Adam Lambert's Raunchy Photos for Details Mag Leaked

October 19, 2009 03:26:42 GMT

The rock singer poses for some provocative photos for the men's magazine with the companion of a naked female model.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

On the heels of the announcement made by Adam Lambert on his Twitter that he'll be gracing the cover of DETAILS magazine's November issue, his photo spread for the publication has been leaked. Just like what the runner-up of "American Idol" 8th season has promised, the photos are "pretty racy".

Allie Is Wired! obtains three of the reported photos, all of which show Adam striking provocative poses with a nude female model. In one of the pics, the rock singer is photographed putting his left hand on the model's left breast and placing his right hand on her bottom.

In addition to the photos, Allie Is Wired! also has the excerpt of the interview that Adam has with DETAILS. Among the topics that he discusses with the men's magazine is fans throwing bras, panties, and other sexually charged items at him while on tour. He admits that he'll pick up a bra and twirl it around on stage in a bid to entertain his fans.

"It's a way to connect. It's like, 'I threw my bra up onstage and you're spinning it around. Cool. Yay.' I think it's weird that I'm having this effect on women. It's flattering. I've never had underwear thrown at me before. Clearly there's something significant about it, because there aren't a lot of openly gay men in the entertainment industry," explains Adam.

Talking about aggressive female fans, Adam reveals that he once was hit on by a gorgeous drunk girl who gave him a note with her number that read, "I want to make out with you, here's my number." Speaking of the matter, he says "But again, it's cool. Because, yeah, I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes. Women are pretty. It doesn't mean I'm necessarily sleeping with them."


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posted by matt on Mar 23, 2010
posted by terie on Oct 20, 2009
Before you judge ... read the article ... makes sense ... new perspective ... certainly not 'raunchy' ... why would you say 'RAUNCHY'????
posted by TellyB on Oct 20, 2009
It's really interesting and telling that even a guy that is publicly out and proud, will pose for typically heterocentric "racy" pics. Says a lot about the public's willingness to accept him as anything but hetero. And helps reinforce the fantasy. But still sends a troubling message to gay youth...when even a gay star is only pressented in heterosexist scenarios, it worries me that it perpetuates the whole "gay is ok, but keep it hidden, in the back" notion...
posted by Lschn on Oct 20, 2009
Adam is a singer, not a photograher. I think he would respect someone else's artistic vision just as he would expect people to respect his.
posted by Rizzy on Oct 19, 2009
lambert4ever, I have not read the article. Wasn't even aware the magazine was on the stands yet. Frankly, I don't need to see Adam posing with a naked woman to see and appreciate his sexiness. I would like to see him with another hot male. And IMO, Drake isn't hot. It's about the music anyway, isn't it?
posted by SPOCK on Oct 19, 2009
These are stunning. The photographer did an amazing job. And epic interview, he's so quotable.
posted by StarLight on Oct 19, 2009
Get over it people , some of you are really missing the point , this is for all us female fans who have fantasies about Adam , he is giving back to us. It's not that deep, jeez, lighten up
posted by terie on Oct 19, 2009
The majority of ADAM's fans are interested in ADAM ... his VOICE, his CHARISMA, his TALENT, his BEAUTY ... not who he is with male or female. Just give us more of ADAM and his MUSIC ... ADAM pics and interviews only ... no one else needed to pique my interest. JMO
posted by Mystery Gal on Oct 19, 2009
The young George Michaelesque look :)
posted by Matilde on Oct 19, 2009
Setting aside his brilliance being an artist, I was caught off guard when I saw those images in the magazine. I really really like him even if I am so aware that he is gay but after seeing those images, I am not just liking him but loving him for making me feel that he is worth my fantasy. I adore his hypnotic eyes and his brilliant smile... oooh!
posted by Joanne on Oct 19, 2009
Not that deep people!! The model and Adam are gorgeous! Very hot and sexy poses !! Sex sells!!! Lot of other stars do it, some much racier. He is making great marketing moves seizing his moment to blast off into stardom.
posted by Blondiegrrl on Oct 19, 2009
I love the photos. They're sexy and provocative, and they perfectly illustrate the article's point -- that Adam's sex appeal is universal. Dig deeper and you'll see that the photos aren't raunchy. In fact, there is a distinct reverence to them. Adam adopts a subservient role, signifying that he is in awe of the woman's beauty and form even if he is not sexually attracted to her.
posted by rachel4adam on Oct 19, 2009
We've had a lot of great discussions about the "Details" photo's as well as the article over at The Glambert Rock -- Someone pointed out that Details is a men's "fashion-forward" magazine whose target audience are males between the ages of 20 and 30ish. With that being said, the target audience probably doesn't want to see two males in that same position. Also, is the fact that the whole article is about why women are so infatuated with this man-- and so I think the photoshoot played to that "fantasy" -- it went along with the context of the article. We all have our own opinions of course, but I think the pictures were beautiful, and tastefully done! Not to mention the cover shot is gorgeous! Can't wait to get my copy!
posted by grapes on Oct 19, 2009
lol the whole spread was leaked by ontd_ai. When you read the whole article, the photos make sense.
posted by hephaestion on Oct 19, 2009
let adam be adam.....if you want jonas brothers get a subscription to tiger beat magazine!!!adam lambert has never followed the rules and why should he,that is what makes him along with his voice so special!the pictures are beautiful and hot and that is a fact!!!!!let adam lambert enjoy and live his dream and quit picking the black specs out of the pepper!!!!!
posted by steven on Oct 19, 2009
adam lambert mr. perfectionist; he love drake one man been hug by the women. hes very sexy -fantasy yes be with the naked woman but hes fukky dressed, brillaint idea adam. adam is bi-curious; good for him im happy that hes b-curious. all in all we tlak about his music. music music now.
posted by Lovely on Oct 19, 2009
I have read the article and have seen the photos online but I am still awaiting for the real magazine to come out early November for my collection. I think he is a real man... except that he hasn't discovered it yet... LOL!!!
posted by smlzlikrozs on Oct 19, 2009
I agree with Honest and hmmm. The pictures are tastefully done. He's definitely gotten people's attention!
posted by sheba on Oct 19, 2009
very aritistic. and gives us girls the chane to see him with a woman. SOOO HOT!!!
posted by Muzak on Oct 19, 2009
Adam is gorgeous!
posted by Melody on Oct 19, 2009
Somehow I agree with Rizzy about Drake, that he is not hot and even too effeminately gay. Yes, I would want to see Adam with a real hottie. One of those hunks in perfume or male underwear ads. Or perhaps... Kris Allen!!!
posted by Tagrid on Oct 19, 2009
Adam giving back. Beautiful. Tasteful. No. Funny is what these are. It's not to early for Adam-with-naked-lady pics. But it IS too early for Adam to sell out! Details is a MEN'S magazine. The article may talk about him being gay, but the photos give the men who read this mag what they expect to see. THEY can't imagine "sex" being any other way - and they don't WANT TO! This mag would NEVER show Adam with a man - it's readers couldn't DEAL with THAT! Adam didn't need to do this for us. Or for his career. But it just might sell more CDs to straight males. So - Rock On BB - go for it!
posted by spock on Oct 19, 2009
Why won't this site accept my pic comments?
posted by ddddd on Oct 19, 2009
posted by d on Oct 19, 2009
posted by Spock on Oct 19, 2009
Rizzy. The interview was about women fantasizing about him so the shoot was tongue in cheek art to accompany that. His first kiss was with a "fierce black girl from Compton". His first sexual experience was a BJ from a FEMALE. Adam is provocative, always has been. He's outwardly naturally sexual like Anjelina Jolie, he's have chemistry with a log. There are lots of old pics of him with women:
posted by Jay on Oct 18, 2009
Well said Honest. There is nothing raunchy about the pictures. Very beautiful.
posted by lambert4ever on Oct 18, 2009
@Rizzy the article is about Adam being extremely attractive to women in spite of being gay. He expresses the fact that he finds women pretty, that kissing them is fun, but anything else isn't happening. I think that's why he's fully clothed while she's completely nude. The pic is just depicting that fantasy.
posted by Rizzy on Oct 18, 2009
Why would this magazine show Adam with a woman? This does not make sense since it is highly unlikely he has even been intimate with a female. Why not display his sexiness with a gorgeous naked man? Adam fans know his preference. It's just who he is along with the sensational voice and personality.
posted by Cate on Oct 18, 2009
From the few photo leaks I've seen. They are hot!!
posted by Dorena on Oct 18, 2009
The whole point of the article is Adam as the fantasy of women. Doesn't matter that he's gay or straight - he is sexxy!!
posted by Cate on Oct 18, 2009
If it's Adam, it is sure to be beautiful. I feel bad for Adam. He is such a star which makes the media and the haters look for the worst.
posted by hmmm on Oct 18, 2009
Beautiful and tasteful, perhaps, but maybe a little too early on in his career for posing with naked women? Then again, part of the reason we love him is because he doesn't do what we expect, and doesn't care what people think of him. I would have LOVED to see him fondling a naked man instead, the media would have had even more of a field day than they're going to with the photos as they are :D
posted by Honest on Oct 18, 2009
Wait, how is this raunchy? Look up the definition of the word. These shots are beautiful and tasteful.

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