Meet the Teams of 'The Amazing Race 15'

Meet the Teams of 'The Amazing Race 15'

These pairs will go globe-trotting to eight countries within 21 days and race against each other to win the ultimate prize.

Twelve teams who will race for 1 million dollar grand prize on "The Amazing Race" have been unveiled. The line-up this season includes a former Miss America, professional poker players, and two openly-gay brothers. One team in particular has all the quality of being a champion because they have been in more than 60 countries.

Nathaniel Lofton (28) and his friend Herbert Lang (32) believe their experience will deliver them first position in the race. "I've been to about 65 countries around the world," said Lang. "I definitely think that gives us a little bit of an advantage when we're traveling to different countries, as far as knowing how to interact with different cultures, managing our money and communicating with taxi drivers and whoever else we need to help us get from Point A to Point B."

Like last season, one of the cast has an impairment. Zav Glassenberg (26) suffers from Asperger's syndrome which is a mild form of autism. "I don't think the fact that I have Asperger's will hinder me," Glassenberg said. "I do tend to think outside of the box, so it might help us. It'll be weird going into these social situations around the world. I might not take it all in right away, but I know I'm racing, so I'll probably get past it really fast."

There are also Sam and Dan McMillen who did not truly start their relationship as siblings until last summer when they both came out and told each other that they were gay. Meanwhile, Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt become the only interracial couple in this season.

Dating, engaged and married couples are again part of the group. These romantically linked people are going to be tested when their relationship is put "under a microscope". Host Phil Keoghan commented, "I personally wouldn't want to do that, but teams do, and audiences love to watch it, and there are a number of teams on this season that are coming to the race to test their relationship, and it sounds like some of them might get quite testy in the process."

"Amazing Race" season 15 will air September 27 on CBS. Teams will embark from Los Angeles River and are directed straight to Japan where they must become tour leaders bringing a group of 20 tourists to the center of Tokyo as fast as they can.




    amazing race fanatic
    Sep 29, 2009

    finally, these amazing race 15 group looks all so smart, it will be difficult to guess who will win and i have a lot of favorites, globe trotters duo shld win, 2 counsellors from california also deserves to win, the poker duo shld also win coz they seem to be a nice team, father and son from midwest also can win. so goodluck to my fav teams anyone of them is good to go for the million, i would be disappointed if my teams will be eliminated; so again to my globe trotters you go!!!!!!!

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