On-Set Pics of Alicia Keys' 'Doesn't Mean Anything' Music Video

On-Set Pics of Alicia Keys' 'Doesn't Mean Anything' Music Video

Alicia Keys shares on-set photos of the music video for 'The Element of Freedom' lead single.

Alicia Keys has begun shooting a music video for her new single "Doesn't Mean Anything". Two pictures taken from its filming location have been made public by Alicia herself via her Twitter. One of the photos sees her getting her hair and make-up done.

Beside shooting "Doesn't Mean Anything" video, Alicia Keys is also scheduled to film another music video, this time to support "Empire State of Mind", Jay-Z's track in which she lends her vocal. There is no word on when both of the videos are going to be debuted.

"Doesn't Mean Anything" is the lead single from Alicia's December 1 release "The Element of Freedom", while "Empire State of Mind" comes from Jay-Z's latest studio installment "The Blueprint 3", which has come out in U.S. on September 8.

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    Oct 03, 2009

    needed here

    Oct 01, 2009

    Alicia Keys i love your music so much! I look up to you. I have been playing the keyboard since i was 7, im 17 now an i still love playing music. My brother passed away November 3, 2007 and the day be for he passed he dedicated the song "No One" to his wife so that is now our family song. I love your music and one of my dreams is to met you one day. Your my role model!

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