David Boreanaz Reported Cheating on Wife While She Was Pregnant

October 23, 2009 06:56:12 GMT

It is reported that David cheats on his actress wife Jaime Bergman with an events planner named Rachel Uchitel.

David Boreanaz
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Rumors have been brewing that David Boreanaz has cheated on his actress wife Jaime Bergman while she was pregnant with their second child. He, as reported by Star Magazine, embarked on an affair with a New York City events planner Rachel Uchitel, whom he met at his 40th birthday celebration at hot spot Griffin, where she works.

"He was attracted to Rachel and asked her for her number," an insider says. "She gave him her card, and he texted her that night to have a drink with him. She went, and they had a major connection." Since that time, the two saw each other once a month in N.Y.C. or L.A., and spoke on the phone or via text message regularly.

"Even though their romance was long-distance, when together, the chemistry was electric," claims the print media. The insider chimes in, "David would walk in the door, and they'd have sex right away. He told her, 'Every time I have sex with you is like the first time'."

Despite the fact that David has promised Rachel that he will eventually leave Jaime for her, their affair was short lived as Rachel got tired of sharing the actor with Jaime and their children, Jaden Rayne Boreanaz and Bardot Vita Boreanaz.

"The final straw for Rachel came when David was in the delivery room with Jaime for their daughter's birth on Aug. 31," Star Magazine reports. And the insider adds, "He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates. That grossed her out, because she felt that should have been private."

At the time of writing, commentary statement is yet to be made by David, Jaime, or Rachel regarding the credibility of the report.


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posted by Joy on May 06, 2010
TheOneAndOnlyAngel, David's been doing that since January - maybe even before. When the Star report came out, he was wearing his ring, but Jaime wasn't wearing hers. That and the fact that he never wore a wedding ring before because of their "matching tattoos," pretty much confirmed that it was true for me. But I never doubted the story anyway considering David's past history as a known cheater. I knew he'd eventually have no choice but to fess up. I was just waiting for this to happen.
posted by Joy on May 06, 2010
Rhoma, would be you be saying the same thing now, considering David just confessed to multiple affairs by using the word "infidelities?" Yeah, he's been doing this for years, since he was married to his first wife Ingrid Quinn. That's why she left him, and he's been doing it to Jaime for years now. David will do it again. It's a pattern of behavior with him. Huge fan of his here, but I'm not blind to his indiscretions. But, keep living in your fantasy world if you so choose. Fine by me.
posted by Mick on May 03, 2010
So much for him being a classy guy, you idiots. He just confessed - to multiple affairs. Duh...
posted by TheOneAndOnlyAngel on Apr 21, 2010
I think it's funny how David is now wearing his wedding ring...HAHA A little late for that for that Mr. Cheating Dog!
posted by honest fan on Apr 06, 2010
my sister and i love to watch bones . i bet he feels bad enough so you as old fans should not be accusing him without knowing his side of the story
posted by iknow on Mar 09, 2010
He cheats, he did it with my friend, and it wasn't Rachel, and it was during her pregnancy...he's a liar, and a cheater, and a heart less pig.
posted by Lynn on Feb 28, 2010
Not surprising, considering he cheated on his first wife as well. I'm willing to be this isn't the first time David's cheated on Jaime, either. I love him as an actor, always have. But, I don't doubt for a second that he cheated. Just because he acts like a family man publicly, it doesn't mean he actually is. Celebrities are incredibly good at lying about and hiding what goes on behind closed doors with their relationships/families. However, while this might be the first time there's been a public accusation against him for cheating, it's not the first time stories have circulated about him not being the man people seem to think he is. There have been SEVERAL sightings over the years of him not acting like a married man at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and such. Still love him, but I definitely think he cheated.
posted by AJ on Feb 17, 2010
Man it is hard to be in the limelight like the stars of hollywood are. You can be slammed without any evidence at all. What makes a person earn the title Pig? And how many Pigs out there have not been caught so therefore haven't had to be forgiven? David is still married and all these comments really can damage that. So until you have been attacked by Star, you will never know how VIP families feel. Give it a rest and try living your life under the eyes of your peers.
posted by loal on Feb 06, 2010
i dont even know what to think anymore deep inside I wish he vheated just cuz I hate his wife somuch
posted by suzblueyz on Jan 16, 2010
I believe he cheated on his first wife too. I like him as an actor, but think he's a dog i/r/l. Too bad.
posted by anonymous on Dec 23, 2009
I used to like him but not anymore. He is a cheater just like Tiger Woods.This means that he really isnt a family man and it's all just an act when he does interviews.
posted by insider on Dec 12, 2009
I agree that you can't believe everything you read, but unfortunately there are times when it turns out to be true. This is one of those cases...... I wish I could say more, but I can't.....I put David and Tiger in the same boat. Don't worry, he'll confess sooner or later
posted by flitlock on Dec 12, 2009
As many of you have stated it is so hard to discern truth from lies with the internet and people being able to use ficticious names and say whatever they want. All I can say is I hope that this info is a lie because David is one actor I really enjoy and would hate to see him burn with lies such as these, not to mention the pain these lies inflict on his family. This is such a bummer to me.
posted by insider on Dec 10, 2009
I hate to say it....but....I told you so!
posted by Foxglove on Dec 04, 2009
Well what do you kiddies think now that this star f*cking skank has been having an affair with Tiger Woods too?
posted by insider on Nov 07, 2009
I wish it wasn't true, for the sake of their kids, but I happen to know that this is not the first time, and will most likely not be the last. It doesn't matter whether or not you all believe it. I know the truth. I write this because it's about time that those two are exposed for what they are.
posted by TheOneAndOnlyAngel on Nov 05, 2009
@Insider...THANK YOU AGAIN!!
posted by TheOneAdnOnlyAngel on Nov 05, 2009
@ruth...u need to learn to write! LMAO because what u said was u do believe david WOULD cheat ...haha u idiot
posted by de jure on Nov 05, 2009
in the anonimity of the internet you can get away with everything: hating, deceiving, trashing and bashing other people. it's a national sport on the net. luckily we're not all so stupid to believe any made up story a tabloid or a hateful individual comes up with. you make a statement - prove it. otherwise is just a concoction and you should really get a life ;-)
posted by ruth on Nov 05, 2009
i do not belive that david boreanaz would not cheating on his wife PLEASE LEAVE DAVID BOREANAZ AND JAMIE LONE YOU SHOULD ALL GROW UP
posted by insider on Nov 04, 2009
They are in the public eye.....they've made it our business. Too bad. If you don't want people to know about your life as a celebrity, don't do STUPID things.
posted by TheOneAndOnlyAngel on Nov 04, 2009
@insider ...Thank You.
posted by HollywoodsAbitch on Nov 04, 2009
True or not... This is nobody else's business...
posted by insider on Nov 03, 2009
I absolutely know that this true This isn't the first time he's cheated on Jaime either........ He's not the class act that you all think he is.
posted by TheOneAndOnlyAngel on Nov 02, 2009
The guy is a PIG!
posted by TheOneAndOnlyAngel on Nov 01, 2009
@ me ....I am niether stupid nor am I a jerk...If the guy cheated on his pregnant wife them he's a PIG...PERIOD!
posted by me on Oct 29, 2009
@TheOneAndOnlyAngel > Or maybe you're not well intended or you're a jerk or just plain stupid. That must be it.
posted by TheOneAndOnlyAngel on Oct 29, 2009
The guy is a PIG!
posted by Kika on Oct 23, 2009
Can't believe that, and it's Star Magazine, it's a crap magazine. David is a decent guy!! I really hope David and Jaime can stop all this rumors, it's horrible, and I simply can't believe that!
posted by meg on Oct 23, 2009
Well, I guess this is the price you pay for being attractive, talented and decent... soulless tabloid writers try to destroy you. Perhaps DB should be flattered, he's hit the big time!
posted by lois on Oct 23, 2009
Can't beleve what you read these days in those magazines. But if it did happen then nothing wrong about telling the true about it. Things do happe like that you know.
posted by HicksFromMA on Oct 23, 2009
What is wrong with all you women leaving nasty DB comments? Are you even fans of his? Do you even know him or his work? Anything at all? Or do you have your brains in neutral and think all men are scum. Yeah, most are scum but not all. David is a decent guy, one of the few in Hollywood that are. This is crap and anyone who knows of/about DB knows he has nothing but total respect for women, his wife, his fans, etc., You should all be ashamed. :: Looks at you ::
posted by CatAteDog on Oct 23, 2009
David is indeed one of the few gentlemen in Hollywood. He is devoted to his family and his work. His fame must be on the rise for the absurdity of such a rumor being said about him. This story is so absurd that anybody giving it even a grain of credence needs to learn to not be so gullible. Sure, a lot of men cheat. A lot of famous men cheat but I donít believe this is the case with David. Just some fame-whore looking to stir up trouble where there is no trouble to otherwise be found. Iím sure both David and his wife are laughing about the absurdity of this story. Iíve had two previous boyfriends cheat on me. Does that make me a man-hater? No. Does that make me believe that all men are foul losers who cheat? No. If it did, perhaps Iíd be leaving stupid comments like some of you would. Luckily I understand that not all men cheat and I know David is completely innocent of this allegation.
posted by HolesInMySocks on Oct 23, 2009
This story has more holes than my socks! I canít believe how judgmental some of you are. You donít even know the guy. Not personally. Heck, I donít either but Iíll willing to believe that this story is rubbish. There is a two year gap between his first and second marriage so I have no idea why some of you are saying he cheated on his first wife for his second. Sorry, timeline doesnít fit. Just going by the evidence people. DB is such a classy guy that during the filming of the lovemaking scene between him and Emily he kept a pillow between him and his costar because he didnít want her to feel uncomfortable. Now if that isnít just one example of a classy guy, I donít know what is. And maybe he did and maybe he didnít womanize when he was younger. So what? I have 7 nephews and they all go through girlfriends like I go through socks. Does that make them bad men? Cheaters? People outgrow things, they settle down. I believe that David is a good man, a family man and this story is rubbish. Total rubbish. Time to take out the trash, folks. It stinks in here.
posted by anne on Oct 23, 2009
Why are you buying something a sleezy tabloid printed? There is no proof, so why trash a normal decent man and his family just for... the fun of it? publicity? hatred? You are what you choose to believe. If you believe trash(undocumented facts, lies, bashing)you are trash.
posted by n2seeleybooth on Oct 23, 2009
this is so much bull
posted by Get a life on Oct 23, 2009
It's Star Magazine for God sakes. Oh and did you know that these magazines don't even research what they print, they hear a tip or a rumor and they print it. The shame isn't on them for printing it because they already know they are going to hell, the same is on the reader for believing it. Oh and take this in, David wasn't even in NYC on his freaking Birthday he was in Los Angeles, kinda hard to be in two places at once.

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