Recap: Mika and Canaan Exit 'Amazing Race' Due to Fear

Recap: Mika and Canaan Exit 'Amazing Race' Due to Fear

The couple did not pass the Atlantis Waterpark challenge where teams must go down the Leap of Faith slide which is basically Mika's nightmare.

Another couple was heading home after a few weeks of "The Amazing Race". Mika and Canaan, the newly dating couple who had been finishing seventh place in the last three weeks, finally met the dead line because they were unable to catch up with the rest especially after Mika freaked out in one of the challenges.

The race was kicked off in Dubai with Meghan and Cheyne who were the first to arrive last week embarking for Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. Teams were given a locked briefcase which combination key can be retrieved in a watch. One member of the teams must row a raft to a yacht. Cheyne got so far ahead that he completed the task before everyone else started.

From there teams get to choose between Gold and Glass. In the former, they have to weigh a certain amount of gold quickly because the price of gold changes every now and then. In the latter, teams should go to a market, open a box and assemble 12 hookahs. The challenge proved to be difficult that Brian and Ericka switched from gold to glass.

Next was the task that got Mika and Canaan stuck. Teams had to slide down a very steep water slide in order to reach the pit stop. Meghan and Cheyne had no trouble with this and became the first team to arrive again, winning two water crafts. Mika, however, was having a little tantrum over the fact that she should overcome her fear of heights. Cheyne was frustrated with her to the point that he forced her to sit on the slide.

Flight Time and Big Easy who were actually behind them, took over and finished sixth. Canaan slid down alone in hope that Mika would follow him, but she never got the gut to take the leap of faith. Canaan said he forgave his girlfriend although she cost him the race.

Next week, the remaining teams will travel to Netherlands where Ericka breaks down and the Globetrotters have the best dance of their life.




    Nov 12, 2009

    It pained me to see this pair leaving the AMAZING RACE just because of a fear of one not willing to close her eyes and just simply slide down. I too am afraid of heights, that's why AR is something I would not even think of joining, knowing that there will always be 'height events' for the participants. So why join if you can't close your eyes and just slide down? I understand the frustration of Canaan, and don't see it as abusing or bashing up his significant other half. If you both of come this far,and have gone through so much, fear or no fear must not be considered. I feel that Canaan has the right to be upset and angry. It is a partnership, and after going through so much, it is a bummer to be let down when the slide-down is merely ...say, 15secs slide down, not even a min of heights!!! I FEEL FOR YOU CANAAN.WHAT A BUMMER! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! WHAT A LETDOWN.

    Nov 11, 2009

    Gee! Read all the postings here and I must say that terms such as "domestic assault and battery" and "abusive" are certainly NOT fair to Canaan. From the start of the Race, I wanted Mika & Canaan to win the race but...sigh...Mika certainly drove me bonkers with her behavior that cost this pair to be out of AR. If Mika is damned fearful of heights, then she should NOT have even signed up for AR. Look at past Amazing Races & you know the kinds of things being done! HOW CAN SHE DON'T SLIDE DOWN!??!! Even with a fear for heights, I will slide because i will psyche myself...have come this far; done so many things; stretched myself beyond imagination, NO WAY SHOULD I NOT SLIDE DOWN!!! MIKA,MIKA! U SURE R A LETDOWN! fear or no fear of heights! Why did you join if you have such a fear? What a letdown!

    Nov 06, 2009

    On a normal day, a guy throwing a girl down a water slide is wrong on so many levels, but what swimmy-clad, height-fearing moron signs up for the Amazing Race? She gets a ticket to travel the world and won't do anything. And I don't buy into the whole phobia thing; she was acting like a 5-year old. Everyone is afraid of heights to some degree-we could fall to our death! People with real phobias wouldn't sign up for AR in the first place. The show is about overcoming fears and the typical mundane lifestyle. Mika needs to grow up and stop being such a baby.

    Nov 02, 2009

    I completly agree her boyfriends behavior was horrible. He tried several times to force her down the slide. Had he gotten the chance he would have. And some posters see nothing wrong with this??? Yes it may seem stupid to be afraid of a slide but she had the right to refuse and I hope she sees that her "loving" boyfriend is prone to snap. His attempts to push her and pry her hands off the handle WERE abusive and I was shocked nothing was said as well.

    Oct 27, 2009

    in my side... i am really afraid of heights and most of all i can't swim, that's why i know how Mika reacted about that. The important is... they Love each other...

    Oct 26, 2009

    Some fears can be impossible to overcome. I can sympathize with Mika. I really felt sorry for her as well as Canaan.

    Oct 26, 2009

    that was stupid. It was a freakin waterslide! way to let your boyfriend down. I feel sorry for Canaan.

    Oct 26, 2009

    Mika is a freakin IDIOT for lettin somethin so simple keep them from movin on ... DUMB

    Oct 26, 2009

    I would have thrown her down the slide. I've been on Leap of Faith.. it lasts less than 5 seconds

    Oct 26, 2009

    What was abusive about Caanan's behaviour? What he did was grounds for being thrown in the slammer? What in the world are you referring to jyrome? Domestic assault and battery? Are you seriously insane or on drugs?

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