Melyssa Ford Denies Having Affair With Nelly

August 24, 2009 04:38:52 GMT

In a statement issued through her publicist, Melyssa denies report of her being the third person in Nelly and Ashanti's relationship that causes them to break up.

Melyssa Ford
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Photo credit: Mark Dye/PR Photos

Model-actress Melyssa Ford is wasting no time to put the brake on the false circulating reports that she has an affair with Ashanti's boyfriend Nelly and has been spotted spending time with him in Las Vegas and Miami. In a statement issued through her publicist Lexi Chow from Lexi Chow PR, the 32-year-old insists, "My relationship with Nelly is strictly professional."

She explains further that "As the former spokesmodel for Apple Bottoms, our interaction was amicable but limited to work. I have not seen or spoken to Nelly in 2 years so the person they are referring to in the media as 'Jessica Rabbit' is not me." She goes on revealing, "We shot an Apple Bottom campaign in 2006 in Miami and we taped the Black Poker Stars International Show on BET in Vegas in November 2007."

In a statement to AceShowbiz, the publicist affirms Melyssa "has not been referred to" the nickname of "Jessica Rabbit" in years. Besides, "there are 4 other Jessica Rabbits" in Hollywood showbiz and thus the publicist concludes the on-going allegations "are grossly untrue".

On Friday, August 21, the New York Daily News ran a story claiming Nelly and Ashanti, who have been together since 2003, have broken up. Different directions they want to take regarding the future of their romance were cited as the reason for the split. Proving more evidence to the not-yet confirmed separation report, the site claimed Nelly had an affair with Melyssa Ford (nickname Jessica Rabbit).

Contrary to Melyssa, both Nelly and Ashanti haven't issued a single statement just yet on whether or not they have called it quits.


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posted by Justice on Jan 19, 2010
Shut the fuck up and melyssa's sexy ass fuck whoever she wants to fuck. She ain't wit nelly's country ass and when she come to her senses she should call me on 9102378362 holla at me melyssa.
posted by Gangsta s on Jan 04, 2010
Melyssa you need to leave Nelly alone why did you do that too Ashanti she is more pretty then you are just please leave nelly and ashanti be gurl go and mess with lil jon or gucci mane you is NASTY GURL and get a life of your own gurl and nelly been with ashanti since 2003 so let them be mess with sombody your own age ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok !!!!!!!and i mean it too LEAVE NELLY ALONE IF NOT ILL FIND YOU !!!!!ok ok ok ok and trust me you are pretty just leave nelly alone please thats what i want from you wiill yyoouu ggeett tthhee ppiiccttuurree ddoonntt yyoouu!!!!!
posted by the swaager crew on Dec 11, 2009
nelly u should hide ur face and bag ur breath an nelly u alway wearing a tape under ur eye i believe that ur brain is taped too.
posted by pinky goodup on Dec 11, 2009
if i were u i would a beat the falseness out of her completely she needs to be put on a most ugliest channel orthe tuffest channel i am sure she would win 1st place are u sure u're u are a model-actress or a tuff-actress?
posted by a jamaican fan on Dec 11, 2009
ashanti u're a hot girl don't worry about the haters they can stay away 4 nowmember u have it all u dont need that piece a problem an misery.
posted by tarah excellent on Dec 11, 2009
ashanti don't worry you're to hot for that type of boy there is much better than him out there melyssa u look like this ugly woman my dad is loving with same name u too tuff u need to be gratered an pressured in a pot.
posted by tammy on Sep 01, 2009
Melyssa you are too greed you should leave the girl and her man alone.

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