Jesse McCartney Photographed Kissing New Girlfriend

August 31, 2009 03:40:21 GMT

McCartney and his new girlfriend, identified as Jasmine Waltz, have been snapped kissing during an outing at a beach in Malibu, Calif.

Jesse McCartney
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Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Singer-actor Jesse McCartney has been photographed kissing his new girlfriend this weekend. The 22-year-old star and his leading lady, identified as Jasmine Waltz, were caught on camera locking lips as they took a dip at a beach in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday afternoon, August 29. Celebrity Mania has some pictures of the pair cuddling.

The weekend outing wasn't the first time that McCartney and Waltz were seen together. Last month, the couple was spotted enjoying a date at the Whist restaurant in the Viceroy Santa Monica. They also traveled to San Diego together. In May, they hit West Hollywood's Stone Rose Bar together.

Prior to dating Jasmine Waltz, who turned 27 last weekend, Jesse McCartney was romantically linked to actress Katie Cassidy from 2004 to 2007. He was also rumored dating Danielle Panabaker. As for Jasmine, the Los Angeles bartender, was previously rumored dating Ryan Seacrest.


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posted by amanda on Jan 05, 2011
my jesse i am fieel in love you ok you need beckryp weerth her ok
posted by jesse\'s recent fan on Jan 05, 2011
hey dude you must know that jesse is hit all round the world and if you dislike him then it is your bad taste in music.
posted by gill.s on Jan 05, 2011
jesse is a dynamic singer and is cool enough to be a great rapper.just never stop singing 'cuz i would always be there to listen you. you are amazing dude and danielle is amazing and most suited yo you
posted by sexydevil $1 on Dec 01, 2010
Lovelydovey#1 um the dump one for not like jesse mccartney.JESSE MCCARTNEY is so FREAKING HOT.
posted by jeSSeybigPhiLfan on Nov 14, 2010
I don't care whatever u all says about Jessey Mccartney. All i want is him hope i can see him here in the phillipines esp. here in Camiguin Island I'm his big Fan,,
posted by babygirl on Oct 06, 2010
i love u
posted by algeria girl on Sep 17, 2010
i love him soooooooooooo mush he is amaysing singer
posted by Nicole_92 on Aug 11, 2010
Wow no one really knows how to spell...anything.
posted by biebss on Jun 26, 2010
I luv u jesse mccartney xxx
posted by Jasyle on Jun 14, 2010
Love u Jesse.You're the best..
posted by chic06 on May 11, 2010
_i just love u.....
posted by Booyahitsbritt. on Apr 30, 2010
Okay i have something to say about all these girls who are hating off of him, listen you cant get mad just because jesse is famous and your not. Jesse has so many girls you probably dont even know, and besides that if he was a weirdo? he would be like totally weird meaning he would be stalking little bitty ass girls, you guys seriously need to back off of him like no joke because really and honestly thats just immature of you guys to say some stupid shit!!!! GET A LIFE PLEASE
posted by Laura on Apr 26, 2010
jesse u rock nd i hop i can c u in person wan day
posted by lexii<3jesse on Apr 17, 2010
hey jesse lov you you are the perfect dorking smexxi silley guy i have ever been so desperate to date (; so there for im a dork lov you jesse and -loveydovey i bet yu are ugley worry about changing your looks befor you comment about jesse your the one who looked up his girlfriend and got sent to this page and decided to comment looks lik some ones desperate lol loser and even though i love jesse hes just a normal person so im not one to fall all over him so yah wow this is a long comment ;)
posted by kbart on Mar 30, 2010
hey jesse u probably are not reading this but you obviously rock and you have the most amazing voice ever all i want to do when i get home is listen to u and then everything is all good. i listen to you when i go 2 sleep i listen to u when i wake up and all the above you rock my world like no other. btw you have gorgeous eyes.
posted by kbart on Mar 30, 2010
wow all yall need to get a life. jesse is MINE unless u have 5 binders that each weigh 50 pounds that all have pics of him then sorry and i know everything bout him so their
posted by ASHLEY on Mar 04, 2010
posted by Amrita on Feb 23, 2010
i love u jesse. u r the best. ily
posted by gen on Feb 02, 2010
hey! watch out lovey!!!!ure jzt jealous..........jessie has a cool voice.........
posted by max on Dec 24, 2009
one thing that came across my mind is all of u peoples well-being.some of the fans that are writing in sick!!and that got me thinking does jesse even know any of u in realty?does he even care about ur health,know ur names???Answer:NO!!now all of u who are e-mailing(besides me)saying"ur so cute,u rock,awesome,i love u!!GET A LIFE!!this guy that u all idolize DOESN'T GIVE ARE 'FUCK' ABOUT U.there's something to think about.and SENSENROX i don't like what u said about being unsuccessful in life.i know ur trying to make a point but don't take it that far,who knows maybe ur the one who is unsuccessful in life,plus i think the people that u called lowlifes are soooo right!!IN UR FACE,SUCKER!!alright i'am loging off,so anybody that isn't right in their heads,u r welcome to right ur comments,too bad i'am not gonnabe here to read it.HA,HA,HA,HA.SO LONG 'LOVE-DRUNK' FANS
posted by max on Dec 24, 2009
jesse is already taken so y are u low lifes going after him with words like"i love u"and "leave him alone his mine".i know ur just fans but sometimes it can get a little toooo extream
posted by max on Dec 24, 2009
he is sooooo hot!!BUT why so many grf?don't get me wrong i'am a huge fan!!!it's just the hole grf thing...just disguting.Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!
posted by ^^&^^ on Dec 21, 2009
wow... some are badly jealous.. lol :D
posted by deddy6511 on Dec 19, 2009
jesse is a tumb suker loser get a life.
posted by love306 on Dec 19, 2009
i love you you are hot
posted by ,,rockerz.. on Dec 06, 2009
..YoUr So CoOL jeSSe i LoVE YOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ..rOCkErz.. on Dec 06, 2009
..dONt SeaRcH fOR HIm iF You dOnT WaNr HIM!! loVeYDoVeY! WhY sEaRCh FoR HIm If YoU dOnT Like hiM!
posted by i love jesse on Nov 03, 2009
why does jesse had so many gf's??????
posted by Davide on Oct 03, 2009
needed here
posted by Lisa Ann 1 Gangi on Sep 29, 2009
Love you now & Forever Jesse, from Lisa kiss hugs and smiles
posted by jesse number 1 on Sep 02, 2009
if u dont like jesse why r u searching 4 him i think u r a mean o and that u r jelouse that he is cute and famouse and that he dont fansy u love u jesse c ya soon x x x x x x x p.s got your 2009 album bye
posted by jesse is gr8 on Sep 01, 2009
hey u how dare u pick at jesse.he is simply fab and he rocks. love u jesse.
posted by sensenrox30 on Aug 31, 2009
u loveydovey can go fuck urself if u dont like him then why u searchin him. get a life. jesse is awesome and ur just a lowlife who cant be successful in life
posted by loveydovey #1 on Aug 31, 2009
You can't sing! Jesse Mccartney is a wierdo! He's dumb! If anyone likes him thier dumb!

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