Fans Submit Thousands of Questions for Kate Gosselin

October 21, 2009 06:55:24 GMT

TLC squeezes in a special episode of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' in replacement of the scheduled 'Butterflies and Water Rockets' episode on Monday, October 26.

Kate Gosselin
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In probably the smartest move to anticipate the lack of footage problem in "Jon & Kate Plus 8", TLC has announced that it will do a special episode next week where Kate Gosselin appears solo and answers questions from fans. "You Ask, Kate Answers" will air on Monday, October 26 at 9/8c.

The official description of the episode as received by Los Angeles Times is: "As Kate takes on tough audience questions, she relives memories of the show and gives honest answers, but will Kate be shocked by some of the things the audience wants to know?" It also gives some example questions like "Will she ever get married again? Where does Kate see kids in 10 years? Do you wear heels all the time? Do the kids know they're famous? How is it handling school homework with eight kids?"

Fans of the reality show were allowed to submit their questions to but getting every question answered may not be so simple. The site has received over 9,000 inquiries which Kate must select from in order to make it a one-hour special.

Since separating from Jon Gosselin, Kate has been getting more screen time on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that TLC decided to develop a new project called "Kate Plus Eight". Jon, however, has banned the TLC crew to film his kids in fear that it would be detrimental to them, causing a halt in production.


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posted by christypeel on Oct 03, 2013
whos the most loveable
posted by Tes on Nov 24, 2009
Sorry, I meant to say grandchildren!!
posted by Tes on Nov 23, 2009
Another thing that really bothers me with that family is lack of grandparents.She always says she wants whats best, well family is the best.Nothing that bad ever could have happened to deny your parents having a relatioship with their grandparents!!
posted by Sad on Nov 16, 2009
I had been wanting Joh and Kate's book for along time and found it in a sale bin last week at a Christian book store for a few bucks. I picked it up and showed it to my husband and said "so sad." Then through it back in the bin. I stopped watching the show when they started airing the separation. I lived the pain of divorce and never married again until my children were grown. I will not be entertained by watching this heart ache relived again. They will not know the scars until the children are grown and able to express what all this money did to their lives. So sad. So glad even for dishonest reasons Joh is not allowing filming of his children. I hope this is one time he will stay strong. Kate needs to get over herself.
posted by Unknown on Nov 13, 2009
I think Jon and Kate NEED TO WORK ON THEIR MARRIAGE--REALLY WORK ON THEIR MARRIAGE. They are not trying they are getting sucked into the life of being a celebrity. Although Kate says she hates the media she LOVES hearing herself talk and LOVES being on TV. She treated Job like he as a 2 year old. Who screams at their husband for not getting coupons? Seriously? Insane. And going out with the daughter of the plastic surgeon that did your wife's tummy after having your 8 kids??! Tacky! Seriously they need to go to counseling and find out what it was that brought them together in the first place.
posted by lenny88fan on Nov 13, 2009
i think the kids are in a hard spot why did john let it all start if he is saying it hurt his kids . i think the kids look fine
posted by missalbu on Nov 03, 2009
Kate I think Jon should have left along time ago. The way you berated him, I would not have tolerated it. It is time he goes with women who make him feel like a person. You are only out for money, money, money even at the expense of Jon. He deserves much better than you, leave him along he is trying to find it.
posted by Unanioumous on Nov 01, 2009
If you have been watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 from the first season to the present, you will see that Kate is all about money, fame and fortune. Never mind the kids. She's repeatedly stated that "it's all for the kids" but look who seems to be benefiting from the show...her! If she were really looking out for the best interest of the children she would not be trying to get her own series with TLC, talk show, etc. Her children need her at home more than ever now, not out doing public appearances, book signings, trying to get more publicity for herself, etc. Kate, you may think you're now a celebrity, but in reality you're not. Just a self-centered, attention seeking person who's only looking out for themselves.
posted by twinboys on Oct 30, 2009
I AGREE with Ellie. I also think that Kate was mean toward Jon for such a long time then why did he decide to end it now. Maybe cause so many new younger babes were around Huh?
posted by receda on Oct 29, 2009
do u like all the fan kate how is doing as well kate i like your show as well is your kids havind hard time about this divore kids this is receda text me right now ok kate
posted by brandi on Oct 28, 2009
i agree with ana dean.
posted by ana dean on Oct 28, 2009
kate,i think you need to think of your children first,and drop the show all together.and jon was a good husband,he deserves someone who will treat him with respect!! he should take the kids,becouse you dont deserve child support
posted by ellie on Oct 28, 2009
GOOD husbands do NOT CHEAT on their wives!
posted by clay byrd on Oct 28, 2009
hi kate are u going to send the kids to john on the week ends
posted by Lori on Oct 27, 2009
Dear Kate, I am very proud of your demeanor throughout your ordeal! I pray that you & your beautiful children will find true peace & joy soon!!! Thank you for your Christian attitude!!! I will watch anything you appear in because you are GOD's lady!!! Lori
posted by twilight/kate8fan/ta on Oct 27, 2009
Hey Gosselin's, I think i just saw on the computer website thing ''Kate Gosselin moving to Maryland.'' is that true?
posted by Hannah Krebs on Oct 26, 2009
Hi Kate I am 12 and your biggest fan. I wanted to ask you what is going on with the dogs?

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