 16, 2009
Gets worse every day. NOT a hater - bummed that he is getting so scummy.
posted by TedW on Nov 16, 2009
Happy to see something different, same ol crap with the other idols..boring as heck..and believe me he is not losing his fan base sweet haven't even seen the video yet, but yet you judge...haters like usual....go away..
posted by G on Nov 16, 2009
Not a fan any more
posted by Cally on Nov 16, 2009
He has gone from YEAH! to YUCK!
posted by jj on Nov 16, 2009
Adam does not know the difference between sexy and raunchy. Gonna lose half his fan base. Oh well, back to West Hollywood.
posted by Jainee on Nov 16, 2009
The cd "Take One" is not Adam's debut cd. The "first" cd, his debut,is "For Your Entertainment." He did not want "take one" to be released. It's old demo material that was released against his wishes.
posted by Adam Rocks on Nov 16, 2009
Yeah, I agree he should not try to be Lord Gaga. First of all, he is SO much more talented and so much a better singer than Gaga. Anybody can do the sexy Madonna imitation. Madonna did it best. We don't need another female imitator and certainly not a male Madonna. Adam is on fast forward and maybe needs some good advice about slowing down. I am a die hard fan and will buy all of his music, but I don't see why his first single and first video have to be in your face sexy- almost S and M. Okay, rockers can be shockers, but he has done enough of that in the last few months. I want to hear that stellar voice without electronic alteration. Oh, I hope he pulls back and just sings for some of the time. I hate Britney- she's a no talent who uses big production to make an "entertaining" show. But there is nothing there. Adam is the real deal. I hope he gets some good advice from someone on his team. Or from Leila!
posted by Janis on Nov 16, 2009
Adam is so gorgeous and this will be sexy!! I think that is fun and fantasy and look forward to the journey. It is just one aspect of Adam - there are soooo many. Love him!!!
posted by Jenn on Nov 16, 2009
Those who think the song is about scary sex - consider the first two questions in the song: Can we pick up the pace? and Are you with it? Is is asking not taking so no ill intentions. I bet the video is fun and well done but very sexy!! This is Adam folks, he is no little boy and he is an artistic visionary. He will go many interesting places - I for will enjoy the ride!!
posted by JLM on Nov 16, 2009
Seriously folks light up. This is one song and this is Adam's vision for it. Have you watched music videos lately??? This is nothing. Adam is not going to be boxed in to anyones particular view of him so get over it. Let him entertain you!! Believe me the rest of the world are eating it up - just some of the Puritanical Americans are having to adjust. So what - your parents/grandparents did the same (OMG) for Elvis and mine had to do it for the Beatles, Bowie and Queen. Never hurt their careers - Whoo Hoo!! You go Adam!!
posted by Mona999 on Nov 16, 2009
Yes, Adam is drop dead gorgeous!! You know, I was wondering when Adam was finally going to be a real person and get angry. So much sh*t has been said about him that if it were me, I would have exploded by now. Good for him! I'm glad that he's giving it back to the haters. I love him for finally defending himself. Oh and excuse me, have you ever listened to reality t.v. where every other word has to be bleeped? Are you kidding, your poor ears can't hear an occasional profanity from Adam? Seriously, give me a break! Stop acting like you're all a bunch of saints. All I can say is, go Adam, you rock!!
posted by Mona999 on Nov 16, 2009
First of all, Adam probably only has some input into what goes into his videos. The producers and choreographers and such have alot more to do with this. They know what sells, so they advise him. Stop being so stupid and one-dimensional. Try to think for yourselves for a change, not everything is as it seems. Secondly, Adam has an awesome voice, we all know that. He's trying to be honest about his life, which I find refreshing in this day and age. He's right, if you don't get it, just move on. Buy someone else's music. Yes, the same old ugly trolls keep popping up to bash Adam everytime something is posted. Says something about who they are...can you spell ignorant? I find the pictures posted hilarious. This is going to be funny, a little strange, sexy and exciting. I remember watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" for the first time and being shocked, but eventually, I found it quite amusing. Adam doesn't want to be mainstream. He wants to take us places we've never been to before. I love it! So if you're up for an adventure, buckle up, Adam's going to take you for a wild ride!!
posted by marlock276 on Nov 16, 2009
Lookin' good! Can't wait for this video. . . it ain't that deep people, have a little fun like Adam. . . life is short!
posted by Mariel on Nov 16, 2009
I looooooooooove Adam Lambert and support everything he does. Go Adam
posted by uc2enter on Nov 16, 2009
Adam is very active, he has not one or two CDs but on Amazon he is releasing singles out on 11/17/09. Take One is the CD.. More ballads and slower than 'For Your Entertainment". So he has 3 different cds he is on now.. Track from '2012', 'Take One,' and "For Your Entertainment"..
posted by imane on Nov 16, 2009
the song is SEXY!!! what r excepting the video to be like?!! this is how it should be!!
posted by older fan on Nov 16, 2009
let me correct a little. Adam looks good and some of the background dancers ok, I understand shock value, but pull back a little for best results.
posted by olderfan on Nov 16, 2009
I guess I am guilty of projecting- Adam Lambert is going to do whatever he wants to do and more power to him. I just think he has a "natural presence" that is it's own power, even when he justs stands there with that big smile on his face. He doesn't need to do the pouty face or "act like a rock star" He already is a star the minute he shows up. Ok, so he has no filter, and latley has been dropping right and left, (I hate course language, especially in print), I am just afraid a nice, talented guy may hurt himself, before he gets established. I have been so looking foward to the AMA,s and I will still enjoy this song, but, I guess I was hoping for Cashmire, silk, leather & sophistication which I know he can pull off beautifully.
posted by Angel on Nov 16, 2009
ADAM is simply drop dead gorgeous!
posted by older fan on Nov 16, 2009
If true, Mistake!! Mistake!!! Too Soon! - Doesn't he realize he has fans from 10 to 70 -- He is not Lady GAGA and shouldn't try to be. His voice is the thing!!!
posted by esquire on Nov 16, 2009
actually there are more gorgeous pic of adam and these dancers circulating in the web..check out jared
posted by Telise on Nov 16, 2009
You people who call yourself "fans who are slipping away" are half asses who really stopped being fans as soon as he came out of the closet. So just stop pretending to be anything else because your hateful judgemental priggish attitude is showing. The FYE video will be a total reflection of Adam---he's the American Idol wild child who is immensely talented vocally but he will inject a bit of his personality and stamp on all of his projects. As for the sexy video, everyone in Hollywood knows sex sells, and he will have lots of eye candy for everyone in this video. So yeah...take the sticks out of your collective asses, chill the F*** out, and stop condemning an artist before he opens his mouth to sing a single note.
posted by suprnatrulcat on Nov 16, 2009
People Chill! This is just a music video and he is playing a part. Why is this any different than an actor in a movie playing a part. It doesn't change the fact that Adam is a great singer and definitely has is own style. Why do you people constantly try to put Adam in a box. He's going to do things his way - he is not going to try and please all the different fans, it would be impossible. If you don't enjoy the video than just listen to the music. With all the crap we have on TV today with all the reality shows and programs like Deperate Housewives I find it hard to believe that a video containing some S&M is such a big deal. I think people would be surprise at just how many people are into S&M.
posted by ALfan on Nov 15, 2009
ohh haha I should read the article :/
posted by ALfan on Nov 15, 2009
Arent these pics from twitter? But seriously - I cant wait for this video!!

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