Tila Tequila Tweets About Committing Suicide

October 06, 2009 03:27:24 GMT

The star, who will turn 28 years old later this month, has posted several suicidal notes on her Twitter that cause quite a stir among her fans.

Tila Tequila
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Tila Tequila has caused quite a stir by posting suicidal messages on her Twitter account starting on early Monday morning, October 5 . "It woulda been tonite I ended my life, but my friend caught me and stopped me. So I told him I will give him two more weeks. No one can stop me," so read her tweet which has been cited by several websites.

Her next tweet read, "I am not depressed or unhappy! My life is amazing. It's not about that though! Like I said, God spoke to me and told me I am needed up there." In addition to those disturbing tweets, Tila posted several other messages regarding life and death.

Some of her other tweets that apparently sounded off her suicidal attempt included; "Say wut u want. At least i care enough 2 tell u that u have 2 more weeks w me here So enjoy it. Appreciate it Now that u know im gone soon", "Did u know 5 years ago i drowned myself in a bathtub and the ambulance and police came just in time to bring me back to life", and "Goodnight everyone. Please take care of each other and dont take life for granted ... i am going to sleep now ... i wont be on twitter nemore".

Official statement is yet to be made by Tila herself or her camp regarding the brewing report of her suicidal tweets.

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posted by dj spinz on Apr 13, 2011
posted by megan on Apr 13, 2011
i hate her too but im not gonna say "its ok tila you can kill yourself" because that is harsh! anyone can go through depression, but people should try and help out instead of bullying that person.
posted by Pssst! on Jan 18, 2011
Stop hating. She's just a human. Like you and me. So where's the problem. She really needs help!
posted by John Q. Public on Jan 09, 2010
California needs more efficient guns.
posted by Jesus H. Christ on Jan 09, 2010
I'll kill her for free.
posted by tila on Dec 30, 2009
don't i just suck?
posted by lllllllll on Oct 22, 2009
Well...people make nasty comments about her, because she announces her suicide plans in public, what do you expect?? Who´s she to bother public with her suicide? She´s sick and she needs help, but if you poste some announcment ilike this on twitter so everybody knows, you can´t expect people not to talk about it?!
posted by thesecret2005 on Oct 20, 2009
that's not god talking to u..
posted by Buckpoe on Oct 16, 2009
Well, what r u waiting for?
posted by sara on Oct 14, 2009
I really don't knw wht has she done to deserve such nasty comments from you people. I am not fan of hers, but really, reading all these things from you people makes me want to puke. I just hope tht people say the exact same things you said to her when you are at your very low end so that you can feel how it really feels like.
posted by blah on Oct 09, 2009
omgg reallyyyy thats sadd im gonna eat popcorn for 2 weeks see what happens lmao hmm interesting
posted by obeygonzo on Oct 08, 2009
Are we supposed to give a sh*t? Isnt this how her life is supposed to end anyway? Beats dying slow from AIDS...
posted by mariah on Oct 08, 2009
won't miss her!!
posted by me swtz on Oct 08, 2009
if she really has depression and all, then i do feel kinda sorry for her, on the other hand Im almost completely sure she's only doing this for publicity or maybe she is on LSD, shrooms or sumthin, which would explain god talkin to her, or maybe schizofrenia... the only thing thats for sure is the huge amount of attention shes now gettin all of a sudden
posted by Kill Tila on Oct 07, 2009
I am go to kill myself..Please people give me more attention. I want it now. lol....GO A HEAD AND KILL YOURSELF..PATHETIC WHOLE.
posted by Tila sucks on Oct 07, 2009
She needs to be put in metal hospital. Aww!!..Can someone put an elephant feet in her mouth.
posted by Adam on Oct 07, 2009
When she claimed she was choked by Merriman - he claimed he was stopping her from driving drunk. She then claimed that she hadn't had any alcohol in years and had an allergy to it. The argument would have worked better if she hadn't named herself "Tequila" - or if the bartender hadn't said that he saw her downing a lot of tequila that night. She's just crazy and needs to go away.
posted by bob on Oct 07, 2009
posted by peapull suk on Oct 07, 2009
why isnt she being hospitalized.i beleive making suicidal threats is enough of a reason to be mentally evaluated.what has made people so cold and callous? how can human life seem so insignificant? has horrorcore rap rotted your minds? a man with true inner strength protects the weak he doesnt prey upon theyre weaknesses and they dont stand by and let them destroy themselves.well i gotta go .its time to f*ck your mom. see ya and a baba-booey to y'all
posted by F*Ck you ignorant pe on Oct 07, 2009
All you people are fuckin cruel what a shame god put heartless people like you all on this earth go get a life in hell bunch of idiots. Frm: someone who isnt cruel to a person with depression
posted by STUPID ATTENTION WHO on Oct 06, 2009
posted by fireman 911 on Oct 06, 2009
Who's a bigger waste of space-This broad or Paris Hilton?
posted by jukka on Oct 06, 2009
god talked.. lol. stop using drugs, then god will not talk to you.
posted by fireman 911 on Oct 06, 2009
Publicity Whore.
posted by Artie on Oct 06, 2009
Waaaahhhhh! I had a bad MTV Show and now I want to kill myself!! Do it Bi**h!!
posted by Charger fan. on Oct 06, 2009
I think she should do it. Her career aint going nowhere. She wants to blab about her success but we all know she's more for attention than success.
posted by Me on Oct 06, 2009
Well then,bye.
posted by ridiculous on Oct 06, 2009
you people are just unbelievable. i believe in some sort of karma and i have a feeling that you're going to be feeling it. what she did was dumb but your responses take the f*cking cake. i'm guessing that if any one of you dropped off the earth the only thing people would notice was the smell. i suffered from depression and i acted out. someone noticed and helped me. responses like yours, in this amount, probably would have pushed me over the edge. if this is what humanity is i want out; obviously we need some soylant green and i nominate all of you.
posted by wtf on Oct 06, 2009
how can the ambulance just happen to be there when you drown yourself- Attention Whore
posted by cruddler on Oct 06, 2009
She obviously wants Swayze to back her into a corner
posted by Joe_Bob on Oct 06, 2009
Peace out
posted by haters on Oct 06, 2009
do us all a favor a stick to your word
posted by yo on Oct 06, 2009
waste of a hott piece of ass
posted by TVLEFTBANK on Oct 06, 2009
Can I hold the gun....
posted by nyisles on Oct 06, 2009
Woman's a psycho.
posted by Doesnt_Care on Oct 06, 2009
Question: Can herpes still thrive on a dead corpse of a whore?
posted by danner on Oct 06, 2009
Wow I wouldn't have even known if it weren't for Howard Stern. Now that I know I don't really care. I recommend a gun
posted by xszhg on Oct 06, 2009
Swallow a bullet already...
posted by well on Oct 06, 2009
and she was racist too...bad career move. she really doesnt have a career anyway
posted by Phillip on Oct 06, 2009
Ok then, less talky, more suicidey. Yeah, she is an attention whore willing to stoop to the lowest levels possible.
posted by poopadoop on Oct 06, 2009
Can I hit it from the back?
posted by Tila\'s Uncle on Oct 06, 2009
I can't believe you didn't know she was blowing her Dad.
posted by Tila\'s Aunt on Oct 06, 2009
I don't believe you give your Dad BJs.
posted by Tila\'s Dad on Oct 06, 2009
I don't believe your Mom called you a C*nt. I would've chosen "Best BJ Giver"
posted by Tila\'s Mom on Oct 06, 2009
Please do it. I always hated you anyway. C*nt.
posted by Rico17 on Oct 06, 2009
Don't let the door hit ya.
posted by Cledus on Oct 06, 2009
Sweet!!! MTV's new series..Chance at Necrophilia. Get help Tila. People don't talk about suicide they commit suicide. Check yourself in some place people care. 15 minutes, done.
posted by me on Oct 06, 2009
She obviously wants attention
posted by rbart420 on Oct 06, 2009
Can I f*** you before you go.

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