Chris Brown's First Tell-All Interview About Assaulting Rihanna

Chris Brown

"I never fell out of love with her. That just wouldn't go away," Chris shares his feeling toward Rihanna in an interview with People.

On August 26, Chris Brown had a tell-all interview with People about him beating Rihanna during a nasty argument back on February 8. Among the topics that he discussed with the weekly magazine was his feeling toward the Barbadian songstress, who has become estranged from him ever since the incident happened.

"I never fell out of love with her. That just wouldn't go away," the 20-year-old R 'n' B singer confessed. Asked on how he was feeling after the battery, Chris said, "I was distraught ... I went to my mom on the same night and told [her] what happened and broke down."

That guilt, as claimed by Chris, is the one quality that makes him different from his stepfather, whom he says often abused his mother, Joyce Hawkins. "I feel like he enjoyed it. He was an abuser. It was continuous," he stated.

During the interview, Chris was accompanied by his mother who also shared her feeling about the assault her son has done. The mother was quoted as telling People that hearing her son's confession on the night of the assault was "the most painful moment" of her life.

Chris Brown and his mother's full interview is featured on this week issue of People, which will hit the newsstands on Friday, September 4.




    Andrea Anderson
    May 28, 2011

    Chris was wrong for beating on her,but then he realized his mistakes and said "SORRY" but then 8s like she don't want him appologising cus she wanna go... but here's a saying just 4 ya: A broken heart is like a broken mirror 8s better to leave 8 broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it......... foward always,backwards never...........I wish u all d luck in d world.......

    Sep 06, 2009

    everybody makes mistake and he said that he was sorry so at least give him a chance.

    Sep 06, 2009

    u people chat too much u were'nt even there i'm not sayin hes rite but u don't really know the story. just listen u idiots

    Criminal Intent
    Sep 02, 2009

    Chris Brown fans must be retarded in severe ways. This all is a sham. He's a criminal who beat an airhead idiot (Rihanna should have sent him straight to jail, not refuse to with her suspicious silence). Chris Brown is scum of the earth. No lame interview and fake apologies can save ur ass, bro. Although I must admit your retarded fans deserve you. Go beat the crap out of them too: they will love it.

    Sep 01, 2009

    Its really bad

    Sep 01, 2009

    i knw hw chris mum thinks right knw but if i was in a poisition in a mum place i would hve thought dat too soo joyce ur right u wouldve beeen right

    Sep 01, 2009

    How do you beat, punch, choke, and bite the person you love? Oh well,I wish them both the best of luck in their careers.

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