New Clip From Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'

September 19, 2009 05:14:27 GMT

Take a look at the rehearsal the late King of Pop did for the performance of his popular 'Human Nature' track under the watchful eyes of director Kenny Ortega.

New Clip From Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'
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Days after the unleashing of the first trailer for "This Is It", another sneak peek at the movie built around Michael Jackson's rehearsal footage has been released in the form of a clip. This brand new snippet comes out courtesy of Apple. It revolves around the King of Pop's rehearsal for the "Human Nature" song with director Kenny Ortega watching on the side.

In addition to the fresh clip, Apple has put out a two-minute plus trailer for the feature film. Containing mostly similar footage to the one debuted during 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, this trailer offers a number of fresh footage, which are scattered throughout, and further info about the movie release.

"This Is It" offers a behind-the-scenes footage of Michael preparing for a series of the O2 London shows he was rehearsing before he passed away on June 25. It will compile more than 100 hours of video footage concert promoter AEG Live shot during April, May and June 2009. This movie will be released in theaters across the world for a limited two-week engagement, starting on October 28.

This documentary movie got a thumb up for production in early August when AEG Live and co-executors of Jackson's estate reached a deal with Sony to make and release the movie. The studio was reported to have acquired the footage for as much as $60 million, from a bidding that was started at $50 million.

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posted by my anel michael on Sep 22, 2010
posted by ashton on Oct 26, 2009
mihael i loved you and looked up to you and now your dead i still love you i had a great oppotunity to play you in thriller live in the west end and it was great and im going to your premire tomorrow and sit there and think of you my brother will be there he is in diversity and they are dancing there with there new michael jackson set we miss you michael it was a shock to you leave so soon hope u rest now and ill see you in a few years when it is my time leave and go heaven michael you enspired me and plenty people aswell R.I.P
posted by me on Oct 22, 2009
mj looks wonderful bet this was going to amaze the world
posted by Moise on Oct 05, 2009
Greedy people are after his money that he worked hard for, they do anything for money ``die for it , kill for it``some move in the this is it``are not mj`s move or body language, only a real fan can notice that. Michael you are irreplaceable, you;re the best, you will always be in hearts. R.I.P king.
posted by Tyrelle on Oct 04, 2009
Michael looked and was singing very good cant wate to see the movie
posted by gosiak on Oct 02, 2009
o ironio ,dlaczego tak jest ,ze doceniamy dopiero po śmierci a nie dosc za zycia.. Na zawsze w moim sercu Michael
posted by Tusia on Sep 28, 2009
Król Popu.... Na zawsze w moim sercu ..
posted by lenesta on Sep 24, 2009
i love You, Michael....
posted by meg on Sep 23, 2009
he sounds great but my heart still hurts
posted by Pauline on Sep 20, 2009
I have not gotten over my grief. I am still broken and I terribly miss him. There is only one MJ in this world and so bless to witness the man's amazing life. He was a gift from heaven.
posted by onyx2692 on Sep 19, 2009
michael your one of a kind nobody can ever replace you. Love always. Libby from Huntington WVA

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