Tila Tequila Hospitalized After Being Choked by Boyfriend

Tila Tequila

She is said to have been treated at the local Pomerado Hospital, but her representative refuses to open up about her recent condition.

Reality TV star Tila Tequila was hospitalized early Sunday, September 6 after being choked by her boyfriend, football outside linebacker Shawne Merriman, following an argument. According to officials, Tila made a 911 call at 3:45 A.M. and told authorities she had been choked by Shawne and was physically restrained by him after she tried to leave his Southern California home.

The 27-year-old beauty signed a complaint against her beau at the scene, accusing him of battery and false imprisonment. She was then taken to the local Pomerado Hospital for treatment. Her representative declined to discuss her condition though, claiming the entertainer would have no comment on the incident for the time being.

As for Shawne, the NFL player is placed in custody at the San Diego County Jail. His bail reportedly is set at $58,000. His representative, in the meantime, has denied all charges against him, insisting he was simply trying to prevent an "extremely inebriated" Tila from travelling home when he didn't deem it safe for her to do so.

Tila Tequila and Shawne Merriman reportedly began dating in July. The pair was spotted partying at the local hot spot Stingaree before the incident took place. "Shawne Merriman and Tila Tequila arrived at Stingaree on Saturday evening together and joined a birthday celebration with friends already going on in the penthouse," the club rep tells E! News. "Merriman and Tequila stayed until closing in the early hours of Sunday morning. They seemed in good spirits throughout the evening and were enjoying themselves. There was no outward indication of any problem between the two of them."

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    Sep 07, 2009

    Chargers! Tell your Merriman - that OUTER SPACE - is not far enough away from piece of work trying to make a headline at Merrimans (and the Chargers) expense. Bye bye chickie Tequila.

    Sep 07, 2009

    Drunk on her can, wanting to take off. So he tries to stop her. Very plausible. If he wanted to hurt her - all 90 lbs of her against a 250lb of LINEBACKER - she's be in several parts and pieces. The cops did not force an arrest - she did. The cops did not request the ambulance - she did. Good Job pornstar Tila Nguyen - must be a Raiders fan trying to change Mondays GAME ! Nice JOB. But we're still going to mangle the Raiders on Monday night.

    Sep 06, 2009

    total bs. total bs. ive read everywhere and it says deputys saw no physical injuries or marks on her whatsoever and that she requisted she be sent to the hospital. i mean you would think their would be some marks seeing as shawne a 6 4 huge lber choked a little 4 11 asian women. total bs story to get her in the news and spotlight again

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