Kate Gosselin to Address Jon's Behavior on 'TODAY'

October 03, 2009 04:35:11 GMT

Following recent 'Kate Plus Eight' production halt from her ex-husband, Kate will come out for a live interview and reveal her side of story.

Kate Gosselin
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It has just been announced that Kate Gosselin will sit down with Meredith Viera on "TODAY" for an exclusive interview. During the live event, the mother of twin girls and sixtuplet will "set the record straight about her husband's recent actions and the suspension of filming her reality show," NBC stated. The episode airs on Monday, October 5 at 7/6c.

Going to "TODAY" is Kate's reaction to Jon Gosselin who went to "Larry King Live" on Thursday, October 1. He told the host that he is halting the production of "Kate Plus Eight" which he thinks is doing damage to his kids. He also released a statement through attorney Mark Heller, saying that he "doesn't want the kids on the show because he is going through a divorce with his wife and he doesn't feel it's a suitable environment, mentally and emotionally, for them right now."

TLC has answered the request by suspending the production until Jon and Kate can resolve it through personal conversations. Kate herself has expressed her disappoinment, saying "I do the show for my family because I believe it provides us opportunities we wouldn't otherwise have. Jon used to share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that Jon would have a lesser role in the show."

Despite all, the couple had signed a divorce agreement that allows the parent with physical custody to make decisions regarding filming. Kate's attorney Mark Momjian commented, "This is less about a change of heart and more about a change of strategy on Jon's part."


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posted by donna on Oct 15, 2009
I meant 8 kids by her self
posted by donna on Oct 15, 2009
Jon upset because they no longe want him on the show. He was fine with the children been on tv as long as he was on the show, both jon and kate need to found a job and let the tv show go.It was better when they were doing things together as a family.It is nothing these days to see a woman raise a kids by her self.
posted by msm32490 on Oct 07, 2009
My name is Michelle Manders & my comment is that i love the show Jon & Kate plus Eight on TLC & i would hate to see them get rid of the show.
posted by Susan on Oct 06, 2009
Let's pray that each child grows up well adjusted and normal. Jon is making the right decisions now not Kate. Taking his family/kids off TLC is the best thing. Give this family time to heal. One month is not long enough, TLC, it takes years sometimes. You will never find “the peace” you say that you are looking for on national TV. Your show is extremely sad and not entertaining. Even the children look bored and seem to avoid the cameras now.
posted by We are sick of all o on Oct 05, 2009
Get off the T.V. and talk to each other not to the world. Your family is not the 1st or last to go through a nasty divorce.
posted by Kay on Oct 05, 2009
Kate said Jon will not come to her "he is playing it to the media" Yet she is quick to turn up on the Today Show. Stop talking to America and talk to each other.
posted by tdoll on Oct 05, 2009
Jon is just mad because he is being cut out of the show, this is why he and his new attorney have haulted their TLC show. He isn't smart enough to get a REAL job. He is also jealous because Kate can make it without him financially. Kate is the SMARTEST of the two. She can make it as an author and maybe even as a TV host. She loves her kids. Jon just loves himself. He's a real jerk!
posted by kworz on Oct 05, 2009
I think that it is sad that we all find ourselves sitting in judgement of this family, myself included. How many of us know couples that have divorced that have used their children as pawns yet we still call those people are friends. We see John and Kate in snap shots of their life, but we do not know nor will we ever what happened when the cameras were off. Perception is only ten percent of reality. With that in mind, I wish the best for this family. Happiness, health, and serenity.
posted by SNOWY on Oct 05, 2009
Kate search for a new job like the rest of us. Your children are in school now so go back to your nursing CAREER. The children have a real family; the TLC film crew is not related to them. Get back in touch with their real grandparents, uncle and aunts, who love them.
posted by Reggie on Oct 05, 2009
Go Jon.... be the man of the family. Tell America to leave your family alone and give the children room to breath. TLC hire writers to bring a new show to T.V leave the Gosselins alone.
posted by AwakenSavior on Oct 05, 2009
Jon is right, his family needs to get out the air. Give his family a chance to regroup. TLC leave them alone.
posted by SNOWY on Oct 05, 2009
Jon is exactly like the poster he put up at his home. HASTILY MADE, FRAUGHT WITH ERROR (CHECK THE SPELLING)UNSTABLE, AND CHANGES EVERY DAY. Not a good example or parent for 8 small children.
posted by Who\'s famous now on Oct 05, 2009
Your fame is not your children and raising them anymore. It is now the ugliness of your divorce and how you are treating each other. What a family legacy to leave your beautiful children. Shame on you Kate! You spend more time with the press than Jon. "For the sake of your children" listen to Jon and drop out of the public eye.
posted by Kay on Oct 05, 2009
We believe Jon is on the right track and feel that your family needs time to heal off the show and in private. Just count the number of times your family has been splashed over the media, magazines, tell all publications, the web, primetime shows and radio. How many times have you have been able to step out your front door without someone wanting to photograph your family. What a circus this has turned out to be. Is that healthy for your children? NO, any parent can see that. Is all this craziness what you truly want for your eight children? No army of people can protect them from all the negative press your family has been receiving and much of it at your own hands. “For the sake of your children”, stop the madness and allow space for family’s healing to begin.
posted by Zoe on Oct 04, 2009
Have you ever seen anyone cut their own throat and bleed a million dollars.....not to mention cutting off childrens income..oh yes he loves Haley...while he's still married to his childrens mother and who is your attorney
posted by JonIsBipolar on Oct 04, 2009
Jon is really mentally unstable now. If those children need PROTECTION from someone it is their FATHER JON. He can not even speak coherently, he shows that he has very different personalities within. Most of the time Jon is ANGRY. This SEXUAL AGGRESSION he has is a very serious issue and if I was Kate I would demand he only have supervised visitation. those children need to be PROTECTED FROM THEIR BIPOLAR SCARY CRAZY FATHER. HE MAY SERIOUSLY HARM THEM. JON NEEDS HELP PRONTO!!!!
posted by gilly on Oct 03, 2009
THis lawyer made Jon look even worse, if that's possible! It made me sick that he had the nerve to say on air how he still loves,Hailey. He doesn't want Kate back, he wants money.
posted by Wow on Oct 03, 2009
Kate, talk TLC into giving the jerk the American Chopper and releasing him from his contract. That's what this is all about. That's the compromise he's looking for. Then watch him crash and burn on his new reality show with (gag) Lohan!
posted by C.J on Oct 03, 2009
Again Jon is making him self look FOOOOLISH, Jon could careless about KATE OR HIS KIDS, This is all about delaying his DIVORCE for FINANCIAL REASONS. He just said last night on Larry King ""He Loved HAILEY"". So TO all you morons that keep saying he wants Kate back. HE DOESN'T. JON has a NEW attorney now that is telling him to change his ways for the Media"".The sudden change is ONLY to benefit Jon's financial situation!!!. THEY ARE PISSING ON AMERICA, BUT TELLING YOU ITS RAINING, and some of you believe its Raining?????
posted by toledosis on Oct 03, 2009
Kate, stay off tv...Jon's actions speak louder than any words, even yours. He's digging a hole...let him keep digging and take the high really don't need to explain...we aren't as dumb as your soon to be X.
posted by phoenix on Oct 03, 2009
Yes. Kate should say nothing and let his action speak for themselves. She could dig a hole for herself by trying to clarify things. He is just an angry, ignorant, self absorbed person who is lashing out because he is loosing ground. Can't wait to see what all this looks like five or ten years form now.
posted by Reggie on Oct 03, 2009
Hey kate, no explanations needed, his behaviour explains it all the world. He is brainless, whinning piece of crap, that doesn't care about his children. He don't want them filming but he brings pub trash in the home for sex & calls her babysitter!! Right Jon, you have proved to the world, you are a tool.
posted by Marque on Oct 03, 2009
My pet rock had more intelligence and personality than this jerk.
posted by MG on Oct 03, 2009
Jon is just plain ignorant.
posted by Kent on Oct 03, 2009
It is apparent that he is not concerned about his children. This man is on drugs, mentally unstable, and/or just plain ignorant.
posted by Gordon on Oct 03, 2009
It does appear that Jon is mentally challenged. He don't want his children filmed but he continues on with his quest of being an idiot on every tabloid & TV, with his destructive behaviour. No wonder Kate had to giving him directions on every turn. "Exerting his right as a father", doesn't give him the right to destroy his kids.
posted by susan on Oct 03, 2009
Kate gosselin is a selfish, nasty, controlling person who is not a good influence or good mother. Jon Gosselin is the better parent. This women just won't go away. She is out for herself and wants fame at her familys expense.
posted by saywhat on Oct 03, 2009
after seeing what has happened to Michael Jackson,who cares how how he arrived at this decision? It's best for the kids. You folks are sheeple.
posted by kermit on Oct 03, 2009
These two are both disgusting, revolting, and UGLY people. Chances are their kids will grow up to be the same, with those genes and that environment. Sad.
posted by Reggie on Oct 03, 2009
I can't believe the ignorance of Jon, and the negative feelings I see from him concerning his children.
posted by kateisgr8 on Oct 03, 2009
I will be so disappointed in Kate if she agrees to give Jon any custody of those kids. She needs to have full custody until or if he pulls his head out of his a--.
posted by ann on Oct 03, 2009
Jon and Kate both need to stop this madness! Bickering over TV is childish. Think of your kids one day googling your names and watching all of this. Like Larry King said, we shouldn't even know you...either of you.
posted by To AwakenSavor on Oct 03, 2009
"At this age they can’t act and pretend to be happy”. What the heck planet do you live on? That’s one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read. And, your opinion (and it's just that) is not backed up by the little data that’s been gathered on child stars. Very few enter into adulthood having been unscathed by their experiences. There’s even more potential for psychological harm to young reality stars because privacy and personal boundary issues become more prominent concerns. Cameras being around can’t help but affect the natural dynamics of the family’s interactions. Children have rights. Unfortunately, money often speaks louder than a child’s wishes. You’re buying into the bull that’s being fed to you and not really thinking.
posted by gladdie on Oct 03, 2009
Kate is as big an idiot as Jon. Neither one of them deserve a show or the custody of those 8 children.
posted by jma on Oct 03, 2009
I think JON is the one doing damage to his kids....doesn't he realize that as they get older they are going to be inundated with all this drama that he has been causing with Kate?! I used to feel sorry for the guy, but now he's proven himself to be a real douche..
posted by AwakenSavor on Oct 03, 2009
TLC needs to call Jon’s bluff and after the divorce send him a bill for all expenses after he posted the Stop order on his property. I hope the judge is smart enough to see through him. Kate should just let him dig himself deeper. She does not need to explain anything. BTW, if he is such a loving father, how come he is looking for property in LA? Can he get any farther from his beautiful kids?
posted by AwakenSavor on Oct 03, 2009
I do not see that the kids are harmed. They are happy, interactive, outgoing and funny. At this age they can’t act and pretend to ”be happy”. They are what they are. The whole idea is to expose kids to as much environment as possible. They will deal with the world much better later on and I think Kate did a great job in providing them as many opportunities as she could find. The kids visibly enjoy the filming team, they are an extension of their family. I think it would be much more harmful if all over sudden everyone they have been in contact with for 4 years disappear. Jon has changed tremendously or TLC has done a great job in editing his behavior. If these are the true colors of Jon all these years, I am shocked that Kate put up with him for 10 years. He would not last with my 10 months.
posted by jannie on Oct 03, 2009
Im on Kate's side, but I think she should just remain quiet about her and Jon. His behaviour tells it all, and she really doesn't need to voice any more over a TV program.
posted by Linda on Oct 03, 2009
Jon clearly is mentally challenged. He has done more harm to his children from his behaviour. I hope the courts can put the brakes on his destruction of his children and Kate.
posted by Nala on Oct 03, 2009
Who is this goofy lawyer that Jon has hired? I'll bet the Glassmans found him.

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