ABC Cancels 'Defying Gravity' After Only 8 Episodes

September 14, 2009 09:02:06 GMT

'Brothers and Sisters' is supposed to take over the time slot only on September 27 but 'Gravity' has been yanked off air before it reaches its due date.

ABC Cancels 'Defying Gravity' After Only 8 Episodes
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It looks like "Defying Gravity" is indeed getting canceled. During its September 13 episode, ABC announced it as the "Season Finale" and did not give any previews to the next episode which is traditionally done to other continuous series.

The series about eight astronauts in a space mission was not exactly a hit maker. It premiered to only 3.83 million viewers on August 2 and the number has constantly deteriorated since then. Last week, ABC has excluded listing "Gravity" on the schedule after the September 13 episode but did not give explanation to that.

The series was supposed to have at least two more episodes that would run through October but the Alphabet apparently has another option for its Sunday 10/9c slot. "Brothers & Sisters" meanwhile, will begin the fourth season on September 27.

ABC is expected to release the official statement about the cancellation soon. Meanwhile, it is unclear whether CTV which is also airing the show, will continue with the remaining episodes.

Update 9/14: A publicist of the show has confirmed that "Defying Gravity" has not been canceled but ABC still can't determine when to air the remaining episodes.


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posted by malla on Apr 23, 2014
Fuck you ABC just fuck you for cancelling a show like this.
posted by The buckett on Oct 24, 2013
Best show ever !!!
posted by zaG on Oct 23, 2012
Shame on ABC
posted by ricmetal on Sep 24, 2012
posted by Dobri Dobrev on May 18, 2012
Another good show bites the dust .....
posted by Ed on Oct 27, 2010
Abc, what a bunch of idiots!
posted by RV on Sep 30, 2010
No..No...Nooooooooooo!!!!! I managed to watched Episode13 of Season1, and now I read they canning it. This just sucks donkey balls!!
posted by Rafael on Aug 31, 2010
It's so wonderful. Why? Was it the economical crisis that made you stop? The lack of audience? The controversial of the theme? I wanted to "see" uranus, saturn, learn details, probabilities, and dream about a trip like these around the galaxy. And maybe in a future show, a trip to out of Milk Way... Its all so promising. Please, don't let it fade away... Rafael From Brazil
posted by am on Jun 26, 2010
real pity.. I recently saw the DVDs and I loved it. I'm surprise it ended.. it was developing into a very strong story.
posted by Kathi on Jun 07, 2010
I loved that show and was looking for the new start date. I don't know why ABC could not ask our option once in a while.
posted by HAL on Jun 04, 2010
I am sorry Dave, but you are an opressor of a liberty minded thinking, I have the rights to eliminate you ... Au revoir Dave
posted by HAL on Jun 04, 2010
I can feel some nervosity in your voice Dave, didn t everything gone smoothly today ?
posted by Kubrick on Jun 04, 2010
Fucking you , stupid computer , I ve brought you to Saturn you saw 3 fucking black lego of the egocentric universe and you cannot do my psy ? so much fucking dollars spent for nothing ... HAL i am sorry to say , you are a shit ! and even more an electrical shit
posted by HAL on Jun 04, 2010
do you want to play a chess game , Dave ?
posted by HAL on Jun 04, 2010
i am not programmed for such operations Dave, I should be very sorry
posted by kubrick on Jun 04, 2010
HAL, talk to me these humans are off, HAL please
posted by kubrick on Jun 04, 2010
i wished they could reach saturn , a could have some news from granpa !!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH ! or my son whatever
posted by jlmjmlkj on Jun 04, 2010
posted by psylon on Jun 04, 2010
this is interesting, as much as one society can stop a tv , when TV is not good for bargains ... so paradoxal, i like very much this thing to know they reacted just after 6 months , "oh man , they re talking bad about our ethic!" stop it !!! so ridiculous, and we pay 95% tax for this bullshit ? who is ridiculous ? a movie a man that don t vote? or a peaceful man looking TV ? haha , absurd
posted by Ixath on Jun 01, 2010
... but at least Two and a Half Men is still on the air.
posted by Lincoln6Echo on Apr 05, 2010
First lesson for pitching a show to a network: take note of genre. Second lesson: Look for network that has a record for giving the benefit of the doubt to said genre. Lesson three: Don't bother with the Big 4 networks if it's a niche genre. Lesson four: If it's a sci-fi show, PITCH TO THE SYFY NETWORK!!! Look what came about with the 2003 nBSG mini-series. Do you think that series would have gotten a chance to blossom on ABC? Highly doubtful. Instead it was done on SYFY and we got 4 seasons of some of the best TV in history.
posted by Casey on Mar 06, 2010
u Know i just got the dvd of season 1 it was a little slow in the first few episodes but dang it got great after that... why even bother putting something on the shelf for the first season and leave so much crap left undone i would rather never have need it... than get into a show with a great plot it was getting into and then left hangin ... its all about the money now adays not the story... they wanna make the fast but but fail to see the following that would come... the first star trek was like that.. ran for like 3 seasons with very few followers now look at today
posted by macmangan on Mar 03, 2010
Wow, I just really enjoyed this show. The advertising was terrible, and now after watching the first season it feels like FireFly all over again. Very sad indeed.
posted by Near on Feb 15, 2010
After finally getting to watch all of the season one episodes, I'm even more upset that ABC would be so stupid as to cancel this show. This is probably one of the best shows since LOST, and yet they screwed the show over by not giving it the promotion that it deserved.
posted by drjay on Jan 27, 2010
This show should have been super-sold the way they have done with other shows. Run the pilot several times for 2 weeks and let people get to know the characters, then have it on 2-3 times a week to reach a broad audience. Pulling this show was just stupid!!!
posted by F**K Network TV on Jan 20, 2010
You're talking about the same people who cancelled Pushing Dasies what do you expect? Jericho, Invasion, Journeyman, the list can go on and on of shows that were never given a chance but were very good TV. I agree with an earlier post I won't invest my time in a new show until it has a couple seasons in the can!
posted by abcomeon on Jan 08, 2010
abc should be kicked in the nuts!if they cancel this's got everything else beat.
posted by Cathy on Dec 29, 2009
This was the best show of the 2009 TV season. ABC *completely* screwed it over by promoting it as a 'Desperate Housewives in Space', then added insult to injury with its dead-zone timeslot. Yes, the first few episodes were slow, but what followed was the best writing, character evolution and plot development I've seen on TV in a very long time. I fervently wish there was a way to resurrect this show - I cannot believe that we're stuck with Zoe in sick bay, Rollie off to prison, the boulder about to implode the planet's consciousness and so many secrets still to reveal. ABC is a continual disappointment - and TPTB need a serious revamp - and if Syfy and Space and BBC could hook-up and co-produce this it would be a bonifide hit for all networks. Cable is the only place where quality shows stand a chance.
posted by Jah on Dec 25, 2009
Its a shame this show was canceled, it was really interesting and one of the few things worth watching on tv.
posted by UK Fan on Dec 23, 2009
Bring it back. DG is a brilliant show. Well acted and graet on screen dynamics. It is one of the many new shows that have got my interest, and then you go and stop it. ABC really do know how to upset people here in the UK.
posted by fan of DG on Dec 22, 2009
ABC, sorry to say Defying Gravity,Battelstar Galacter and SG 1 and so far SGU ROCK YOU TWATS, from the UK. So give DG another go you cocks!
posted by SadPanda on Dec 22, 2009
Oh Come on, i have never seen a show that just captivated me so much. DG is so good and i keep watching what so few episodes there are online over and over. Its one of those shows that you just cant get tired of. Couldnt you just wait a little longer for the ratings to get higher, it was getting so good when they meet BETA. Bring it back please or make some money from it if you werent happy with it and sell it to SYFY.
posted by Addison Dailey on Dec 13, 2009
I unplugged my tv after this got canceled and vowed never to turn it back on... too many good shows canceled without given a proper chance. Just because the space program is dying doesn't mean space isn't still out there. Give people something to think about give us back DG.
posted by SEND ABC MAGNETS on Dec 10, 2009
but I guess it's too late because they already detroyed the set, seriously, sell that shit to NBC and let them air it on SyFy, which is desperate for another compelling show, after all it's been months since the end of BSG
posted by i am me on Dec 09, 2009
if they think that defying gravity is loosing them vewers this going to loose them a lot more. If we dont get defying then you dont get your viewers. if you agree put D&G at the end of you messages.
posted by hfvbbhujvsjbhvvbh on Dec 09, 2009
what is the point in sending a message coz nothin will happen there not going to reaD them or give us back are beloved dg.
posted by b boy madness on Dec 09, 2009
you stubid idiots the only reason no one could watch it was because it was on so late at night some times.
posted by Ty on Dec 09, 2009
Yeah ABC, cancel DG but totally keep Cougar Town and Hank. Brilliant!
posted by Pete on Dec 08, 2009
I like the show. I'm completely fed up of shows being cancelled. This has happened far tooooooo many times. There should be a law against this as they never finish the story line and leave us in limbo. They need to get their act together. Atleast I've still got Doctor Who on the BBC :-)
posted by r marriott on Dec 05, 2009
put it back on, best program on.this sort of tv was always going to have a niche folloing, look at star trek, first episode, no body watched that one. Well done ABC, killed another great epic
posted by jiml on Dec 04, 2009
it is obvious that DG is watched and therefore should be re-instated, we need to see the end please. many thanks
posted by Mr Kite on Dec 03, 2009
This show has real potential and I hope there's a nice ending for this season... Kiss can't be the finale can it? It's so much better than any Sci-Fi space show currently airing and better than the later star treks so well done so believable and beautifully filmed. More like movie quality than TV, Great actors too.
posted by seb hill on Dec 01, 2009
omfg this is the best show and compared to some of the crap on abc this is much much much better what are u doing ...?
posted by rckphillips# on Nov 29, 2009
I think ABC is on crack to let this show go. All they air most of the time is crap!
posted by Stranded on Mars on Nov 28, 2009
I don't blame ABC for responding to the ratings the way they did. The failure of the show lies with whoever decided how the first few episodes should unfold. I am glad that the "Space" chanel in Canada continued to air the full season. Yes, the first few episodes were tedious and uninspiring. How unfortunate. The writer should have known that modern SF audiences are sophisticated and well read. We need to know that there is an intelligence behind the writing that is a match for our expectations. Those initial episodes gave no indication of better things to come and left me with an emptiness that would normally cause me to tune-in elsewhere. I hung in there because I am a SF fan and I thought about the first season of ST-TNG, how lame it was, and how it eventually turned into a profound story that literally changed peoples lives. As I continued to watch the show I was rewarded with some of the best story writing and character development I have ever seen on TV. Why did I have to wait so long to see this brilliance. I grew to love and care about the characters in a deep way that, really, only comes about through time and slow detail reveal work. However, if the first couple of episodes had at least given us more substance, I think we all would be experiencing the joy of seeing how Zoe gets off Mars. It was a wonderful story that challenged in so many ways, but now I'm stranded on Mars with Zoe for the rest of my life. Unfortunate indeed.
posted by Kerry on Nov 24, 2009
This is the best programme, i even sacrificed my saturday to stay in and watch after they changed the times and day to see it. It's so good, bring it back!!!!! I'm in the UK so still few more episodes to go, will be gutted when it finishes!!!!!
posted by Ross Dunn on Nov 13, 2009
I am VERY dissapointed. This show HAS to be ressurected. I am a big fan of the storyline and the actors picked for it. Granted the first couple shows were rough around the edges but that happens with any show at the beginning. Since those it has gotten very good.
posted by flux on Nov 09, 2009
please don't stop!
posted by albo40 on Nov 08, 2009
Just watched the unaired final episodes and they were some of the best episodes of any shows I have ever watched. What a waste to see such a great show cancelled. It would be nice to see someone step up like the SyFy Channel and continue the shows mission much like they did with SG-1 which was a great show and had a very long run.
posted by Akira on Nov 08, 2009
ABC = Asshole Broadcasting Company. The best show on ABC and they cancel.
posted by bob b on Nov 08, 2009
Sorry you can't recognize a good show when you see one. This show was great, realistic and entertaining. Again they miised a ringer.
posted by Troy Petersen on Nov 08, 2009
I've checking repeatedly looking for more, now I hear that Im wasting my time. Loved the show. Oh well. Give it to someone else if you people don't want it so we the fans can watch it on a different channel.
posted by The Duke on Nov 03, 2009
OMG ABC!!! You have done it again!!! Buy a TV Show from a small company because of better ratings than your own and destroy it so your crap shows can get the ratings back!!! It's a fantastic show to watch and especially my kid loves it better than the other crap shows you have.. Pull your finger out of your ass and bring it back!!! CTV should take it back and continue with it.
posted by mommajude on Nov 03, 2009
The only show that I watch and can't wait for the next episode. Now nothing worth watching. I will not be watching anything on ABC, Will not be watching V, I already watched V about 15 years ago, when it was on another station. You get a great series, take it off and put on what amounts to a rerun idea. Won't be watching ABC. Hopefully can watch Defying Gravity on another station. You dropped the ball on this one, sorry to say. You had a winner and let it slip away. Now go and show youre reruns.
posted by ABCX on Nov 03, 2009
I will not watch ABC again. I will find it's affiliates, and child companies, and not support them, I will find other ABC viewers and convince them to do the same, Brothers and Sisters SUCKS!
posted by frenchfan on Nov 03, 2009
Do not cancel! please. I can't stop watching it.
posted by Frank M on Nov 02, 2009
Porn? LOL!! "religiosity"?? LOL even more. Dumb people, please take your head out of the sand.. oh wait, better yet, PUT IT BACK! we don't want you contaminating our children with your small minded views. This Show is great! it is Science FICTION. I love how people see 1 episode or a promo and base their whole view on that. You people must lead very boring lives. Go read a book other than that other great work of FICTION, the Bible. If this show is so bad, how come all you nay sayers are in the EXTREME minority? Moreover, the majority seem to be highly educated. Yes, I called you dumb, deal with it.
posted by Infinitimmortal on Nov 01, 2009
ABC is stupid they have canceled lots of good shows that I liked. I think someone needs to clean house at ABC so they stop this shit!
posted by PritON on Oct 31, 2009
Super show!!! when will be new episodes? I WANT MORE !!!!MORE !!!MORE !!MORE !!!MORE !!!!MORE !!MORE !!!!MORE !!!!!MORE !!!!MORE !!MORE !!MORE !
posted by Sigh on Oct 30, 2009
No way. First off, I'm deaf and I'm extremely grateful that ABC puts the time and effort into putting close-captioning on their shows online. Because of digital tv's these days a lot of the captioning is way off which leaves viewers like me resorting to shows online (which there wasnt anything worth watching till ABC put Close-captioning on). Now given the fact that i can watch shows on the computer that isnt all reality shows (which is getting old by the way) I stumbled upon Defying Gravity and man I was hooked! This was like reading a book and it stimulates the mind. Next thing I know... the book is stopped in the 4th chapter or whatever when it is getting really exciting and poof it disappears. C'mon, ABC, dont lose your credibility to present good shows! If it comes out on DVD I'm not buying because i know it was cut short and it wont be worth my money unless the show continues and has a ending. SIGH.
posted by edward erasmus on Oct 29, 2009
Best show i have ever seen. Real space adventure. Great acting. Its a pitty that garbage are still on tv, while this one dies!
posted by Saphira on Oct 29, 2009
REALLY disappointed! Finally something that make you think about on TV and it's been cut off! Not everybody watches stupid reality shows! The other part of the world needs some brain food! Please bring it back!
posted by Disappointed_in_ABC on Oct 27, 2009
This show was really entertaining. Why would ABC work actively to destroy such an awesome show? They know that the first showing is really important from a numbers perspective. Why would they not promote it like the other reality garbage they support so vociferously? Another awesome scifi show killed by boneheaded execs.
posted by Wes Harris on Oct 26, 2009
Why would ABC waste so much money? At least sell the show to those channels that will keep Defying Gravity on the air.
posted by ABC fail on Oct 26, 2009
Too bad the show is gone. Now ABC can go back to airing more reality (garbage) tv, and I can go back to NOT watching ABC at all...
posted by Will on Oct 26, 2009
They've aired all 13 episodes in Canada, they can be downloaded on Torrent sites if you know how. Episode 13 sure leaves you hanging, though, and I really hope they continue it!!
posted by Whodunnit on Oct 26, 2009
Cancelled by the Asshole Broadcasting Company.....
posted by Scarlett on Oct 26, 2009
I won't bother repeating all the complaints. The dipshit morons at ABC screwed this show and its viewers royally, and that's the bottom line. Waiting for the DVD so you can see the remaining episodes? Why on earth would you want to give the network your money after all that?? I say go for Torrent, at least it's free. I don't want ABC to get another moment of my time or even one hard-earned dime from me. I never thought anyone could top Fox for bonehead cancellation decisions, but as the list of dead shows grows, it is clear I was wrong.
posted by Alex on Oct 24, 2009
I agree that ABC does not want to build viewer loyalty at all. Cancel a series that was starting get my interest. I did not watch the first 2 episodes becuase the shows promo information looked like sex in space. Not what I want to watch during prime time. A decent show was all I ask for. We did get it but ABC dropped the ball on this one. We get it on Space Channel in Canada and hope that they still will show it to the end. Good story and acting. What do I watch om ABC "0" shows. What will I watch on ABC "0" shows.
posted by jr_jupiterfl on Oct 22, 2009
Like everyone else above... this was the one show I looked forward to each week. Everything was perfect, plot, writing, acting, casting, so what does ABC do? Respond to the " immediate gratification" mind set & not allow a fan base grow with exposure.
posted by abc sucks on Oct 21, 2009
This was the only show I watched on ABC. Thanks, jerks.
posted by Gigi on Oct 21, 2009
this is why I will no longer watch new shows. they get cancelled as soon as you get hooked. redicoulous!
posted by StreetWise on Oct 20, 2009
Like everyone else on here, this was 1 of only 2 shows that I spent my precious time watching. I have to watch online because I have kids to get in bed at night. So I watch when they are down. They need to start counting those numbers. Because all you have to do is look all over the internet at the bummed out responses to this cancellation to know that it was WAY more viewers than they counted. As usual, stupid old men execs running the show like it's still 1950 and the 21st century. Get someone under the age of 38 to do it and maybe the "business" will start to understand the real needs of their viewing audience that they have completely turned off and away.
posted by leland on Oct 20, 2009
The show is great. Just shows executives care about numbers not quality. I for one am looking forward to seeing much more of it in the future if that future can be secured.
posted by kbruce on Oct 19, 2009
Been cancelled, not been cancelled ,not sure what to believe all I know is I'm taking time and posting about it, Thats saying alot for me personally,because normally I dont care what networks do but I like the show and will continue to watch as long as you keep the story moving nicely. So, cheers !
posted by silkcut on Oct 18, 2009
Bring back this show please!
posted by lisa on Oct 18, 2009
Hey Mars on Sept 29, 2009: Please don't think that the "numbers" being quoted accurately reflect the audience. Just like the 30% error rate on click through results for internet sites, a tv program audience measurement does not accurately reflect the real audience, to tivo'd or internet viewing of a show....WORLDWIDE
posted by lisa on Oct 18, 2009
there's 2 shows i watch via internet: defying gravity is one. I have no interest in giving too much of my valuable personal time to tv when I can be living life. 2 shows - that's all.
posted by Brent on Oct 17, 2009
I enjoyed this show and it was the only ABC series I watched. They should bring it back and git it a chance
posted by Bluepatchett on Oct 17, 2009
I loved it too. I really hate all these shows that5 cancel leaving the viewers that did enjoy it guessing...if they do cancel it they should at least publish the scripts or novels so that we can at least see the story through.
posted by San Diego Coco on Oct 14, 2009
This show is like the Sci-Fi version of Gray's Anatomy. What's not to love? It's well written and it delivers in entertainment quality. An hour well spent.
posted by MN_sifi_fan on Oct 11, 2009
They finaly come up with another weekly Sifi, only to cancel it after 8 shows, it was just about the only show werth watching on ABC. looks like they need to fire there current programers and get some one that knows what the people want.
posted by mj on Oct 11, 2009
bummer... my husband and I don't watch much tv, but found this by accident and loved it. seriously, can ABC not at least finish what they started and let us see the last episodes? what bone heads. We were giving you a fighting chance for our viewership with DG, but you dissappoint again. bummer.
posted by Hoverbored on Oct 08, 2009
DARN!! Suckered in again!!! Swore after 'Jericho' and 'Life on Mars', I'd wait 2 seasons to get involved with a show that looked interesting. I blew it again! Pardon me while I go back to my reruns!!
posted by WatchDefyingGravity on Oct 08, 2009
For starters: This site does not seem to allow links posted, but Google up surfthechannel, Project FreeTV, and Sidereel. These sites keep huge lists of TV shows and movies. They don't actually host anything, but they scan all the sites which do and will take you to them quickly. Sidereel showed almost 50 sites hosting one of the the Defying Gravity episodes, and I was able watch every episode through it's system. Just be prepared to deal with overload ad-spam, and check your cookies after visiting these sites (check you cookies after visiting this one, too)
posted by beachteach on Oct 08, 2009
Love this show! Please keep it on the air.
posted by Out There on Oct 08, 2009
If you want to watch episodes 9 and 10 you can download it on isohunt with a torrent program. Its also free. I think they are being braodcast on Canadian TV still
posted by Blah, blah, blah! on Oct 07, 2009
DonewithABC, that's the screen I picked for this site, glad you got it down. The show is flawed in too many ways to list, but chief among them are originality (2001 murdered again), credibility (if you ever read anything by Michael Crichton, or even watched the awful movies which spun from his ideas, you'd know what I'm talking about). The content is full of more adult content than is usually aired by the broadcast networks, while the tone condescends to the twelve-year-old audience. Oh, and the twelve year olds are getting moralistic narration at the end of each episode from the dude who lied to women in order to bed them, and ruined the life of at least one. That, and the awful music, completes the recipe for space vomit. They could have at least thrown in some classic rock to compensate for the boring direction of scenes, with no action more interesting than a porn-loving astrophysicist dancing alone. When you've seen better programming, you demand better than DG. If this could be the next generation's Star Trek, then it's in space already. Maybe this is why DonewithABC can only repeat back "Blah, blah, blah"!
posted by Dfrye360 on Oct 07, 2009
it was the only tv show i watched on hulu and now i have to find something new....
posted by Another Fan on Oct 07, 2009
We loved the show and so did our married kids... Robert Livingston was great and so was "Zoe" I don't think they gave the show a chance!! I think perhaps the Grey's Anatomy billing was mis-leading...
posted by DonewithABC on Oct 07, 2009
posted by Querent on Oct 07, 2009
This was an intriguing, well made show. I watched it on Hulu. I hope it comes back.
posted by J-dot on Oct 06, 2009
I agree with T_O A_D.. Abc should look into the viewers on hulu. Even though it prolly won't do anything its worth a shot.. I too as many other looked forward to the next episode thinking maybe this will be the time that they all find out the secret.. Well I say if they won't bring it back to the regular schedule then at least have it as a option on the abc site itself.
posted by porntv on Oct 06, 2009
take out the porn leave in the science and the charicters
posted by Blah, blah, blah! on Oct 06, 2009
It's not too sci-fi for it's intended audience, but it's much too weak for those who would be watching sci-fi. It's another silly rant for Intelligent Design fantasy (er, "theory"), with an awful storyline, ridiculous script, and characters who are insipid at best, or unbelievably stupid at worst. Really, do you think anybody with the emotional intelligence of a 12-year old would even get through the doors of any organization akin to NASA (or even NASA)? The music was grating too, except for Eve's violin tune. Eve was the most interesting character in the whole show, but her story of being CHOSEN by the modern mystery spin on God is much too simple and UN-scientific for those who love sci-fi. Not even a skilled director could have saved this story, being far too lacking, both in appeal and credibility at every turn. If you'd like to see a sci-fi show which is a true eye-opener, and real food for thought, go to some site like sidereel and watch the 2007-2008 Battlestar Galactica. It's a great story, and truly frightening in it's prophetic capacity.
posted by viverman on Oct 06, 2009
bring it back so we can see how it ends.. damn at least Life on Mars gave us closure.
posted by Blah, Blah, Blah! on Oct 06, 2009
DonewithABC, There are two groups who deserve to burn in the hell of the sick, twisted, and revoltingly evil Christian mind - they are those who wish such a fate on others, and those who have actually created a real hell for others on this earth. Right here is the only place where such a place can exist, and it's creation almost always owes it's beginning to religious rants.
posted by DonewithABC on Oct 06, 2009
It's about the green. The greedy program director will surely burn in hell for this one. It's "Odessy 5" all over again.
posted by Faerie57 on Oct 05, 2009
I have been searching for weeks to watch the next episode to no avail. I have purposely planned my sunday evenings so i would be free to watch Defying Gravity. I can't believe they are canceling such an awesome show. I agree this could have been the next Star Trek or Stargate. I'm so disappointed in NBC.
posted by JD on Oct 05, 2009
I love the idiot who complains about the show getting cancelled but admits torrenting it to not watch the ads. Hey dummy, thats why ABC cancels shows, because to them, you are a NON-viewer. You don't exist in their stats. At least DVR the show.
posted by dis_kits on Oct 05, 2009
I second everything said!!! ABC.... Why!!!!
posted by The Dude on Oct 05, 2009
I don't watch much tv in general, but I made a point for DG! Here's another vote for it! Please bring it back!
posted by picard on Oct 04, 2009
DG could be this generations Star Trek. Give it a chance.
posted by ABC Sucks on Oct 04, 2009
ABC Sucks. Defying Gravity is an amazing show.
posted by pebperuse on Oct 04, 2009
It was awesome.. Seems like if its not a "reality show" the networks pull the plug. Disappointing.. just when I was going to give ABC another chance.
posted by Buffy on Oct 04, 2009
I totally loved that show. I looked forward to seeing it every week. ABC you suck! You never give a show enough of a chance. You can put a show on like "Eastwick" 10 years to late, and you cancel Defying Gravity. What the? p.s.I miss"Life on Mars"too.
posted by Buffy on Oct 04, 2009
I totally loved that show. I looked forward to seeing every week. ABC you suck! You never give a show anough of a chance. You can put a show on like "Eastwick" 10 years to late, and you cancel Defying Gravity. What the?p.s.I miss"Life on Mars"too.
posted by Pissed 2 on Oct 04, 2009
Kudos to "Pissed on Sep 30, 2009" I'm with you! ABC, for shame on you!
posted by Brian on Oct 04, 2009
Bring this show back it was amazing and i don't watch tv but i always try to watch it but it was always on bad times. i would watch it online on CTV's website! God networks are idiots. so much crap out there and good shows get canceled. bring it back now!!!! i wanna know what happens next!!
posted by DG#1Fan on Oct 03, 2009
I also watch from Hulu. I hope that they are accounting for that as well. Great show, hate to see it go.
posted by TC on Oct 03, 2009
posted by German Fan on Oct 03, 2009
Lol loved it and now it get canceled? Amateurs
posted by Davide on Oct 03, 2009
needed here
posted by Sci-Fi fan on Oct 03, 2009
After seeing Flash Forward for two episodes, I say put DG in it's place. It's a much better show.
posted by T_O_A_D on Oct 03, 2009
I work Sunday nights, and I end up watching it on Hulu the next Morning. ABC needs to look at those kind of numbers too. I'm disappointed in the possible cancellation of this show.
posted by jgons on Oct 03, 2009
bad choice. it's better than flashforward and will be a great lost replacement next year.
posted by Daly on Oct 03, 2009
Because i live in Europe i can't watch DG on our kabel or satelite TV so my only option was to DL from torrents.. so i was doing just that but i was so negatively surprised when the 10th episode wasan't realised and that is because i am a great fan of this searies.. further more i come from a small country so we don't have alot of good searies to watch.. so do air it and don't cancel it because it has just started and it's getting more and more interesting.. ABC leadership if your reading this you have to know this is one of the best shows i watched for a while and be sure i'm a great fan of these shows.. best regards Dalibor
posted by nacho on Oct 02, 2009
They never consider everyone who watches TV Shows online after original airng date. I never watch TV the night it come out... better to skip ads... just go look how many people are leeching a torrent of the show... it does have legs!!
posted by richlava on Oct 02, 2009
ABC, Gravity is one amazing up coming character driven show that put you right in the middle of the story. IT NEED MORE PRESS. I really gave a ďdarnĒ about what was going to happen from episode to episode. The thing is, after episode 8 aired and I didnít see any thing for a while, I ACTULALLY STARTED LOOKING FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO IT! I canít believe how good episode 8 was. Seriously, the walk to hanger 4, mixed with the V.O. had the hair on my arms sanding up. As one of the viewer earlier said give it some time, do stronger promotions. Itís a great show that really doesnít seem sooo far out that it couldnít be true Ö at some point.
posted by dugenheim on Oct 02, 2009
They did the same thing with "Invasion" last year or 2. Keep losing good shows.
posted by trrdg on Oct 02, 2009
Or ABC put this show back on the air, or thay just SUCKS forever!!!!!!!!
posted by ihmy28 on Oct 01, 2009
This show has an incredible group of cast members that feed of of each other and make "unreality" reality!!! ABC is known for pulling the plug 222 early so I hope that they've learned THAT leason!! LOL-probably NOT!! It's a woderful show with great writers, cast, producers.... The writer's strike ended ABC, can we get back to business?
posted by Ron Watt on Oct 01, 2009
posted by Alejo on Oct 01, 2009
Loved the show... im getting tired of all the bbc and abc and other shows, being cancelled after few seasons, or not even one.
posted by matelotu on Oct 01, 2009
To bad , a really good show, maybe they should sell it to Sy Fy and we can enjoy it
posted by weeping on Oct 01, 2009
Pissed - what a total nazi, you are! Hope ABC never puts anything on that you like. With an attitude like yours, you should be bathed in acid
posted by taximule on Sep 30, 2009
posted by Defying Gravity rock on Sep 30, 2009
Spoil it for every1 retards, A -audience B- Bland and C- Cancel it if doesnt fit first to points
posted by fan4pod on Sep 30, 2009
Dear abc please put your programer in pod 4 if your not going to bother to open it.
posted by surprised on Sep 30, 2009
You are absolutely kidding! Why cancel one of the more interesting shows this year? What a poor decision. This was one of the only shows worth watching. What a shame.
posted by John Q Public on Sep 30, 2009
This is the only show my wife and I turned on the TV (well, Hulu) to watch. It was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stale crypt of reality TV.
posted by mapafish on Sep 29, 2009
screw brothers and sisters and put somthing decent back on defying gravity at least could hold the interest of someone like me, but no, you want to mess that up too! unbelievable is all i can say.... you suck give them to a different network at least.... but don't give it up!
posted by Lisa G on Sep 29, 2009
Can't you guys give ANYTHING a chance? This is the best TV I've seen in a long time. Maybe Amazon can pick it up and we'll do digital downloads and start ignoring the networks.
posted by The preacher on Sep 29, 2009
I like the SyFy idea, I mean I have to wait for Eureka now something to fill in the gap. I've never been a real fan of ABC, but I am watching Castle, but that and Defying were the only two I care to watch. Now it appears to be down to one, then I bet it won't be long and I'll be off ABC if they cancel Castle. by the way, all you Firefly fans, Go see Castle Nathan Fillion is the lead, it's not shootum up like Firefly, but he's the man.
posted by Mars on Sep 29, 2009
Guys, You're missing the point. It's all about numbers and numbers equal money. Money is what drives the networks. The ignorant masses dictate the programming. The networks are just dogs chasing their tails. It's the same way with the music business. Wish it was different, but such is life :)
posted by valentine on Sep 28, 2009
I work week nights so I miss alot of shows so I was really excited when a new show that wasn't law and order came on PLEASE BRING IT BACK! And I hope its still on the weekend.
posted by Kyler on Sep 28, 2009
(KEEP THE SHOW or GIVE IT TO ANOTHER NETWORK))I too did stumble across this show by accident. This is a grate show with great actors and actresses. People need to live there own reality not others. I CAN NOT wait for reality TV shows to die. It's a cheap way to profit and it shows through cheap creativity with staged drama, BORING. Defying Gravity is a great show keep it or give it to another network.
posted by TexasTerry on Sep 28, 2009
I travel a lot and don't get to watch television shows that I enjoy when they are being initially aired. I found "Defying Gravity" on Hulu when logged on to the Internet in my hotel room and got hooked. I really looked forward to kicking back one night a week after a long day in the field and watching. I am very disappointed that the show appears to have been cancelled. I believe that ABC/Disney is making a terrible mistake in pulling the plug on this show--it takes time to develop a loyal following (i.e., one that will go out of its way to watch on any media it can find and at any time of the day or night), but I guess ABC/Disney would rather put on another mindless reality show than one that even mildly challenges the imagination. Bad form, ABC and Disney!
posted by I Love Space on Sep 28, 2009
I ran into this show by accident. Not too much pre-show publicity. I've watched every episode and will continue to as long as it's availabE. PLEASE DON'T END IT!!!
posted by Pondering on Sep 28, 2009
I was only able to catch the last two episodes to air, as I didn't know about its existence previously. Thou I found it intriguing and would like to view the entire series. Certainly seems to be following the same trend as Firefly. Is there anyone in the business that would know how much the rights to a canceled show would cost? Thought being, that if it was reasonable, and you sold shares of the show (without the expectation of actually making a profit, but there is always the possibility), you could remarket the show and use the income to obtain funding for a season two. Any takers for Defying Gravity Incorporated?
posted by John on Sep 28, 2009
It was the only show my family watched on ABC
posted by maclua on Sep 28, 2009
this is a good show why cancel such a good show you could have moved it to a diff. time slot and gotten more viewers
posted by Joe on Sep 28, 2009
This was the only network show I watched. It was great. Too bad.
posted by oz man on Sep 28, 2009
Dear god, its like all the major American channels are suffering from moronitis. I am from Australia and know my opinion doesn't count for much, but come on. Every time these major networks get a show that has the least bit of intelligence in the script, they cant wait to pull the plug.
posted by EastCoast Creative on Sep 28, 2009
wow I was hooked bu then again great shows only have a niche market this was one...II saw episode 9 I want to know why Jen cannot see the object but I have an idea...aaarg to frustrating
posted by Is it 4:00pm yet? on Sep 28, 2009
Yeah this show rocks! Please bring it back!
posted by robbie on Sep 28, 2009
what is the point in USA screening anything, look at what happened to jericho, they said no one was watching and the outrage from viewers was amazing. Do thry not realise unlike the zombies that watch day soaps, the ones that tune in on a night actually have a choice to do so. ABC stop making boo boo's and actually see something through. It took Shameless until the 2nd season to get going in the UK and look how popular that is now.
posted by JD on Sep 28, 2009
It became one of my "can't miss" shows. What a shame to cancel it when there are so few shows I care to watch on a regular basis.
posted by thegiant on Sep 28, 2009
I can't believe you've taken, yet another great series, and tossed it in the garbage. Can't any of you get anything right? This was a great series that looked like it was only going to get better. I'd think you would have at least given it 2 seasons to see if it would take off. Shame on you for cancelling something so good and leaving all the stupid stuff on. Heaven forbid, we should watch something you have to give some thought to rather than stupidly watching other people live for you on reality shows!
posted by why? on Sep 27, 2009
great story and special fx. oh i get it, no blood and guts , and sex. its not often you find a program that really gets your attention, and what do you know ? it gets the ax!! way to go abc, you guys are so out of touch.
posted by arc on Sep 27, 2009
Defying Gravity was obviously something for the "intelligent" viewer. It was a star among so many boring, dull, stupyfing shows about all kind of agents, agencies and other hymns to what I call "propaganda" shows on US tv. ABC has a gem here and they dont even see it. Lets hope Canadian CTV has more brains and continues the series. Be sure many countries all over the world will buy it. Defying Gravity is on par with Lost in being inventive and making us look further than the usual stupid sitcom noses.
posted by kmac on Sep 27, 2009
Bring it back, it was riveting, filled with suspense and intrigue. what more does the network need?
posted by Bring it back. on Sep 27, 2009
Sad! You can't tell me you can get a true reading of whether a show is successful by running 4 or 5 episodes. Bring it back.
posted by GiveItAChance on Sep 27, 2009
I got to see what was in Pod 4 - of course, I saw it on CTV as I'm Canadian and the signal was a bit more well defined. It was fantastic - so much was revealed and it set a whole new course for the storyline. More mysteries revealed and more posed. But CTV followed ABC and put the show in limbo...they'll probably insert random episodes in the time slots of cancelled shows to fill in while waiting for mid-season replacements to be scheduled. I guess intelligent shows are just not what the mass reality- show-hooked-audiences want to watch ..and for sure, more/better advertising and a decent time slot would've helped tons... a shame ...
posted by kimchi on Sep 27, 2009
What on earth would make you cancel this show? It is fanatstic... Please do not cancel! It wouls be a terrible mistake.
posted by Steve G on Sep 27, 2009
I am sick of these networks canceling intriguing shows where one might have to actually put a little thought into the show. There are no space/sci-fi episodes that are actually this believable to reality as that it could happen shortly in the future. Thanks for nothing ABC. Go put more bimbos on reality shows and keep corrupting the youth of America. Two of my favorite shows are now gone in less than 2 years - DEFYING GRAVITY and JERICHO ( and yes I know it was not on ABC but same concept)
posted by Unhappy ABC viewer on Sep 27, 2009
Unbelievable! I suppose ABC will put some mindless reality tv show in it's place. In case you haven't notice we are sick to death with this kind of bone head entertainment. Let's get some brains and put Defying Gravity back on.
posted by MAddox on Sep 27, 2009
ABC. There is a long line of shows that get cancelled to early: Brimestone,FireFly, John from Cincinatti. These are all shows that years later have become cult classics and that WE the viewer only get 8-10 episodes to enjoy. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. DEFYING GRAVITY RULES
posted by Grenlaw on Sep 27, 2009
What is going on w/ television today ?!?!?!? Every show w/ originality and intelligence is being dumped (Defying Gravity, Kings, Life, etc., etc.) while ignorant, reality-based television is drowning our senses. Does anyone at the television studios realize how badly they are corrupting our youth ??? Guess no one really cares about that. :-(
posted by Mia on Sep 27, 2009
ABC would be STUPID if cancel the most interesting show!!! I can't believe it, ABC!!!
posted by Huge fan on Sep 27, 2009
Please don't cancel. This is my favorite new show. Have been waiting for the next episode for 2 weeks. Don't disappoint.
posted by 7screws on Sep 27, 2009
just like kings, the networks give these shows no time to catch on, i didnt even know of the show until i watched the first 4 shows on HULU. i so disrespect the networks, they have little to no idea what they are doing.
posted by Postie2009 on Sep 26, 2009
I'm applying Monday at ABC For a job in programming. I have no experience or any related work experience in the industry whatsoever, but hey, obviously neither do they! I want to make BIG BUCKS making BAD decisions too. It's TRULY sad that somewhere in ABC is a room where people have to sit in and ax shows cause the majority of americans are fcuktards and the networks have to cater to them by putting on shows like Dancing with Has-Beens, American Midol, Wipeout or StupidNanny. I BEG any waiter who serves the exec who killed this show to spill soup on them and say "oops, guess you wernt "Defying Gravity" this time either"
posted by Hugh Simpson on Sep 26, 2009
Leave it to ABC to loose touch with the people watching and buying items from there sponsors. I bet if you ask the sponsors they would want it back on the air. I don't care what ABC puts on in that time slot I will not watch it and the sponsors will loose out.
posted by Dave on Sep 25, 2009
A new name ABC - Absolute Bottom Channel. Just for cancelling one the best shows to hit TV in years. Reality shows are not worth watching, the comedy shows are almost as bad.
posted by Scott on Sep 25, 2009
AND they leave us right at the cliffhangar...what or who is BETA and what is the agenda????
posted by Scott on Sep 25, 2009
the first really good show in a long time that i really loved and I get slammed again.
posted by bookworm9 on Sep 25, 2009
I seriously liked the show! I became really eager each week the show was airing to watch the next episode. Really hope ABC decides to air the rest of the episodes!
posted by TVshowviewer on Sep 25, 2009
I just cant believe this crap. I really like this show. I also watch other shows, but this one had something special. People say "its just another Grey's Anatomy in space"..well what the hell is wrong with that. Grey's anatomy is freaking good. Now add that to some sci-fi action and you get Defying Gravity.. its not a bad thing.. This really sucks. Once again thank you ABC. AT LEAST PLAY THE LAST EPISODES OF THE SEASON!!
posted by Jester817 on Sep 25, 2009
Once a SciFi fan, always a SciFi fan. However this has a twist, specifically a "Grey's Anatomy" flare, with the commentary, the refreshers at the beginning of the episode, the music, even the relatively 'unknown' actors and very attractive 'actresses'... they all came together very well, for those of us that actually enjoy SciFi. Funny, really... many posts emphasized one important point, one that I can relate to extensively. I am 48, Trekkie to the core, and I have a 13 year old, who also loves Star Trek and such. This show was a common denominator for our family, a program to look forward to just once a week. Defying Gravity bridges a 'generation gap', and borught family members together. My question is why would a major conglomerate want to continually cut its throat and its tie to its viewers? Where are the surveys, and who is the Marketing Manager, the one who is obviously blind to the audiences requests, and now their postings as well? Another viewer is right though - look us up in Canada... we do not always listen to the big wigs - we do listen to our tax and rate payers though.
posted by Rob on Sep 25, 2009
I cannot beleve this, BS!!! I thought finaly a show me and my son could watch together we love the SCI FI of it but the fact it was real the people wear great I thought it was fantastic who cares if there compition fryday nights so what this is the era of record and watch fryday is the evening where people do stuff you wear hitting the older stay at home fryday people it would take time , Frig another fantastic show gone because of stupidity , Give it a few seasons ill bet it catches on in the monday or tuesday slot ,This was one of the best shows ever it tickled my imagination and intelect, Ill bet if it had Big boobs and a knife weilding captain it would have flown This world is doomed , Sucks!!!
posted by Just another disapp on Sep 25, 2009
Wake up all you viewers! ABC is canceling the show because there isn't any violence, killings and sex! Can you imagine for the first time in decades, there is a TV show with some ideas, imagination and intellect that doesn't insult the american citizen and viewer? I should think there are a fair amount of american citizens/viewers who would like to see a least one entertainment program with some intellect and sophistication. The folks making the network decisions at ABC may need to re-visit their own moral ethics and graduate out of high school. Get a grip ABC, by canceling such an entertaining program, you have lost touch with the real american citizens/viewers. But then again, I guess its all about ratings and money and not about what is morally and ethically the right program to show! What a disappointment you are ABC!
posted by Just another disapp on Sep 25, 2009
Wake up all you viewers! ABC is canceling the show because there isn't any violence, killings and sex! Can you imagine for the first time in decades, there is a TV show with some ideas, imagination and intellect that doesn't insult the american citizen and viewer? I should think there are a fair amount of american citizens/viewers who would like to see a least one entertainment program with some intellect and sophistication. The folks making the network decisions at ABC may need to re-visit their own moral ethics and graduate out of high school. Get a grip ABC, by canceling such an entertaining program, you have lost touch with the real american citizens/viewers. But then again, I guess its all about ratings and money and not about what is morally and ethically the right program to show! What a disappointment you are ABC!
posted by Just another disapp on Sep 25, 2009
Wake up all you viewers! ABC is canceling the show because there isn't any violence, killings and sex! Can you imagine for the first time in decades, there is a TV show with some ideas, imagination and intellect that doesn't insult the american citizen and viewer? I should think there are a fair amount of american citizens/viewers who would like to see a least one entertainment program with some intellect and sophistication. The folks making the network decisions at ABC may need to re-visit their own moral ethics and graduate out of high school. Get a grip ABC, by canceling such an entertaining program, you have lost touch with the real american citizens/viewers. But then again, I guess its all about ratings and money and not about what is morally and ethically the right program to show! What a disappointment you are ABC!
posted by donotcanceldefyinggr on Sep 24, 2009
I finally find a show I like (granted I watch it on hulu) and its canceled?!? Please continue to air the episodes - on hulu if nothing else!
posted by wenis on Sep 23, 2009
They cancel it right when we are about to see whate Beta is, thanks ABC!! You can't hold out for 1 more episode?
posted by Erik on Sep 22, 2009
Just found a show I looked forward to and just learned it was cancled. Just turned off my TV.
posted by Dklimke on Sep 22, 2009
Penut campaign ala Jericho?
posted by Raubu on Sep 22, 2009
Another reason to not watch ABC. Thanks for getting me hooked then dropping me like a bad date.
posted by dc on Sep 22, 2009
PEANUTS!!!!! oh where was the peanut campaign when firefly was on tv? *sigh
posted by dc on Sep 22, 2009
Dear ABC, It is no wonder, I hate watching anything on the major networks. All your other shows are a dime a dozen. You create something that is interesting, intruiging and different. To pull it off the air before it has a chance. This is why you will loose the TV war. Because out of 70 channels, my basic tv channal package. All your stuff is the same doo doo. And the only show that i tuned in for is cancelled. Yeah, sure I'll watch brothers and sisters instead. That'll really happen.
posted by kelcraft on Sep 22, 2009
It kind of makes you wonder if there was an agenda at ABC. "oh, we TRIED another sci fi show but it bombed". Yeah, putting in on midsummer, on Sunday at 10. I think we all know that this is the kiss of death. I have heard it is not canceled - just in limbo. The good news is that there is a Canadian station that continues to play it. I saw episode 9. It's awesome. Hey ABC, at least let us see episodes 9 - 13 while SyFy (let's go back to SciFi) debates picking it up.
posted by FrustratedABCViewer on Sep 21, 2009
This is not the first time that ABC does this. This network is very consistant in abusing their audience, most recently they did the same with Dirty Sexy Money. How longer will we take this erratic behavior. The new season begins this week, I don't think I'll follow any of ABC's shows, why should I? They couldn't care less about us the viewer.
posted by sakibaba on Sep 21, 2009
I hope syfy picks it up. ABC is a crap channel as it is. Finally they had something good and they shot themselves in the foot. Also the time slot was stupid and might have contributed to less viewer ship.
posted by BlankMan on Sep 21, 2009
Interesting comments here, one needs a roadmap and a synopsis, can't tell if it's on the ship or on the ground, interesting observation. Seems that show might be a little to deep for some so they fault the show. Course, that might be the type of viewer ABC is looking for, one that can be satisfied with a half hour slapstick comedy with minimal continuity between episodes, so you don't have to remember what previously occurred. I guess if you looking for action and for James T. Kirk to save the universe every week and explain everything away so the universe can be saved again next week then Defying Gravity is not going to be a show for you. I wasn't keen on the flashbacks in the beginning either, but now I like them. Helps build the character and ties up a lot of lose ends. I for one find the complexity intriguing, and the suspense. That's what Babylon 5 did, they didn't give all the answers every week and tie everything up in a neat little bundle. That made the show worth watching every week. And how many answers were there in 2001? Wondering and using ones own imagination is good for the brain, just like crossword puzzles, unless you don't do them till someone gives you all the answers (the next day) which might be what some want every week with Defying Gravity. At the end of Episode 8 I couldn't wait for next week to finally have Beta explained, then ABC goes and pulls this BS. They mention it's rating were never as expected and site it got a late start in the Summer Season. Well I wonder who's fault that was? I never even heard of it in Summer, I don't watch a lot of TV in Summer, because, well it's Summer. I stumbled on it at Hulu and watched 4 episodes in one night. And now people might not be apt to watch it because they missed how many episodes solely because of when ABC chose to start airing it? ABC cannot expected to start a series in the Summer. late at that, and expect it to be a hit with the kind of ratings they want. A Fall start might have pulled it off, but ABC, look in the mirror, that is the cause of the low ratings, not the show. And now people might not be apt to watch it because they missed how many episodes solely because of when ABC chose to start airing it, which again will not help their all cherished ratings. Oh, and I emailed ABC yesterday right after I realized Defying Gravity was not on and before I posted. That goes a long (or little) way farther then just posting.
posted by trherald on Sep 21, 2009
TYPICAL!! Some good program comes along. Not a reality show. Worth staying up until 10pm for. No more! I'm done with ABC. PBS here I come!
posted by bubbafox on Sep 21, 2009
If the episodes were "all-conclusive" like a sitcom, I acknowledge their right to cancel a show. But this was an incomplete storyline and they should realize their obligation to their viewers. My relationship with this network has been concluded.
posted by Rochin76017 on Sep 21, 2009
As a scifi guy, I love this show. It is not a typical space adventure as there are not space battles, but the story is fantastic. I will drop ABC forever if they cancel it. I do not care how good another show might be, ABC you are dead to me forever if you cancel Defying Gravity.
posted by Derek S on Sep 21, 2009
I can't believe ABC is cancelling this show. From all the other comments, it seems as though ABC and their advertisers are missing out on a passionate demographic. Something is wrong. At a minimum, at least air the remaining episodes
posted by BlankMan on Sep 21, 2009
Stupid ABC. This is a perfect example why I don't watch Network Television with the exception of Hell's Kitchen, thank God it's not on ABC. They finally have a show that to me is worth watching and not missing and they cancel it. I have no sympathy if and when the networks go under with all the different ways to get programming these days. Well, I have to go download epidsode 9 now... See my point...
posted by Ken1w on Sep 21, 2009
I believe the SciFi (sorry - now "SyFy") Channel is looking for a "space opera," to take fill the huge gap left by the great and sorely missed "Battlestar Galactica." How can you get more space-opera-y than "Defying Gravity"? It would be the ideal SyFy (still hate that name spelling change) Channel show, and they would let it run to conclusion and give it better slot. Sunday at 10pm is a death sentence; I wouldn't even watch it without my DVR. Let's have SyFy pick it up, re-air the existing episode, and premiere a new season. If they can afford Battlestar and TWO Stargate shows running concurrently, they can afford their current line-up plus a bottle-show like Defying Gravity.
posted by TnT on Sep 20, 2009
This is a great show and ABC should continue it. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!! PLEASE Continue it!
posted by OnTheBandwagon on Sep 20, 2009
Small sample set but the common state is: KEEP THE FRIGGIN SHOW!!! Cool\Hot cast. Great story line, great graphics... Agree that if it could have been placed in a better time frame but SCI-Fi always gets screwed... FOX I think showed Star Trek for ever... Would not consider myself a SCI-Fi Geek however if loving this show names me one then I will honor the title. ABC please keep it or hopefully a better network will...
posted by simon on Sep 20, 2009
what a smart idea, put a good show on a sunday at 10 pm-11pm. people sleep early to go to work the next day. dont cancel it ABC, you simply need too deplace too an earlier time.
posted by JuergenB on Sep 20, 2009
Mid-season cancelations kill me! This is a great original show, easily beats reality show fare, even my wife is now watching and loving SCIFI, and if first couple of episodes were slow in action, the acting is great, the storyline and characters are deep, and the tension and suspense as well as action has picked up... We've invested in watching this show and I can't believe it's canceled mid-season! Please bring it back ASAP, or sell it to the SCIFI channel or someone who will actually air the entire season.
posted by MCassell on Sep 20, 2009
I could not even get through the first show. It was so boring. It was a soap opera attempting to get the attention of SciFi fans. It was a VERY POOR attempt as SciFi. Good ridence. It was a waste of a time slot.
posted by Concrned Vet on Sep 20, 2009
Bad acting, bad writing, and pathetic production are just the tip of the disasterous train-wreck that is "Defying Gravity." The storyline is so bad that one needs a roadmap and synopsis, just to figure out whether the story is taking place aboard the ship, or on the ground! Couple that with a rediculous concept, and you have the receipe for a failure. Good riddance!
posted by Kwzoe on Sep 19, 2009
ABC--please don't cancel! I'm so dissapointed that Men in Trees is gone and now this. Give it a chance! Please bring Defying Gravity back--it's good!
posted by Kwzoe on Sep 19, 2009
ABC--please don't cancel! I'm so dissapointed that Men in Trees is gone and now this. Give it a chance! Please bring Defying Gravity back--it's good!
posted by Pissed at ABC on Sep 18, 2009
I hope that another network will have the sense to pick up this series like what happened with JAG.
posted by choffman on Sep 18, 2009
Defying Gravity is the best show to come along since West Wing. Current TV offerings are such a vast wasteland of junk, it was no surprise to learn that this was a Canadian TV/BBC co-production. I liked it so well, that I watched it without the DVR and sat fuming through the ads! ABC finally has the opportunity to run an intelligent, entertaining and ORIGINAL show, BUT, it was on too late and aired in August when no one watches TV. Bring this show back- PLEASE!!!
posted by Another disappoited on Sep 18, 2009
I, too, am totally disappointed that ABC has decided to yank a program that surpasses "Lost" in it's stories,I have no other interest in any other program ABC offers, and as a foot note, my 10 year-old daughter also loves it.
posted by MeMe on Sep 18, 2009
Will they be auctioning off the sets? I can use a couple new monitors.
posted by Shawn Roy on Sep 16, 2009
I really Hate the fact that ABC an all the other big corporations have no interest in what we the people like!!! Fuck ABC, NBC, CBS, an FOX.. You the big corps are all owned by other big corps who make your decisions for you. Stand UP PEOPLE FOR YOUR RIGHTS!
posted by Razzle on Sep 16, 2009
how can they cancle such a show...this is so stupid its one of the best series i ever seen
posted by gnarly on Sep 16, 2009
Good shows get cancelled. Insipid reality shows get more insipid. Maybe syfy will pick up defying gravity. I'll be keeping track of ABC's advertisers and buying from their competition.
posted by docwho2100 on Sep 16, 2009
the support page is found at defyinggravity . wetpaint .
posted by docwho2100 on Sep 16, 2009
there is a site trying to list ideas for support
posted by GoodStuff on Sep 15, 2009
Great show with elements of "Lost", but with better actors and a better premise. Keep it on the air....
posted by MWM on Sep 15, 2009
The lack of advertising is definitely one of the biggest pitfalls for why this show is getting canceled. I came upon this show on Digg accidentally when it was already 6 episodes into its run. Pretty sad I never heard of it, but of course did see advertising for all the other ABC drivel. As someone mentioned above, I could careless about hack celebrities dancing like buffoons, I just want some quality entertainment that doesn't get canceled. Put DG back on the air.
posted by Dg fan on Sep 15, 2009
Ok ABC I'm not sure who the pencil neck geek is in the office that decided to cancel the show but i watch it everyweek on hulu and i am rather enthralled by the show yes some episodes are slower than others but i feel that someone in that office there at ABC needs to remove their head from unmentionable orifaces and leave the show alone and keep makeing more episodes not only cuz i'm huge into the whole scifi thing but cuz its a show that has caught my interest and has kept it and speaking for myself thats pretty good and when a show like this comes along i would appreciate it if it stayed on because its is something i look forward to.
posted by Ircemi on Sep 15, 2009
DG is a great show with alot of potential. Give it a chance.
posted by charlesv on Sep 15, 2009
hm can't seem to comment
posted by nowucme on Sep 15, 2009
Far too many great shows cancelled, far to many "reality" shows stays. Seriously, who is at the ABC helm? this/they really need to have a major psych or for that matter, an intelligence check. ABC!!! you are losing viewers. DOn't you get it?
posted by Connie on Sep 15, 2009
I love the show! ABC execs, keep this show on the air!! I watched it on hulu, in the beginning, and may have come back to ABC. You are losing consumers. To it's advertisers, pressure ABC to put it back on the air!
posted by NoMoreRealityTV on Sep 15, 2009
TV execs obviously have no attention span so why would they expect the audiences to. I never saw a single ad for this show - found it on Hulu. I don't know how ratings are computed any more since EVERYONE spools shows and watches them later, but it's time for someone to get a clue and find a better way. Far too many GREAT shows that people with brains watch are killed before they really have a chance. I can't stand reality TV and will NEVER EVER watch it.
posted by rom077 on Sep 15, 2009
Interesting show with very good potential. The show had science fiction, myster and the human element. A great mix. I hope that the show will be given a chance.
posted by gabrielle 04 on Sep 15, 2009
I hope ABC does not cancel DG. It really is the best thing they have aired in a while. I think it's a mistake. I think that if they just air a few more episodes and promos it would find a definite following. I really feel strongly that it's a hit with the right TLC. ABC, please don't give up on it just yet.
posted by Doc on Sep 15, 2009
Life on Mars last season and now Defying Gravity. I've lost my faith in mankind. Two great ABC shows nixed. Still keeping my fingers crossed that V won't be next on the cancellation list.
posted by pemberley on Sep 15, 2009
Drmatic episodic television will die - and with it lots of ad revenues - if ABC and others don't develop more patience. This is a fine show with a talented cast. Chalk up another mistake by poor executives with little foresight!
posted by LRHG on Sep 15, 2009
Makes perfect sense. An intelligent show that's something different, so you don't allow it to develop. Why bother putting it on in the first place? Why not another insipid "reality" show instead?
posted by dWg on Sep 14, 2009
You can't start a show in the summer and expect instant hit. It is a great show that needs better advertising for it so people will get interested. Give it another chance, it is a Great show.
posted by Egwene on Sep 14, 2009
ARGH! Cancelled? Awesome show, worth promoting not cancelling. ABC, get your act together.
posted by cstearns on Sep 14, 2009
FINALLY a show I really looked forward to seeing.. . And at the cliffhanger episode it gets canceled. Doesn't ABC care about its viewers? I can't believe they canceled it when we are all trying to figure out what was in POD 4. That's just cruel. Great story line, great acting, lousy time slot. There's so much GARBAGE on TV, why this show? If ABC doesn't change its mind and bring it back, I'M CANCELING ABC! Right back atcha.
posted by boo on Sep 14, 2009
NOOOO It's an awesome show, watch it every week!! Dont cancel, please!
posted by Tom.W on Sep 14, 2009
That's it ABC is off my viewing list ! Period
posted by Shelldigity on Sep 14, 2009
I *just* found this show on TV last night. Hadn't heard a single thing about it and thought it was the season premiere. My husband and I got all excited and set our DVR to record all future episodes -- we thought it was the best show we'd seen on ABC in a long, LONG time. Then I get on my computer today and find this. Fail.
posted by mmariana on Sep 14, 2009
I think this was the first show I every watched on ABC. I really got hooked. I just saw one episode on TV the rest I saw online. They should give it another chance or maybe another network can pick it up.
posted by dbl219 on Sep 14, 2009
I'm just praying that CTV will continue airing the show in Canada. I've been a big fan from day one, and at the very least I'm hoping I'll be able to download subsequent episodes. With five more hours of programming already in the can, I'll be immensely annoyed if I can't see them, especially as they're about to do the big Beta reveal. And while I do understand why some people might have trouble getting into the show, I've gotta agree with most of what's being said here: the blame is mostly with ABC, for doing absolutely nothing to promote it or even make the show's existence remotely known to the world. Hell, if it weren't for the fact that I habitually browse the networks for new programming during primetime hours, I'd have never known the show existed.
posted by cj on Sep 14, 2009
It was too complicated and hard to follow for the average tv viewer - they don't want to have to concentrate or try to figure anything out if it not just plain easy. No advertising, horrible planning as to the start date and no vision for the future. Another decent show and not enough respect to even allow the viewers to see a few final episodes.
posted by EAR on Sep 14, 2009
Loved the show. Got the whole office watching it. Please don't end. We want more!
posted by sean g on Sep 14, 2009
please..please..please dont cancel! such a good show! plus i wanna know what the hell is in pod 4!!!
posted by n8salem on Sep 14, 2009
abc you've lost my family forever! STUPID STUPID move.
posted by Jason on Sep 14, 2009
I think the show is a victim of starting in August, when no one is looking for new shows. I saw it for the first time on 9/13 and liked it and starting asking my friends about it and none of them had heard about it.
posted by george Lost In Deep on Sep 14, 2009
Yes, I am writing to all the so-called companies that paid for ads on this show and lame network. No thank you ABC.
posted by DAP on Sep 14, 2009
The problem as I saw it was very simple: boredom. It simply didn't move at a reasonable pace. Too little action, but then space is basically boring. Too slow to get to the main idea of beta. Apparently the whole show was nothing more than playing hide and seek with beta with no story once it was revealed. I watched the first five with enthusiasm, then got tired of rehashing old facts. When will writers learn? You can't capture a sophisticated audience with continuous repetition. There has to be an unfolding story that has something to say, not something to say again and again and again .....
posted by OfNoConsequence on Sep 14, 2009
{sigh} Look's like ABC has found it's "Firefly". An incredibly well done show that the network doesn't want to succeed. ABC, if you're reading this I really have to ask: What kind of monkeys do you have making these programming decisions? Fire them for God (and the rest of us) sake and put Defying Gravity back on. It's one of the best shows I've seen come off of network television in years!
posted by Rickster on Sep 14, 2009
WHAT??? Now we won't know the identity of Beta, or what the true mission was, or...or...DOOOHHHH!!!!! BLAST!! ABC, what kind of pencil neck people make these decisions??? I hate this job!!! Rick
posted by Kennedyd3 on Sep 14, 2009
Oddly enough DG had the honor of the same time slot as one of our favorite shows, Mad Men. We have watched both since their first episode. Mad Men did not have good numbers until it started winning awards. Since DG was from the Grey's anatomy people it was a fantastic show and definately would have been successful. ABC once again missed a great chance for success. I fear they will never learn. I agree with the ad comments. Maybe it is Steve Job's inside the Pod? We will probably never know.
posted by Kathie on Sep 14, 2009
I don't watch much TV but saw this show on Hulu and liked it so I looked for it on ABC. I was airing in the Boston area at like 2 in the morning! I did get to see the "final" episode last night and couldn't believe it was the end of the series. It was a REALLY good show. A little sci-fi a little romance a little drama - a little bit of something for everyone. I am sooooo disappointed...
posted by crush1nemo on Sep 14, 2009
Great another great show gone. Thanks ABC great choice!
posted by ABCFails on Sep 14, 2009
A show should not be cancelled based on fake viewer ratings. This is the worst way to determine what stays on tv and what goes. Yet another GREAT show cancelled WAY WAY WAY too soon. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox all do it, every one of them has cancelled a great show before it's time. Give a show a chance ABC!!! Especially when you premiere the series in the summertime.
posted by bigsky on Sep 14, 2009
I'm so annoyed at ABC. What did they expect when they started a show in the middle of summer at a crappy time? They continue to jerk around viewers so that fans can never follow their shows (DG, Life on Mars, Pushing Daisies, etc, etc) I don't even watch TV anymore as a result....what's the point. I swore off ABC once DG came out, but now the network's dead to me again. I hope I can watch the episodes online from CTV or hulu or that SyFy pics it up.
posted by jc on Sep 14, 2009
ABC blows it again. I'm sure the CTV version will be available on the torrents. Sorry ABC, you lose.
posted by BokeeliaBrian on Sep 14, 2009
ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This was this only show I really watched, better than LOST but with a really crappy time slot. What are they going to follow up with next, more "reality" TV? This move is so BAD. Give the show a break ad put it a watchable schedule.
posted by Jeeshman on Sep 14, 2009
Did ABC spend *any* advertising money on this show? I never saw a single ad... if it weren't for word of mouth, I never would've known it existed. And it was GOOD.
posted by Elisa Wolfe on Sep 14, 2009
Who is running ABC? Very dumb move. One of the best shows on TV. Kinda really tired of hospitals, cops, lawyers and spoiled unhappy rich kids. Why don't the networks give some of these shows a chance? Please, Brothers & Sisters on season 4? Is there anything on the that show we haven't seen a thousand times over? Is there any chance of it being picked up by a better station?
posted by Vincent Moneymaker on Sep 14, 2009
Literally, this is the only network show I watch on a weekly basis. I found it on Hulu and thought it was a great show. Seems ridiculous to play it in the summer on Sunday evenings at 10:00 pm and expect anything more than minimal ratings. I would like to know what it's Hulu ratings were. I'll bet they were pretty good.
posted by Fan on Sep 14, 2009
Defying Gravity was the only reason I even watched ABC. What a bunch of out to lunch idiots!!!!
posted by gary b. on Sep 14, 2009
absolutely no marketing for this show.... i stumbled upon the season finale and totally wanted more. it was interested and GOOD! I can't believe that it's gone just like that, they need a good sci-fi show on TV, and this really seemed like it was! guess i'm stuck with fringe...
posted by Connie on Sep 14, 2009
I enjoy watching this show, and hardly watch any shows on ABC. Bad choice on ABC's part. I hope they reconsider.
posted by Deb on Sep 14, 2009
What is wrong with you, ABC?! Seems like you set Defying Gravity up to fail without ever giving it a chance. Really sad to see something with a little substance being sacrificed so easily. VERY disappointed in the news!
posted by YJS on Sep 14, 2009
Am truly disappointed in ABC. No wonder more and more people watch HGTV and Food Network - you don't get roped into a story line only to be disappointed because they cancel it and you never get to see the end. Seriously, if the X-Files was on right now, it would probably be cancelled. Why do networks not like anything but stinking crime and med shows?!? Do they not realize some people like SciFi? I agree, let the SyFy channel pick it up!
posted by aby on Sep 14, 2009
Honestly you really can't blame ABC here. The ratings have been awful. TV is a business and DG was not ever going to be profitable. They did advertise in the begining but when the ratings stank from the get go they clearly decided not to throw good money after bad. I watched the show and would continue to watch but this is a case of logic. Bad ratings = cancellation in almost all situations. I said almost because somehow (thankfully) dollhouse got a second season defying all expectations there.
posted by Connie Pabon on Sep 14, 2009
Nooo! I love that show, ABC is in the wrong here. I started watching on hulu, and was getting hooked. Hey ABC, I would of started watching on your network if you had kept it. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
posted by Boomstix on Sep 14, 2009
I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of many of the reviewers here. Why ABC are canceling this show is beyond me. If something doesn't have instant ratings success it is cancelled. I guess we can all look forward to a time where there will be no drama left and all we will be left with is mind-numbingly moronic reality tv programming. Way to lose what's left of your viewing audience ABC!
posted by steve on Sep 14, 2009
Now what am I supposed to watch when I get stoned on a Sunday evening?! It's an absolute shame to cancel such a fantastic show.. It ain't wrong to admit you are wrong ABC! BTW, DG is so much than just a scifi or a drama show.. it's an amazing vision into our future.. for example, anyone noticed how DG managed to smoothly include futuristic gadgets in the storyline? Things that will soon be all around us, like the microchipped-business cards or the wireless/rechargable heart charging thingie. GREAT LOSS for ABC.
posted by angree fan on Sep 14, 2009
Being a fan since day one. A show which had a very intersesting plot. Then to be cancelled on a clifhanger episode."Pod 4?" If ABC had just advertised the show or put it in a better time slot, they wouuld've had more viewers. Hopefully wiht the responses on this site and the doezen i've alredy been on. can get the DG back on a network.
posted by Webringer on Sep 14, 2009
Defying Gravity was the only show my family watched together. The show had a terrible time slot and no marketing. I came across it on digg and decided to watch it beginning at episode 3. My family got hooked after episode 4.
posted by NimrodAUS on Sep 14, 2009
Science Fiction just doesnt seem to ever get the kind of view numbers as other "main stream" shows. As Chris has stated, I think half the problem was that there was not a great deal of advertising. They should have got the hype up months and months before it was going to air. Maybe we could do a Jericho and send millions of little green dots or something to the network to try and get them to order another season. Atleast if they had a second season and it wasnt going as well as they want they could maybe rap it up in a better, less only just started story way. I need closure to this show. I just hate it when they cancel good tv. Especially when there is so so much garbage that seems to go forever. eg: any reality tv show (especially IDOL) lol.
posted by Daisy on Sep 14, 2009
So much reality TV, DG was a creative oasis in a desert. God I hate the voice of the masses outweighing good TV
posted by Poet on Sep 14, 2009
ABC seems uninterested in my viewership. Defying Gravity was the only reason I made my way in that direction. Perhaps another network will pick it up if CTV continues. There's always Syfy.
posted by ABCBoycotter on Sep 14, 2009
Thank you Brian, well put, FUCK ABC. Hulu did more to promote this than ABC (although not much) and garnered a decent audience. I never watch ABC anyways because it's a never ending parade of 'reality' crap and drama bullshit... this show started to change my mind. If people are really interested in punishing ABC they should start downloading their shows from the Torrent network (which are free and do not contain commercials). Hopefully the network will fail as a whole and be an example to others that continue to screw their viewers. Goodbye ABC!!!
posted by Stardust on Sep 14, 2009
What a bunch of crap. The only show on ABC worth watching and they take if off. Nothing like setting up a show to fail right off the fricken bat!!
posted by tmannle on Sep 14, 2009
I agree with Nimrod....a good, solid show, and Pod 4 contents must be revealed!!! Here's a clue ABC, there are viewers out there who like this the other episodes, if you must, but order more, and bring it back in January!!!!!
posted by Loved it! on Sep 14, 2009
Well I won't be watching anymore shows from the "alphabet". Period. No more. Tired of shows I like to watch getting canceled. Shame on you ABC.
posted by Violette on Sep 14, 2009
We LOVE this show! ABC is starting to stand for Already Been Cancelled. Perhaps its time for a boycott??
posted by NimrodAUS on Sep 14, 2009
I cant believe it. I just get hooked on this show and now they are going to cancel it. It is an awesome show and episode 8 was the best so far and leave it open to something fantastic. I really want to know what is in POD 4, Ill be so cut if I cant find out.
posted by dont cancel on Sep 14, 2009
I hope someone from ABC reads this, if this is a publicity stunt fine, otherwise you suck and I will boycott your network forever, I didnt think anybody could be as dumb as FOX but apparently you are.
posted by POD 4 on Sep 14, 2009
Tell us ABC, why are you doing this? What is on Pod 4? Dont tell us its just a bunch of incandescent light bulbs.
posted by Gordan on Sep 14, 2009
Of course, it's not as "intelligent" and as "challening" as washed-out stars dancing the very same routines in a way too short skirts for their less than young legs... or brothers who find sisters (or was it bros?) who were long ago "produced" and then lost by their omnipotent daddy... etc, etc. DG was not only a show for men, as some may think, but for thinking men and women. RIP!
posted by DGfan0001 on Sep 14, 2009
Keep the Show! or help it get to a better network!
posted by Zatz on Sep 14, 2009
Hmm and they wonder why television is going the way of the DoDo bird.. No advertising for this show yet the caliber of acting, sets and intelligent storyline.. had me and many hooked. **SIGH**
posted by Casey on Sep 14, 2009
I watch this show every week. I love how far it has come. A little shaky with the Pilot (as most are) but the characters I have become really attached to as we find out more and more about them... POD 4... OMG... WE NEED THE LAST FEW EPISODES! COME ON!!!! Season 2 could use a bigger FX budget as the FX in this show are worse than Season 1 of Smallville. But the sets are fantastic. Music in the show also could use a different direction (*ahem* me *ahem*). I sent a comment to ABC. Prolly wont help but.. it's worth having your voice heard at least.
posted by GreenHornet on Sep 14, 2009
Defying Gravity was a great show, but I knew the handwriting was on the wall when they started screwing with it: no previews, no advertising on other nets and on the 9-07 episode Livingston's final talk with Zoe was chopped off in mid-sentence by the local affiliate or the network? Great job ABC!!! You suck and, blow it at the same time!!!!
posted by Rand on Sep 14, 2009
DG gone? SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!
posted by Truly Disappointed on Sep 14, 2009
I am disappointed and disgusted with ABC and how they grab a decent audience and then cancel the show with no warning! This was one of my favs. Shame on you ABC for leaving viewers hanging and cancelling this show! I am beginning to wonder if ABC is worth watching anymore.
posted by FireStarter on Sep 14, 2009
For all fans of "Defying Gravity", it looks like CTV (Canadian Television) will still be airing 3 more episodes this season... and lucky for us, these can be viewed on their website the day after they air (September 18, 25, and TBA)!
posted by Anna Wilson on Sep 14, 2009
Abc keeps canceling good shows, I don't get it. I don't watch reality drivel(cept for amazing race which has SOME sort of intelligence behind it a portion of the time), seems that's all they care about these days.
posted by webdiva on Sep 14, 2009
Of *course* ABC canceled the show: it never intended Defying Gravity to be a keeper, just a placeholder until the autumn schedule began. Proof? No promotion for this show whatsoever, not on ABC, and not on other networks where it would have made sense -- like SciFi (whoops! really hate that silly new spelling ...), USA network, TNT, FX, Spike, Discovery channel, Discovery Science, BBC America, PBS or HBO (there probably would be a significant number of crossover viewers, for instance, if ads for Defying Gravity had run before and after episodes of True Blood, and that's only one example; I know this because I myself switched from True Blood to Defying Gravity every Sunday night, and I discovered Defying Gravity by accident. Similarly, there's probably a potential viewership among fans of PBS's Nova, Nova Science Now, and Masterpiece, or among fans of sci-fi films on FX; but ABC is so closed minded that it didn't even think to advertise Defying Gravity on a network as obvious as SciFi, um, SyFy. Now, how blind do you have to be to miss THAT? Or how determined for Defying Gravity to fail ...?). The truth of the matter is that ABC had this series pegged wrong from the start, probably intentionally so (Gray's Anatomy in space??! Oh, please. What network nitwit thought of *that* kiss of death?? Like anyone interested in either the space program or speculative fiction would give a damn about Gray's Anatomy -- NOT). ABC didn't make an ounce of effort to promote it, they were hoping not to have to support this show into the fall or winter replacement seasons because the show isn't cheap to make, and they're relieved that they can now justify the decision to cancel because they deliberately created a self-fulfilling prophecy here. Besides, their programmers are stupid enough to think they can only afford to have one 'sci-fi' show on ABC, and they've already put all their markers on FlashForward -- after first removing as many vestiges of real science fiction as they could. Mark my words: FlashForward will be a real disappointment to anyone expecting genuine science fiction or even mildly interesting speculative fiction and may not even provide a sufficient fix to Lost fans (may they all drown in their self-indulgent fixations). The dead giveaway here is that ABC doesn't even intend to show the last few episodes of this season, despite the fact that they don't have anything else ready to go before the fall season starts. As for reruns of existing shows doing better than DG, well DUH -- people already know what *those* shows are about, and their fans are already invested in watching reruns until the new episodes are broadcast. So that's not convincing proof of anything regarding DG, which almost nobody knew about. Meanwhile, Canadian TV will have to do a much better job of promoting Defying Gravity to its viewers and scheduling it next to programming that attracts a more compatible viewership. But there is also a golden opportunity here for a US cable network to pick up Defying Gravity, properly promote it, and run with a sleeper hit: not unlike The X Files, this show has the potential to grow a devoted audience -- but it needs visibility and sensible positioning in the viewing schedule for that to happen. There's a reason the reinvented Battlestar Galactica wasn't shown on broadcast TV: those tubers-for-brains broadcast programmers and execs never had the imagination or willingness to let BSG be the hit that it became -- and it became a hit by being good drama first. Defying Gravity is also good drama (TNT, anyone?), but it needs a genuine chance to become a hit -- not the programmed-for-death treatment it received at the hands abominable ABC. My advice: Some cable network should snap up Defying Gravity for a good sale price, then promote the hell out of it on the abovementioned networks AND show it on a week night when the broadcast schedule is weak -- like Wednesdays -- and surround DG on its schedule with compatible programming. Most important: DON'T schedule DG on a weekend or opposite shows like and including Heroes, Smallville, the Vampire Diaries, Nova, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Fringe, Stargate Universe, or FlashForward but **DO** advertise during those shows on those networks, among others. Do that, and you'll have a hit on your hands before you're halfway through season 2. Believe it.
posted by LINBUR0100 on Sep 14, 2009
Typical of ABC to cancel a great show that actually had some intelligence to it. The only thing they will leave on for more than a few episodes is mindless reality drivel. Great job ABC.
posted by bryan on Sep 14, 2009
Fuck ABC..... they couldn't at least air the last episodes!!! i never saw a single ad for this show - no wonder it had such a low view count. i tuned in on ep 3 and had to track the other episodes down because i was so interested... and now, so close to beta -- they pull the plug... i was very happy with the cast and the way they worked together, everything seemed to mesh... so needless to say, myself and my coworkers are irate about this decision. Fuck ABC
posted by a huge fan on Sep 14, 2009
DO NOT CANCEL !!!! Best show i have seen on ABC IN YEARS !!!! - even my 12 year old daughter is hooked on the show
posted by Vir Cotto on Sep 14, 2009
It wouldnt have matter how long it had to "develop" its ratings started out mediocre and got worse as it shed viewers during its entire run. Had it started out mediocre then slowly GAINED viewers, then it might have had a chance. Bottom line is that if a show doesnt perform its gets the axe. KINGS suffered from the same problem. If the show caught on in the UK and Canada then it would continue - havent heard any viewer numbers outside the US.
posted by Vir Cotto on Sep 14, 2009
Defying Gravity could have been good has it been mroe like a series version of the move 2010 (sequel to 2001) and not gummed up with tons of flashbacks and sex crazed Greys Anatomy type crew members. Eventually the spoilers for the unaired episodes will be revealed. Its supposed to continue airing in the UK from what Ive heard. Its pretty clear that Pod 4 contains Beta. Odds are the real mission is to take Beta home after it crashed on Earth in exchange it gave humans new technology. Maybe it came from Neptune? In the end, the show was too dull - no matter when it aired it would have gotten the axe.
posted by Biggest Fan on Sep 14, 2009
I Love the show simply said. I looked forward to watching every week. Only new show that I had interest in ABC - after Batterstar Galactic this was it. Please give it time to develop.
posted by Richard Bishop on Sep 14, 2009
The first show that I've taken an interest in about 5 yrs and now the can it. Great job ABC!

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