Tara Reid to Pose Nude for Playboy

Tara Reid

She is said already having a photo shoot for the magazine at a private residence in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday, October 7.

Used to say she would never pose nude for Playboy, Tara Reid has a change of mind as she is reported to shed her clothes off and bare her flesh for an upcoming issue of the men's magazine. In Touch Weekly breaks the story and claims, the actress "posed entirely nude for the popular magazine at a private residence on October 7 in Santa Monica, Calif."

Tara reportedly was a bit nervous at the beginning of the photo shoot, yet she managed to overcome her anxiety. "She was a bit insecure about her body when they first started," a source says in a statement. "She looked great and finally got into the groove."

In Touch Weekly, nevertheless, doesn't provide more word on Tara's Playboy photo shoot. No mention has also been made on which issue her shot will be featured.

Tara Reid had a botched liposuction procedure back in 2004, because of which she once vowed to never strike nude pose for Playboy, stating "I know there are problems with my stomach. There are bumps on it, it's uneven, but it's not that bad. My stomach scars are my battle wounds."

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    Jan 11, 2010

    Before her horrific boob job it would have been a pictorial worth seeing. Now? Who cares.

    Oct 12, 2009

    She look so hot with that blonde hair and sexy eyes.The only thing she need to do is to pose nude photo shoot for playboy .

    Oct 11, 2009

    A million? they will never pay her a million, she should be glad they asked her and gave her 100.000 dollars for it....

    Oct 10, 2009

    Broke are ya Tara? Yeah, Playboy sounds great when the money stops rolling in. Don't worry, this will do nothing for your career. You're a wreck, your body's a wreck. Collect your million and snort/drink it away already.

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