ABC: 'Defying Gravity' Very Much Alive

September 15, 2009 02:31:26 GMT

The network only didn't have enough time to air all the episodes because the Fall season is entering.

ABC: 'Defying Gravity' Very Much Alive
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Despite taking low number of audience each week, "Defying Gravity" will still escape from being cut. According to Futon Critic, the show's publicist, Nicole Marostica, issued a statement that ABC is not giving up on the show and is still figuring out a time slot to air the last 5 episodes of season 1. Marostica didn't give any indication though on when roughly the show will return on screen.

The speculation that the show is canceled after only eight episodes was based on the fact that a preview for next week was not given at the end of the September 13 episode. Plus, the show has been absorbing only 2.5 million viewers in average since the third episode. The only reason that ABC puts the show in vacuum apparently is because it started the summer season late and didn't have the time to air all the 13 episodes.

"Brothers & Sisters" retains its September 27 premiere at 10/9c slot. Meanwhile, for this coming Sunday, September 20, ABC will present feature movie "King Kong" because it doesn't want to battle an original with CBS' live broadcast of 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.


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posted by wantingmore on Jul 30, 2011
I loved this series when it came out and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. I just got it on dvd and watched the five bonus episodes, now I really want more. I wish the power that be had a brain.
posted by series on Jan 17, 2011
i found defying on netflix didn't even know about it. Great series, only to find it's canceled, I;m so sick of them canceling great shows with promise...Please don't cancel
posted by defgravit on Dec 07, 2010
I loved this one. Why cancel so interesting and creative show. It made me realise the meaning of my own courage. Please make this journey continue.
posted by Bo on Oct 08, 2010
I just found this show on Netflix. My wife and I watched all the episodes and then found out it had been cancelled. It was a great show. Why are there so many CSI (name of dumb city here) shows out there. And when there's actually a good show out there they cancel it. ABC, you blow.
posted by Rafael on Aug 31, 2010
It's so wonderful. Why? Was it the economical crisis that made you stop? The lack of audience? The controversial of the theme? I wanted to "see" uranus, saturn, learn details, probabilities, and dream about a trip like these around the galaxy. And maybe in a future show, a trip to out of Milk Way... Its all so promising. Please, don't let it fade away... Rafael From Brazil
posted by Onewhoenjoyedtheshow on Jul 24, 2010
I loved this show and truely hope that they reconcider axeing it. It has all the elaments to one of the great shows on tv now.
posted by Vic on Jun 29, 2010
I think the decision to axe Defying Gravity is piss poor. This show definitely had the potential to rival even BSG and almost leaves SGU for dead! ABC definitely boobed on this one through sheer mismanagement: how do they expect to get good ratings if nobody knows about the show?? Now NOBODY advertises a new show just 3 weeks before it first airs, unless of course they deliberately want it to be a flop. It's also an extreme letdown to any sci-fi fan worth his/her salt. I guess that at this time hoping the series may be resurrected would be hoping for a miracle.
posted by CB7 on May 18, 2010
I've only just found out tonight that Defying Gravity has been canceled by looking it up on the internet. I just wanted to say, I feel your pain too guys and girls out there! It was a great show and I was really looking forward to seeing how the story would progress. But, I had a nasty feeling it might of got axed becasue over here in the UK, they first aired it prime time during the middle of the week, but then soon dumped it on to late Saturday nights, I guess because of poor viewing figures. I also found out a few days ago that 2 of my other favorite shows, Hero's and Flash Forward have also been canceled... GGGRRRRRR it makes me so angry!!! We invest so much time in watching, getting to know and falling in love with these great shows only to have them snatched out of our hands and ripped up. I think there should be some kind of law that states if a network is going to make one of these shows it should made to do a final season to end the story, if the network wants to eventually axe it. At least then we would have some kind of closure. I feel like I just can't be bothered to watch any more of these great shows anymore... whats the point when their just going to be axed all the time!
posted by bettajune on May 15, 2010
Stiil waiting for the show. This crap makes me NOT want to watch any more pilots or new shows. Why get interested in something you've invested hours and hours of your time watching? ABC really advertised and put the hard sell on the show, and got me very interested. I've seen every one of the episodes and have been wondering what happened... Similar thing with "V" and "Happytown" got interested and then all you get is coming soon... Defying Gravity didn't even get that. C'mon ABC get it together and stop using your audience as guinea pigs and lab rats! At least run the episodes you've already taped!
posted by Lex from Tex on May 14, 2010
I am so sick of ABC cutting good SciFi shows. You need to keep this series. It is awesome. I hope you change your minds and keep it....If not... maybe with some luck Syfi channel will pick it up for those of us who love it!
posted by orionstardustmoon on May 03, 2010
ABC, what were you thinking? This show is wonderful and I love it. I purchased the CD and have watched it at least 3 times. I can only hope to see the remainder of the series. Please, soon, and get the word out. I did not know about the show until I found the CD and bought it.
posted by TZ on Mar 26, 2010
Love this show, ím tired of shows whith no sustenance. Then comes Defying Gravity, a great series and they try to trash it. Reminds me of Battlestar Galactica (the first one in 1979) e few episodes and they lefts us gagging for more, and sorry but the new one does not make the first one justice. Keep Defying Gravity alive.... TZ from Portugal
posted by FABIEN on Mar 24, 2010
We finally had a show that was both entertaining and intellegent. And with great Canadian actors. From the mouth of one of those actors, 'they released the show before they had any commercials to promote it, so instead of 40 million veiwers they only got 7 million'. I believe they could have had a major success on their hands. Some of the most successful series only started with 4 million viewers..but today money talks and we are taken for vieweing sheeps, are we?
posted by Johnnymac on Feb 18, 2010
Hey Im from the UK and I fracin love this tv program I so hope you loonies over there dont cancell it OMG what arer you thinking!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Kcw0809 on Feb 12, 2010
Yes, ABC Can't cancel it until they get back from Space or Die in it. But for Heaven's sake don't take hours of our lives and then leave questions unaswered. We have enough of those already. Thanks.;
posted by glmvictory on Feb 08, 2010
Please Please Please Do not cancel this show. This is a great show. What is more amazing is that I discovered the show via netflix. Please advertise/market this show and it will be successful. I am a sci-fi fan but you will need to reach out to non sci-fi fans like Battlestar Galactica did to get the following you would like to see
posted by ambrerose on Jan 04, 2010
I'm begging...please do NOT cancel this show. V is horrible. This is fantastic. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL. Advertise it for goodness sake. People will watch. People will love.
posted by KikI on Jan 02, 2010
posted by Angel PCHZ on Dec 22, 2009
I CANNOT BELEIVE I bloody watched the first series again, of a bloody show that's been axed - or as near as, now what?!
posted by french man on Dec 06, 2009
i m living in france and i just finished the 13th episode. itb's finished i can't beleive it. we must do something allez
posted by mick on Dec 02, 2009
G'day from oz. This is a great show can't wait to see more.
posted by trekkie.chiq on Dec 01, 2009
apparently the sets have all been destroyed, but the creator still has 3 seasons already written and planned out. hopefully they can pick up again. i love this show, it's the only show that's new, all the other shows are just spin-offs now, just like all music now-a-days is nothing but remixes. i was so happy to watch something original for once. but i guess the networks just want to keep the status quo going.
posted by lovescifi on Nov 25, 2009
Kinda got lost watching the pilot the first time around especially since I only caught it in the middle. Took me 2 episodes to finally "get it" and had to rush to the internet to rewatch the pilot. Don't want to miss a single one now and they have cancelled it?
posted by Centurion. on Nov 23, 2009
Sorry to all those who liked it but I call it Defining Boredom. So slow I used to make the tea during the show and watch the adverts!
posted by thephatp on Nov 19, 2009
This is an awesome show, and I'd be very sad to see it die. I've gotten into Flash Forward, but the worst part about that show is the actors. They are TERRIBLE. Defying Gravity didn't have a single bad actor (or actress ;) in the show. And with as many main players as they do have, that's saying something. This show is AWESOME... so PLEASE find another time to watch it. And let me say this--my wife hates SCI-FI and space stuff, but she actually really liked Defying Gravity.
posted by scifier on Nov 13, 2009
Please, don´t cancel defying gravity!c´mon people, let´s see if they at least listen to something about the fans,only 13 episodes and a legion of fans!!!!!
posted by letsgo on Nov 13, 2009
if you search for DG in google there is a site that is making a petition for not cancelling this, so please sign it!!!!
posted by Beaker on Nov 13, 2009
like most shows like this they don't seem to be advertised,so it takes time for people to catch on. I found out about this from a friend and have now watched all 13 episodes and thought it was absolutely fantastic. The characters had depth the story line unfolded at a reasonable pace unlike some programmes that don't seem to know where they are going. i sincerly hope they continue to make this series as i hope it doesn't go the same way as firefly. p.s. If only they would cancel all these reality programmes instead.:-)
posted by Mathman54 on Nov 11, 2009
I hope this show is not cancelled. Like "Babylon 5" this show is like a novel, not a series of independent short stories. Has ABC even advertised this show? I only know about it because I found it on HULU.
posted by jfkars on Nov 10, 2009
Cancel?! People don't even know about it yet.... And all who find out about it love it. But hey it wouldnt be the first great show to get X:ed just because someone is too dumb to see the potential.
posted by MAKO on Nov 09, 2009
Stupid ABC! I will never watch any movie on this channel if they don't continue with next season of DEFYING GRAVITY! STUPID PEOPLE ON ABC! DON'T CANCEL THE SHOW!!!IF U DO IT ...ABC IS THE STUPID CHANNEL IN WORLD!
posted by gate-nut on Nov 08, 2009
With star gate sg1 and star gate atlantis cut I belive this is the best plot of a si-fi show out there. My wife isn't a si-fi fanatic but says she can follow the plot unlike star gate universe whitch I have to pause 4 times a show to explain the show. You guys need to keep this show going please.Thanks,
posted by mj00419 on Nov 03, 2009
I am dying to see what happens next! Defying Gravity is one of the only shows that is worth any attention, and it is so original! Please do not cancel this show!
posted by Carine Schan on Nov 03, 2009
SEASON TWO!!!!!! NOW!!! Finally a tv show that´s worth it !!! What are they waiting for? Flash forward is so terrible!!
posted by sinambo on Nov 01, 2009
This show is excellent stuff. I would love if this continues. Haven't seen anything with such depth in long time. So ABC go figure!
posted by Annie on Nov 01, 2009
Oh, god PLEASE don't cancel this show! I think it's actually quite amazing and deserves to have a bigger following than it actually does right now. I can't believe they destroyed the sets!! Typical: a show where we -actually have to pay attention to details- and it gets cancelled so quick. Jesus fricking Christ.
posted by Jean on Oct 30, 2009
I won't start watching "V" -- or any other new ABC program. If they won't give a show a chance to find and build its audience, I won't invest my time.
posted by discogold on Oct 29, 2009
well my english is bad. i meant to say that i hope they do not cut defying gravity. i think it is a good series and hope to see more soon. i like these kind of shows. thank you
posted by Discogold on Oct 29, 2009
I hope they do cut the show defying gravity I for one think it is a good and should continue. Am waiting for it to start up again.
posted by Diskmaster on Oct 27, 2009
OK now there has to be a season 2! PLEASE !!!
posted by Diskmaster on Oct 27, 2009
OK now there has to be a season 2! PLEASE !!!
posted by DG Fan on Oct 27, 2009
I agree with many of the other postings that Defying Gravity is one of the best sci-fi shows in years. The writing is good the storyline is incredible. WE NEED TO SEE A SEASON 2!
posted by dracolady on Oct 26, 2009
goes to show you that good tv just cant be allowed the cast the writing everything was great and now they leave us HANGING please bring it back
posted by ScottishKev on Oct 26, 2009
Why the hell are you cancelling this show. It's the best sci-fi in years! I've just watched the final episode Kiss (#13) and went on-line to find out when season two was due. Please take into consideration the number of people downloading the show!! Every sci-fi fan i know absolutely loved it. Great cast, fantastic effects. Get real and get this show back on for season! Now! Please!
posted by Warren on Oct 25, 2009
I just finished 12 and waiting to see 13 just to find out they would cancell the show. Im happy to see that Im not the only one trying to make my voice heard and so many are sending posts all over to support. My thought on this all. I doubt it could continue 6 years or something to that effect but this does deserve a completed mission with and incredible ending. The show is great do 2 seasons more finish the mission and at least with a 2 hours special finale. The charecters are great and compliment each other well.
posted by Pissed on Oct 25, 2009
Will never watch ABC again
posted by alvaro-Spain on Oct 25, 2009
I cannot believe they can cancel such a GREAT,AWESOME SHOW!!!i made most of my friends downloaded it here in Spain and we LOVE it!!! DON´T CANCEL IT!!!
posted by wombat on Oct 24, 2009
With the last episode (Kiss) now accessible it brings me sadness to reflect on the loss of this most promising series. This first season has delivered a show of considerable excellence - great visual detail backed up by excellent character development and strong scriptwriting. Wheels within wheels were uncovered, dramatic tension captured, and a fabulous foundation for the future. But there is no future as the series has not been renewed. My thanks to all involved in this intelligent "science fiction" contribution. Shame on networks and the wider world for not seeing the quality of this show, and supporting it. So many questions remain.
posted by mklind on Oct 24, 2009
Just watched the last episode on a Canadian Channel. I read that the show has officially been cancelled and the sets destroyed. This is the best show I've seen in awhile. Keep your reality TV viewers.. the rest of us will just start reading more.
posted by locofojava on Oct 24, 2009
This is the best show on TV I hope some one at the network grows a pair and stands up for this show and goes forward with it. if not I will be forced to remove ABC from my viewing. it is so rare that a program can move me in a way that this show has.
posted by charliebumfluff on Oct 24, 2009
well CTV has completed air of all 13 eps in season 01.. will there be a season 02... who knows... i cant find any real info from anyone truly in the know. If theres a sci series that deserves a fair go its this one. If i had my way that detritus of a show flashforward would never see the light of day again, what an insipid attempt at capturing the imagination, has to the single poorest sci series in the last decade..... IMHO :) Keep DG !!! Please... you know you want to.!!!
posted by impact on Oct 21, 2009
also, they should put the entire season online, so when people hear about it for the first time they can watch what they've missed. They didn't even market this at all, at least launch a viral campaign
posted by impact on Oct 21, 2009
abc needs to put this show on in a good timeslot. People it's an awesome show.
posted by Hugh on Oct 20, 2009
Geez, I hope this show continues. I have been a Si-fi buff for, well...decades and this is better than the averege. I keep watching.
posted by show-stopper on Oct 19, 2009
This show has a chance to be the next 24, or Lost!. I watched all the star treks, space above/beyond, battlestarG (new), and this beats all of them. Its New, its Fresh, its Current!. There are no blue-faced aliens and has a "believable" story-line. Give this show a chance!!.. If you play it, They will watch.....
posted by oldog on Oct 19, 2009
what the fcuk,totally great show, remember how star trek started
posted by lovedefyinggravity on Oct 18, 2009
please don't cancel this show. I'm a 38yr male who likes scifi shows and this is a fresh new take on the genre. To me its like "lost" - only in space. I really like the idea of flashbacks and also "beta". I also like to see actors make a comeback I(like Scott Bakula with Star Trek Enterprise) so now he have Ron Livingston who seems to fit his part perfectly. Please do not cancel this show! I watch it online so all this talk about timeslots is irrelivant to me.
posted by Buzz A. on Oct 17, 2009
This show is the best thing on network television in many years. ABC, you need to return it to the schedule and let it play out over the course of the journey. We all love this show, I have discussed it with strangers, who love it as well. I do not watch any other network television but DG. When it was not on ABC, I turned to downloading it from the internet. The show got much better as the season went on and canceling it now would not make sense. Put it back on or prove everything that I suspect about the intelligence of ABC network execs.
posted by OS_Supporter on Oct 17, 2009
I don't live in the US but was able to get my hands Defying Gravity - what a breath of fresh air this show is! There are enough instant gratification sci-fi shows that follow the same predefined tired formulas. This is unique, involved, has a well paced story and character development and definitely should continue! Stargate: Universe seems to be trying for strong story progression and characters but ultimately fails where Defying Gravity succeeds. Keep this going - a big thumbs up!
posted by parkerpair on Oct 16, 2009
You have to bring this show back -- I have little to no time for television -- but when I started watching Defying Gravity, I knew that I would make the time for this show. Love the cast -- love the story!!
posted by Smithra on Oct 15, 2009
You should not take it off the air completely. I want to at least see another season of it. Change it to another night
posted by NEZKA on Oct 14, 2009
Defying Gravity is an amazing show. I want to see another season.
posted by Sarah on Oct 12, 2009
Please, please, please, please don't take the show off. My husband and i both love the show. Change to wednesday night if Sunday's no good, just don't take it off.
posted by disappointed on Oct 11, 2009
I sincerely hope that at least one of the channels will pick up the series. It was one of the "few" shows that I would "go out of my way" to watch!
posted by CJ57078 on Oct 11, 2009
posted by Human on Oct 11, 2009
Completely waste of money but worse, potentially a good idea. It should not have been pitched to the clowns who put out Grey's Anatomy. Equally insipid. It could have been worthwhile but not on US prime time channels. Defying Sanity...
posted by fan of Gravity on Oct 11, 2009
Now we know why ABC is doing so badly in the ratings. They can't even find an hour to show one of the most innovative shows they've gotten in years since Lost! Defying Gravity is a hit if given a chance to grow roots. Give it a regular time slot NOT opposite a CSI or Leno? See the ratings rise. Please don't cancel 'Defying Gravity'? Give it a chance to retain viewership.
posted by barry on Oct 11, 2009
I having been looking for the show for three weeks. They need to bring it back.
posted by DGissmart! on Oct 10, 2009
DG is a great show with the smart writing, probably too much original both for US TV and even big screen movies! The fan base has only started growing, when show already got cancelled...It takes time to really see something big, I mean look at the True Blood on HBO, the show was awesome in the first season, and it really has drawn sooo much attention only by the mid season 2... DG could be at last the show to compete with cable monsters like TB or Dexter, at least on the same mental level, but on network! That could be a sign of the progress, but... I just hope that this temporary cancellation will create buzz enough to make ABC continue the show
posted by Snerdguy on Oct 09, 2009
If the ratings for the DG have been low it's because ABC needs to start listening to it's viewers. The premise for the show is excellent. But, as many viewers have lamented, there are too many flashbacks and sometimes the show is awfully slow. They created this mysterious anomaly. So why aren't they building more on that. I think they need to get writers who have more experience than afternoon soap operas.
posted by charliebumfluff on Oct 07, 2009
Ep 9 was recently aired on CTV so the canned rumour is not entirely true. If CTV are to complete season 1 is not yet confirmed either. And will there be a season 2, who knows. Its undoubtedly a great show with some inciteful uniqueness in the way it deals with character relationships. I for one will miss it if it really does get the axe for good. There was the potential for 5+ good seasons in the story.... Come on CTV. Cough up the bucks to keep producing it. and as for ABC, shame on you for realising the potential longevity of the storyline.
posted by François Rabeau on Oct 06, 2009
I love "Defying Gravity" and really hope that it will not be cancelled. What I don't understand is when they talk about "just 2.5 million viewers were watching that show". 2.5 millions viewers is a lot of people. That's how many people you get frustrated when you cancel the show. When they decide to cancel series, they should at least sign for an extra 5 to 10 episodes just to give the writers to end the series properly.
posted by Blah, blah, blah! on Oct 06, 2009
In answer to the question ABC wanted this show to fail, it's because ABC is owned by billionaires, and the ideas presented challenge everything which billionaires care about. First of all, they want you, average citizen, to obey. When Donnor decked his POS boss, they were clearly throwing you a bone, but it helped in soliciting your actual compliance with their desire for you to waste your time viewing POS programs such as this one, so that you will take in their brain-caustic commercial ads. They keep you tuned in by feeding you what they know will go over well with you, even if it challenges what their actual goal. That scene where a commercial ad mission (astronauts spacewalking with candy bars) was referred to as "prostitution" was the perfect example of how they motivate you, as if they were on your side. Finally, they appeal to the popular fears and hopes of modern average people, reinforcing their fears and prejudices against modern science. Once again, we get to sit through that nauseating drabble on there being so much out there which we don't understand, therefore there must be some Intelligent Design in the universe, and it might even CHOOSE us! They throw this utter nonsense at you and me because such happy mystery may just give us cause to believe there is meaning in our ordinary existence, and then it may invoke further obedience, not to mention you'll buy more candy bars! Fortunately, this particular campaign for your candy bay dollars failed. This wasn't Grey's Anatomy in space, it sunk far lower than that. Seriously, wouldn't you think (hope) that the emotional intelligence of an adult who even gets through the doors of an organization like (even) NASA would be better than a 12-year-old porn-addict, or a delusional cameraphile who lacks the good sense to appreciate the gravity of the situation which they are all in?
posted by WERDUP on Oct 06, 2009
good show...they should really count views on hulu and other online "networks" and leverage an almost overhead free resource into new advertising bucks.
posted by Davida410 on Oct 06, 2009
A friend mentioned to me that I might like DG and I have been buying the episodes on my iTouch ever since I got hooked on the pilot - I am really sorry that I did not catch this earlier when it was on TV so the network would have been able to count me in the group that would go out of the way to catch each show.
posted by me_us_we on Oct 05, 2009
I really like this show. I think the beginning was a bit shaky and you shot yourselves in the foot by advertising it heavily to the "Grey's Anatomy" crowd when it is much too creative to be lumped in with the rest of the mindless tv "dramas". I think if you had marketed it to the "Lost" crowd, people with the ability to use their imagination and handle mystery and uncertainty in the storyline, you wouldn't be in this situation of low viewership right now. Please give the show more of a chance to find it's audience. Almost everything original is cancelled before it has a chance.
posted by Migesh on Oct 05, 2009
I absolutley looked forward to the show's mysteries unfolding, and I loved the cast. Why did ABC put this show on at all, given they sabotaged it with the show premiering just weeks before the fall season ? Why did they do nothing to promote the show. I don't understand why they wanted this show to fail.
posted by shoenig369 on Oct 05, 2009
Dear ABC accountants and decision makers, I really like this show as does my family and several computer programmer friends. Together that makes a potential disposable income of at least, several hundred thousand dollars. This is money that your advertisers could possibly swing in their direction. Of course if Defying Gravity is not on the air we might be surfing the net or playing my X-Box or Play Station or (gasp) watching a different network. With Nothin' But Love. Stephen
posted by HarryRex on Oct 04, 2009
This show has great potential. Please don't end this thing on the last aired episode. It was a bit of a snoozer but every episode can't be great. Overall this show has got legs. At least finish the filmed episodes.
posted by pjknits on Oct 04, 2009
With the airways filled with "reality" shows and mindless comedies, Defying Gravity was a breath of fresh air. What shocked me most about Defying Gravity was that it was aired on ABC.
posted by Edward Feldman on Oct 04, 2009
Why hide behind a screen name. This is one of my favorite shows. It's so real. It sparks hope in the future. Much like 2001 a Space Odyssey it gave a realistic glimpse into the future. It took us to our future, our science, our potential using the abilities we have today. Huge disappointment. Just like the episode where the commercialization of space via a candy bar was more important then science research. This show has the potential of inspiring future generations. Please develop this show. I love the characters they are well developed. I've been purchasing each show on iTunes. Did you count that into your ratings. Darn, I guess it didn't have enough space weapons. This show gave me a front row seat in such a way I was on that adventure with them. I was learning about potential, possibilities and products that could be. it gives space explorers a face, that we are them, real people with real issues. Please keep this show going. I will keep buying each show. I was watching it on my iPhone.
posted by Only Show I watch on on Oct 04, 2009
ABC, you have got to be joking. You put Brothers and Sisters back on that is just like every other show on TV. Wow, a dysfunctional family with no moral compass that promotes homosexual relationships. Maybe you could come with 6 friends that live together in NYC and have crazy silly fun. Maybe another realty show or old stars run a circus or maybe Brothers and Sisters could get on a plane and get lost in the Pacific Ocean and save our brains cells from another season. Try to be original for once and keep Defying Gravity going. I know you won't so I will watch NFL football on Sunday night.
posted by psarkythom on Oct 04, 2009
you finaley have a chance to do a show that can rival star trec and you muck it up. stop with the numbers and worry about the story. Ps. put it on wednesday.
posted by Space Geek on Oct 04, 2009
I couldn't believe it when I heard Defying Gravity was pulled and possibly cancelled. The show is different and I like it because it is. It is also set in space which is a definite plus for me. PLEASE bring it back!
posted by jj on Oct 04, 2009
I looked everywhere for this show, finally checked the net and found that it wasn't cancelled. Thank goodness! By the way, I love Brothers and Sisters, it shows a family that argues, has flaws, and really loves each other. It's funny, entertaining and absolutely delightful!
posted by Cable Watcher on Oct 03, 2009
This was the only show I watched on network TV. I am so disappointed it is not on, and continue scanning the listings for it. I am so sad to think it may not be coming back. I truly hope they bring it back. It's the only show I'm willing to sit through commercials to watch.
posted by Chris on Oct 02, 2009
Come on ABC are you trying to confirm much of the worlds view that american audiences are thick? Have more faith in your countrymen.
posted by MyShow on Oct 01, 2009
To "nonya" nonya said:"So, the Religious Right pulled some strings and walla, show cancelled." Im sure if you check your history you would find the "Religious right" would most likely agree and welcome abortion being illegal and also welcome some graphic images of what happens if you try to kill a perceived baby. Is it not the practice of many fundamental religions to use powerful images and ideals of fear to help deter believers from "sinning"? Also, that's not the only "don't kill the baby" theme. Remember the seeming cold cool friend who convinced her to have the abortion? She is struggling with her own desire to have a child and starts to feel very guilty about destroying only a few cells before they develop. To the point that she risks the entire crew to save her little rabbit she let grow to term. Point is, in my opinion, if at all the abortion issue had anything to do with anything, and I doubt it did, it would be the left wing feminist pro choice advocates who pulled the stings. However, I don't believe that had anything to do with it.
posted by CiCi in DC on Oct 01, 2009
The ABC-TV show, Defying Gravity offers an hour of awfully good television with engaging character development, good story lines and well-written plots. The locale just happens to be outer space. I keep my fingers crossed that the powers that be at ABC will allow the show another opportunity to prove itself.
posted by DHBROWN on Oct 01, 2009
I love SciFi and my wife hates it. Since I had to be gone I recorded all the episodes. When I started watching she wouldn't let me stop till we'd watched all 8. She loved it!!! As did I. Great depth and good characters. Sure want to see it back. Terrible time slot though. Why not dump 'Lost' and give 'Defying Gravity' a shot. It would be a whole lot better that's for sure.
posted by Lost in Space on Sep 30, 2009
ABC needs to get its head out of its rear end..... LOST is a perfect example.....When are they going finish that fiasco? STOP ENDING SERIES WITHOUT AN ENDING
posted by D on Sep 30, 2009
Freaking A man I hate SciFi usually, but this show captured me. I literally waited for every episode to drop to Hulu because of the time slot and now we sit in wait..........
posted by Master Marketeer on Sep 30, 2009
Most boring sci fi series in the history of TV. This is a snoozer. Tried to watch two episodes, it was better than taking sleeping aids.
posted by nonya on Sep 29, 2009
They cancelled it because abortion is illigal in the future and when she bled from the dangerous pill required to abort when it is illegal shed too much light on the negative aspects of illegal abortions. So, the Relgious Right pulled some strings and vwalla, show cancelled.
posted by Brit on Sep 29, 2009
I am suprised that all the comments are directed at ABC - this show was a joint project of ABC, BBC and CBC - While the remaining episodes may or may not be shown on ABC the show is expexted to be shown this fall on BBC2 in the UK and hopefully, at somepoint, on BBC America if ABC does not find a slot for it. And on that point, why not show it on Friday evening instead of reruns of other shows from earlier in the week ......
posted by TV critic on Sep 28, 2009
Why cancel a potential winner. It takes time to gather an following. This is is destined to be a winner. What do we really need, another reality show. See what happened to Star Trek?
posted by mel_p on Sep 28, 2009
I think it's a great show! I really hope that they don't end up cancelling's true, it can take time to develope a good audience. Some of the best shows in the past didn't have the strongest starts. Crossing my fingers that the powers that be just practice a little patience and keep making episodes!
posted by great sci fi on Sep 28, 2009
Please do not cancel Defying Gravity. Great show, great cast, great plot. As some one else suggested, perhaps it will soar on a different night and time. Also, do more advertising! I hardly saw any promos or ads for this show before it came on. What has been the critical response? If it's been good, play that up. Get out there and spread the word.
posted by flyboy on Sep 28, 2009
watched show on hulu because of it being aired at a bad time. loved the show
posted by dreamerlee on Sep 28, 2009
This has been an interesting and involved show and I would hate to see it canceled
posted by DoniJo on Sep 28, 2009
I love this show, but then again I loved Jericho and Kings (two amazing shows) I'm so tired of the reality shows, sure they are cheap to make but seriously? Defying Gravity made me excited to watch tv again, and here I can't find any new episodes...surprise surprise! I've reccomended this show to all my friends and some family only to find that they are probably canceling it. GIVE THIS SHOW A CHANCE PLEASE!
posted by JD on Sep 28, 2009
This show was one of only a few "can't miss" shows for me. I have been so disappointed not to be able to find it. Please re-instate!
posted by MrA on Sep 28, 2009
I'm always looking for interesting Sci Fi shows and sine the SyFy channel isn't fulfilling that need I found myself channel surfing. Behold I've found a show worth watching and now it's being canceled?!!! Come the eff on!!! Give the show a chance, it has REAL potential. LOST wasn't an eye catcher it's first season and look where it is now! Keep the show going!
posted by thegiant on Sep 28, 2009
please, please keep this show on - you actually have to give some thought to it, rather than just sit stupidly glaring at the screen. Thanks
posted by Gaidin on Sep 28, 2009
Better not cancel it.... Firefly.. Sarah Conner Chronicles.. man I don't want to start watching new shows any more. They will just cancel any that I like. Why not make another csi that will work. Or perhaps law and order mcdonalds or something
posted by mmurphy on Sep 27, 2009
it is a great show! come on! put it back on, please!!
posted by psmith on Sep 27, 2009
Has anyone gone to the ABC site? Episode 8 is not even listed, they didn't bother to update their own site - This show is canned. Another ABC "if it ain't t&A or murder, we can't sell the advertisers. Why is that ABC, are your sales team that lame?
posted by grumpyat tv on Sep 27, 2009
Every time we get a got show on that is not based on murder or making people look like idiots, it gets cancelled. Bring this show back. It could generate a lot of interest in the future for kids growing up.
posted by jagon on Sep 27, 2009
Please bring the show back. We miss it already.
posted by robert guess on Sep 27, 2009
please fire the people that ake the decisions to cancel this is a fine show and one of the very few i actually watch on tv i normally dont watch tv i will stop watching the damn networks in protest for cancelling excellent programs like jericho kings and defying gravity
posted by Darkryder on Sep 27, 2009
Did it ever occur to ABC to put an excellent program on Friday night? An excellent program from the start, they put it on a time when everyone is getting ready for bed to go to work on Monday. Don't give up on the program, put it in an earlier time slot on a better night and you will see the audience grow.
posted by crab66 on Sep 27, 2009
Defying Gravity was my only Show.Space exploration with an interesting cast of actors.Maybe it wasn't perfect but it was providing a look at what spce travel and its difficulties might look like in our lifetime.When i was in high school the smartest girl in the class wrote on the blackboard who to write to save Star Trek.That worked for awhile so maybe these postings will have some effect on the Network mental midgets.
posted by mishabean on Sep 27, 2009
Please...this was such a great show. It actually gave me something to look forward to on Sundays...I'm so sick of seeing one hospital show after another. *I am a Grey's fanatic* but I am just sick of seeing all the new hospital shows when something like this is original and fun to watch.
posted by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2009
Brothers and Sisters INSTEAD of Defying Gravity??? Sigh. Can we get rid of that horrible show instead of a show like Defying Gravity that has plot, acting, sets and can go in virtually any direction writing wise if it wanted to?
posted by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2009
Well thought out shows with good acting is hard to find. Also space scifi is almost non-existent now. I missed the first few shows of the season but when I finally got caught up I really liked it. Maybe that was why it was losing viewers because you need to know the story. A few repeats now and then so that people can get caught up would be a good start. I would hope that the show stays around for at least another season. Thank you.
posted by gardien971 on Sep 27, 2009
Why are you cancelling a young born show? Look like killing a baby before he could become a president! you look more at statistics than at human factors! So i bet it's because the real meaning of ABC series is "Always Be Cut"... Hope other company, like Scifi, will have more guts than you, and earn millions with this excellent space serie, who remember me the excellent RAMA books.
posted by tek on Sep 27, 2009
seriously i can't imagine not seeing the rest..i love this show
posted by surea555 on Sep 27, 2009
Until "24" starts again, this was the show I waited for each week to watch. Don't cancel!!
posted by MarkNo1 on Sep 27, 2009
what a joke..there has been some great tv shows that got cancelled..this has to be a joke..this tv show has everything and i was very surprised that it wasn't getting the ratings it should have got,i watched this as soon as it aired and i'm hooked just like i was with LOST,prison break,traveller,las vegas,etc..etc.. and they can't just end it just as it was getting better and better,this is amazing in high def,great storylines,amazing acting,hot chicks..5star show!!..i don't normally comment on these type of things but this deserves more time and from what i've read,a decent timeslot..its a show that makes you say "i can't wait to see the next episode"
posted by jma on Sep 27, 2009
This show was great. I can't believe that you would delay showing the final episodes for Brothers and Sisters! As for not have the ratings, I never even saw an advertisment for D. G. I saw plenty of commercials for the other crappy shows. Please don't cancel this one.
posted by My Show on Sep 27, 2009
I don't have any shows that I call "my show". But, after seeing the 2 hr premier, I was hooked. I found myself saying "oh, my show is on". The only other show in my adult life I was so happy to sit down and watch was perhaps House. I am a fairly smart guy, and I understand some integrity of the show is compromised with some of the relationship drama overrides. However, over all I have really enjoyed this show. In just about every aspect. In the last episode, "Eve ate the apple" it was the first time it got a bit painfull to watch. Eve, in my opnion was not a very good actor in telling her story, or perhaps is was the extra slow way they dragged out the story of Beta in a painfully detailed, melodramatic and anticlimactic way. Other than that chuck of episode 9, I give this show a top notch rating. I have no doubt it will be picked up. Look at some of the other shows out there like House that end up on 3 or 4 networks. We have not seen the last of this great show. It just might be a while.
posted by meetttoo on Sep 27, 2009
Cancel the brass at ABC, but LEAVE THIS SHOW ON AIR!
posted by maryjane420503 on Sep 27, 2009
The past two weeks I've missed the highlight of my week~this show. It's amazing, it's sci-fi, drama, comedy, sex appeal ~ it's got it all. I don't understand how you could even possibly drop such an amazing show with so much suspence left to unfold... it's unfair to the viewers who are committed to the show to cut us off like that~we deserve to see a proper ending if the show is going to be canceled. It could be the next "Star Track" if it had a chance.
posted by Ben on Sep 27, 2009
I'm not sure how ABC expected this thing to fly, in the first place. They start half way through the season and they give i ONE MONTH, with practically NO promotion (I never saw any - did you?) and, of all things, in the summer! Hey, any of you guys ever hear of summer? Gets really warm out? Everybody stays outside a lot? Some people even go away for a while? C'mon, ABC! Give this show a shot with a DECENT time slot in a NEW season with at least SOME promotion. I'll bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!
posted by Defying ABC on Sep 27, 2009
While I'm sure no one at ABC will actually read this.... ABC set Defying Gravity up for failure by.... - airing it in a poor time slot - airing it late in the Summer BEFORE the normal season openers - providing hardly any advertising for it (I was just lucky myself and stumbled on it the first night channel surfing) You pull crap like this and OF COURSE it is going to do poorly. /rolls eyes To all the network execs....stop being so f*****g cut-throat about your programming and actually give your new programs a chance. I mean where would Seinfeld be today if they had pulled the plug??? Turned out to be a HUGE hit but only because a few wise people didn't just yank the plug because of poor initial ratings that first season. Now I'm not going to say this will or will not be a huge hit but I'm personally interested to know how they are going to keep the show interesting (considering they can't switch out cast members and change scenery) so please put the show in a decent spot and RE-air the pilot.
posted by Harvey on Sep 26, 2009
My wife and I thoroughly enjoy the show and hope that it is not cancelled. We just watched the last episode (we record them) and starting looking for the next one and realized that it has not been recorded anymore. The writing is excellent as is most of the acting and it just got really interesting. Bring it back - your viewer numbers will go up.
posted by Berg on Sep 26, 2009
Give it a chance. It seems that sci fi shows with amazing writing and character development don't get the chance to develop a following. Don't make this another Fire Fly please.
posted by Service_overseas on Sep 26, 2009
this is a fantastik show, one of only three stateside shows I care to view each week. There are a multitude of watchers out there, but without proper advertisement and a time slot worth it, you sunk it from the very begining. I agree give it to Scify. I love it and will watch it no matter how long it stays around. Sad that intillegent TV gets put aside for another reality tv show. Great stuff for the minds of america, they grow and learn tons from that crap...
posted by ITunes Fan on Sep 26, 2009
Love the show! Started buying on ITunes and now watching. Figures they talked about canceling-anything new that shows people not losing their minds and dignity. ABC should really check with Fox about what they did to Firefly--horrible time slot, cancelled befor a full session. Brought in tons of money with DVD sales, merchandise and movie. Give it a real chance--banking on good shows pays off in the end.
posted by Scott on Sep 25, 2009
What a great show. Let Scify take it over ABC.
posted by Defying Boredom on Sep 25, 2009
Cancel it -- in the end, it's just too bloody slow. There's enough plot each week for about 10 minutes of screen time, even though I like the characters. Or keep the show on and amp it up 10 notches! Give us some excitement to go along with the character development. ty.
posted by Rob on Sep 25, 2009
Try a differant night Please if you cansel this I promise I will not have one good thing to ever say about ABC again , and your rateings are baced on your watching public ,
posted by Ron on Sep 25, 2009
This is rediculous to cancel a great show like this in the middle of the season. Let us see the final episodes. This is a great sci-fi show that I was really getting into. Let's hope that ABC reallizes that there are many viewers interested in this show.
posted by krell on Sep 23, 2009
They finally come up with something you look forward to then the air heads at abc scrap it, I guess it's why the big three are going down the big hole!
posted by Huge Fan on Sep 23, 2009
Keep the show on, but skip the endless "Lost" type teasers about Beta. Just get back to an action, exploration based sci-fi space adventure series with Beta included, not endlessly teased. If ABC does cancel, hopefully SyFy Network will pick it up.
posted by tatatay on Sep 23, 2009
Please don't cancel this great show.It was actually one show I look forward to with some excitement.
posted by GetWithTheProgram on Sep 23, 2009
ABC needs to get a clue that there are millions ofl people that are looking for inteligent thought provoking drama, just maybe not at the time-slot they have pre-configured. This show is great. This is 2009. Figure out how to make money on getting to the people who really really like it and will tell their friends.
posted by lisa g on Sep 22, 2009
this level of quality and character development is also reminiscent of firefly, and I am still hoping that comes back...
posted by lisa galarneau on Sep 22, 2009
such a good decision! ABC, you won't be sorry. this is the programming you should all be dreaming of.
posted by magic on Sep 22, 2009
I agree with some of the comments that if ABC decides to drop Defying Gravity I would like to see SYFY pick-up the series, this would be a great addition to there Warehouse 13 which by the way pick-up there second season.
posted by cyberken on Sep 21, 2009
this is one of the most intelligent scifi shows to come along in more than two decades. abc should give the artform a chance and not feakout instantly over viewer numbers. i have recommended the show to more than a dozen friends, and i am sure others have done the same. the following will grow progressively. keep it on.
posted by arysani on Sep 21, 2009
Got into the show via Hulu, and have directed others to it as well - this show has some amazing potential! The writing feels more like a prolonged film than a television show - the flashbacks aiding the viewer's understanding of continued character development in the "present". I enjoy each episode "theme" that revolves around a particular idea about the human condition, and the collaboration of actors and writers have led us to develop emotional investment in characters even after so few episodes. I'm really hoping they plan on giving us the rest of the episodes of the season AND produce new ones, because the field is ripe for an epic scifi show to fill BSG's shoes - and what better than another humanity vs. the universe while stuck in a tin can millions of miles from help? Certain a lot of room for a lot of future storylines - I just hope we get to see them. Keep it going, ABC!
posted by dratomic on Sep 21, 2009
Maybe the writing isnt classic but it is consistant, but is good enough to hold the plot together. To those who find the show less than interesting, take you room temperature IQ and watch brothers and sisters. Oh yeah to the person who said ABC cancelled Star Trek, actually it was NBC, but at least they did finish the season. For the poopoo-ers about technology: Things change in 50 plus years. An ansible solves the communication problem, and how do they get to Venus in 40 days? New technology!!! With the exception of SyFy/SciFi's Warehouse 13 my wife and I watch no fictional television shows. So if ABC cancels Defying Gravity we will not be watching any broadcast network television in the USA. I will spend the time to see if we can get CTV feeds to watch it from there.
posted by warpspeed on Sep 21, 2009
great show -canceled for brothers and sisters ? never watched it, SyFy needs to pick this up
posted by Norma on Sep 21, 2009
Being a long time Star Trek fan, I also love this show.I hope it will be around for a long time. I will follow it regardless!
posted by Jen on Sep 20, 2009
Please please please don't cancel...
posted by JW on Sep 20, 2009
This is an absoulutely great program, one of the best currently on tv. I am amazed that ABC would consider cancelling it in favor of keeping some of the existing current "garbage" that fills up the network. With proper advertising and a more favorable time slot I feel confident the ratings will dramatically improve. In the meantime, ABC needs to do a "reality check" in light of the above viewer responses and keep a program that finally has some value to people who care about quality programing.
posted by ohmymymy on Sep 20, 2009
Great show! When's it getting canceled?
posted by flatscreenfan on Sep 20, 2009
This is a great show, Star Trek did poorly in the ratings, but look what it has become. This is like a thinking persons Star Trek, entertaining and yet it's thought provoking SciFi with interesting and credible characters. Promote it properly and you will find a committed audience.
posted by iffy on Sep 19, 2009
I've grown to love this show. It did start off like a soap opera but it is now an ADULT show. Is that the reason they will cancel. Please, syfy, pick it up!!
posted by iffy on Sep 19, 2009
I've grown to love this show. It did start off like a soap opera but it is now an ADULT show. Is that the reason they will cancel. Please, syfy, pick it up!!
posted by MachinaGod on Sep 18, 2009
I hope they don't cancel. I have to admit this show started off a bit ropey, but has progressed as the characters have developed. The last episode (ep8) hit a crossroad where we might actually find out what 'It' is and the results of this will no doubt shape how the final episodes pan out... i am eager to see the conclusion so i do hope they at least show out the remainder of the series. The lack of advertising for this has been bad... i only got wind of this show because a mate suggested it... never heard of it before then.
posted by bhasen on Sep 18, 2009
Haven't loved a show this much in a long time.
posted by Arlene on Sep 17, 2009
Baffled, you really are baffling, and wrong. Get your facts straight. This is a great show and should finish out the season with the proper scheduling. brothers & sisters -- I can live without it for another month --
posted by Chapman on Sep 17, 2009
Of course ABC wants to cancel this show. It does not appeal to people with a room temperature IQ. I love it, just enough reality to make it real (advertising to support science) and enough Science Fiction to make in interesting. Give it a chance!
posted by Old enough to learn on Sep 17, 2009
ABC should give this show better coverage. It's not fair to start the run late, not promote it well and then hope it maintains a following when no one knows when or where it will pick up the last 2/5ths of he seasons shows. Remember when ABC cancelled Star Trek???
posted by SciFiChick on Sep 16, 2009
All you people commenting on the "reality" aspect of the show are a joke. This show takes place in the future by about 50 years iirc, so saying instantaneous communication is impossible, and this is impossible, and so is that - can you truly say what we will or won't be doing in 50 years? As for Baffled, well, that is truly a fitting name. Try watching the show. Please do not cancel this show. It is actually the only show currently on TV that we watch. No joke.
posted by Khal on Sep 16, 2009
I just watched episode 1.08 and you know what - it was REALLY good. I am hooked on this show now and so are 1.6 million other people so let's the rest and another season please. I like the show very much. Now you know, I am in Canada, so I get the last 3 episodes of season 1 - I think that sci-fi fans have a couple of things they watch on ABC and what are they? I don't know - truly there is so much junky reality TV I don't know where you should slot this ABC - I am thinking about it. The best place to put defying gravity is right before lost obviously. Now you've made a mistake by not including a garden resort area on the spaceship (which future ships will have)- because flashbacks and dreams do not sexy make. If people get a gander a Zoey they will love it. And for god's sakes get those damn sex halos off the crew - what kind of ratings are you going to have on a soap opera if they're incapable of falling in love - jeez louise (good start to the show).
posted by zenfilm on Sep 16, 2009
This is a well written, engaging, human drama. It would be a shame to see it tank. I hope ABC is counting those like me who download the show from iTunes and watch it a few days behind... don't underestimate downloaders... we are out here and we pay for our shows? One big vote for thought-provoking TV... thank you.
posted by Mecala on Sep 16, 2009
Show is amazingly great. I dont miss an episode and am very disappointed with ABC
posted by DeFy Fan on Sep 16, 2009
I LOVE this show! I was in a funk when I read it was cancelled and relieved to read it wasn't. ABC has done a poor job advertising this show--it's a wonder I found it. ABC, PLEASE give it a chance!
posted by Some Useless Geek on Sep 16, 2009
Goodbye to bad rubbish. "Lost" in Space, was what one person called this mess. The never-ending mystery about this Beta thing, all the technical flaws one can shake a stick at, and trite, completely two dimensional characters and characterization. What a complete waste of time. Maybe if I hear that they vastly improve the writing in the final few episodes I'll bother to watch it on Hulu; otherwise, this turkey can be safely laid to rest.
posted by rudy on Sep 16, 2009
i love this show!!! I have been watching it online a few days after is airs b/c i can not watch it at its correct time. I hope researchers are taking into account online downloads and not just tv ratings
posted by Crissy on Sep 15, 2009
The show CAN'T get canceled!! Its getting sooo good! It was great from the beginning!
posted by tarc on Sep 15, 2009
Really excellent episode this week. I'm happy with this show - unlike so many.
posted by Xiphon on Sep 15, 2009
Yes, baffled did get the time streams wrong, but just about everything else he said was right: Atrocious writing, unbelievable characters, tired clichés, more technical inaccuracies than I could even begin to start listing. And you know what? Nothing in this program has anything at all to do with space or with exploration. It’s just a bunch of bimbos and bozos hanging out together on board a spaceship. Spaced: Beverly Hills 90210? That‘s being too kind. This could have been such a great concept if anybody really cared, but, as has already been stated by the producers, all they were really interested in giving us was “Gray’s Anatomy In Space.” Too bad they completely left out the space. Does anyone here even understand that there’s no such thing as instant communication in deep interplanetary space? When you’re millions of miles from Earth it takes radio signals minutes, sometimes hours to reach you. GOOD writers could have found a way to successfully employ such realities, perhaps in the process giving the audience a real sense of the distance and the isolation that the crew is being subjected to. Good stories written about people living on board submarines have to deal with that reality all the time. GOOD writers could have used facts like these to their advantage while still retaining the requisite dramatic tension, perhaps even increasing it. But time-delay is just one small detail out of so many that this program couldn‘t care less about dealing with. How am I supposed to be able to believe any of Donner’s somber soliloquies about the dangers of space when the people involved aren’t even experiencing anything that comes close to the reality? And the boot-camp style atmosphere of the ASCAN training where they‘re all treated like a bunch of twenty-something military recruits… give me a break... then right after you do go read up on some real astronaut selection and training… that’s if anyone here really cares. Then go read the bios and the resumes of some real astronauts. You’ll quickly figure out that most of these Gray’s Anatomy/Defying Gravity wannabees don’t even come close to measuring up.
posted by Webringer on Sep 15, 2009
ABC came out today and says they are looking for slot to put it but they are not sure when yet. It looks like the show was saved for now. Let's spread the word either by voice, email, posting on sites and lets see if we can get a fan base that this show deserves.
posted by anotherlover on Sep 15, 2009
Show is great. Please don't cancel
posted by baffled on Sep 15, 2009
Are you people serious? The writing on this show is atrocious. I found it on Hulu and gave it a chance and painfully sat through 3 episodes. Just the sheer fact that a pregnant woman can slide through all the medical watchdogs and get into space thinking she could conceal a pregnancy on a 6 year mission? That added to the high school antics of the one woman trying to guess who the baby-daddy is... and then NOBODY even questions the one single pod's contents? Their explanation of the artificial gravity being the metallic threads holding them to the deck? I guess the women are using metallic hair spray too. This whole thing would have been more plausible in a deep-sea sub. this could be renamed Spaced: Beverly Hills 90210 shot into orbit.
posted by ChargedNeuron on Sep 15, 2009
I hope some Exec actually reads half of these responses... OK so ABC wants to cancel a show that they never properly advertised and put on at the worst possible time of the week/night. So, ABC let me spell it out for ya. I watched this program because Apple iTunes recommended this TV program to me and the first 3 episodes were free. Wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I was hooked after Episode 1. Bought the whole lot of episodes. Would have bought the whole season up front but you didn't have enough sense to offer it. Secondly, I recommended it to both sets of my parents, 6 friends, and three of my brothers. All of us watch it (even at the ridiculous hour on Sunday. Then we all call each other and gossip about it. Need less to say when I told them you intended to cancel it they each went on the war path. You really should hire a better statistics group to determine who and how many viewers you have. With an IQ in excess of 140 I can say that I consider 90% of your programs to be a waste of HD bandwidth. You finally get your hands on a winner and you are determined to make it a failure. Don't believe me? Move the show to the 7 PM to 9 PM time slots, on a Wed, Thurs, Fri, or Sat and actually open your wallets a little and advertise this great show. Reintroduce it starting with the pilot and see what happens. Ron Moore knows how to capture the audience. Don't tie his hands behind his back and cancel this show. NBC tried that with BSG (BattleStar Galactica) and the fans went berserk. NBC and SCI were overwhelmed by viewers when they didnt upload the videos to Apple iTunes fast enough for download. Look in to it. People aren't interested in watching another Vampire show, nor another teen parenting show. Wanna hook a large viewing population? Stimulate our minds and imagination. That is why BSG was a hit. It was based in space but it wasn't a sci fi. It challenged people. Defying Gravity has the potential to challenge people's imaginations and minds. This is the first show of it's kind. It's well assembled and has a very wide scope of possibilities. You are gonna have to show people that if you wanna see your investment returned. It's a money maker on the verge of taking off. Read the other comments.
posted by Morgan on Sep 15, 2009
Hi baffled, I must say I think that was a good pick for your name as you clearly are. The show is primarily two time periods. One showing the selection process, giving us a back story, and the other the present time with the space mission. If you are under the impression that the show has a "pregnant woman [who]can slide through all the medical watchdogs and get into space thinking she could conceal a pregnancy" than you are confusing the two time periods. You were probably skipping scenes if you were left with such a mistaken impression. Go back and re watch those episodes fully, you might like them, especially as they are using a magnetic spray in there hair.
posted by jpreils on Sep 15, 2009
glad to hear defying gravity hasn't been cancelled. great show- give them a chance - great adventure. My wife and i love it!!
posted by wiz on Sep 15, 2009
They finally get some interesting characters in an interesting show and now they want to cancel it because of a lack of marketing or a poor time slot.
posted by lilnaynay on Sep 15, 2009
Great Show, Watch online but have watched some shows on TV as well. Don't Cancel this show is very entertaining and has many twists and plots possible. ABC don't be like NBC put some marketing behind this show and change its time slot into a Tuesday or Wednesday and it will take off.
posted by bob-o on Sep 15, 2009
This show is not perfect... but name one that is. Flawed and interesting characters; just like real life. This show has some incredible potential and a great deal of depth that has yet to be explored. It's taken a gutsy swing at some tough issues, and I sensed that there were some more out there that it was prepping to tackle.I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty tired of networks canning shows for people who actually like to think in favor of the mindless reality garbage that seems to be the norm now. Hey, ABC, grow a spine and stick with a show that has potential, or call up SyFy and let them step up to the plate.
posted by DallasGal on Sep 15, 2009
To baffled: The writing on the show is not "atrocious". You obviously don't follow. The woman you say was trying to conceal a pregnancy had an emergency historectomy a couple of episodes ago after taking an abortion pill. PAY ATTENTION!
posted by tv vs net on Sep 15, 2009
Great show, i found it on hulu. The fact that producers are even thinking about x-ing the show is their own greed for not adverting it to viewers enough. better than lost. similar to the movie sunshine and a good time to bring another deep space drama as BSG had just ended. give it time and the viewers will respond
posted by abcwatcher on Sep 15, 2009
My husband and I absolutely LOVE this show. I will be very upset if ABC gives up on this show. They are the ones who did not advertise the show very well. :( We love it and are trying to tell all our friends to start watching.
posted by macon-moose on Sep 15, 2009
I have been watching since episode 3 that I stumbled upon on while channel surfing that Sunday night but have missed them since ABC changed the date to Friday without a care of the one’s that are watching. As “abcwatcher” mentioned it is ABC's fault for not advertising it before it even started to air and during this whole first season; and to now change the show without any warning to a whole new date is sure to sink it. Unless ABC gets off their money greedy wallets and starts pumping some advertising of this show and times along with some better scripts & plots this show’s season is sure to be only ONE. This is would be unfortunate since there is not really any other new space science fiction TV shows out there. It is really interesting to watch.
posted by niuniu on Sep 15, 2009
why so ^^
posted by Lin on Sep 15, 2009
Great show ... thought I must be having hallucinations when I heard that word cancel!
posted by cat on Sep 14, 2009
love love love this show. please let it not be cancelled or at least give us the last 3 episodes.
posted by yayhulu! on Sep 14, 2009
I am so relieved that the rumors aren't (entirely) true. I love love love this show and it's the only one i will really make the effort to watch. I don't own a TV and I don't have internet, so yes, it is a major effort!
posted by Hulu-er on Sep 14, 2009
I have to say we are eager to see the next episode... and truly hope it is not X-ed. Great Show!

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