Lance and Keri Are Out of 'The Amazing Race'

Lance and Keri Are Out of 'The Amazing Race'

Plus, in next week's episode Canaan forces Mika to sit on a water slide when she refuses to perform the challenge due to fear of height.
The only engaged couple on "The Amazing Race" this season has been kicked out of the competition after arriving last in the fifth leg. On Sunday, October 18 night episode, viewers witnessed Lance and Keri getting lost in Dubai although all teams started at the same point at the same time.

All the eight remaining teams embarked on the same plane from Cambodia to United Arab Emirates. They were quickly directed to an under-construction hotel which is expected to be the world's tallest building. Teams were to grab the clue from a balcony and head back downstairs. While others drove to Desert Reserve to perform their first challenge of the day, Meghan and Cheyne chose to do the season's first Fast Forward.

One member of the team who chose Fast Forward must complete a race track at Dubai Autodrome in 45 seconds or less. Cheyne completed the race with no difficulty and the team were driven to the pit stop as the first team to arrive. As a reward, they won a trip for two to Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Lance and Keri stumbled when they couldn't find their marked car to get out of the desert and perform the Road Block. After circling around, they found their 4x4 and quickly retrieved the next clue. Teams had to find an urn which is buried under the sand. However, they must get the one containing water.

In the leg's Detour, teams were able to choose between two tasks, a cold and hot one. In Build a Snowman, a team has to make a Frosty in the scorching heat before the snow melts. In Find a Snowman, a team is taken for a ski lift on top of an artificial snow mountain where they could dig out a toy snowman. Brian and Ericka as well as Flight Time and Big Easy managed to pull through the finding easily and finished second and third respectively.

Gary and Matt checked in the fourth, followed by Sam and Dan. Maria and Tiffany had some car trouble during their journey to the Pit Stop but the substitute car came quickly and they finished sixth in front of Mika and Canaan. By this time, Lance and Keri were pretty much behind for the detour. They opted to build the snowman but it was too late to catch up. They were eliminated from the race.

Next week, all left standing will still be circling around Dubai. Mika has a hard time confronting her fear of heights when they must slide down a very steep water slide. Canaan, afraid of losing the chance to win, was kind of forcing her to sit on the slide.

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