Video: Heidi Montag, Flo Rida Singing at 2009 Miss Universe

August 24, 2009 04:25:52 GMT

Footage from Miss Universe pageant showing Heidi Montag performing 'Body Language' and Flo Rida delivering 'Jump' hit the web.

Video: Heidi Montag, Flo Rida Singing at 2009 Miss Universe
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"The Hills" star, Heidi Montag, brought in six female backing dancers when making a live appearance at this year's Miss Universe Pageant. She showcased her brand new song "Body Language" on-stage for the first time at the annual event.

Other musical guests at the pageant were rapper Flo Rida, disc jockey David Guetta and R&B singer Kelly Rowland. Flo Rida performed a song titled "Jump" during the show's swimsuit competition. Meanwhile, David and Kelly made a duet with their chart topper single "When Love Takes Over" during evening gown portion of the competition.

The 58th Annual Miss Universe Pageant was held at the Atlantis Paradise Island, in Nassau, Bahamas on August 23 and aired live on NBC at 9 P.M. It was hosted by Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan. Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez was crowned as 2009 Miss Universe.

Heidi Montag singing "Body Language":

Flo Rida rapping "Jump":


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posted by kelly on Aug 31, 2009
you have got to be kidding. that was the worst thing i have ever seen in my life. Will Hoang from Idol is better than her..lmao
posted by laskdjflaksdjf on Aug 25, 2009
i thought it was a joke, a spoof off brittany. apparently not ha
posted by CodysMahName on Aug 25, 2009
:O Thanks for posting my flo rida vid on here haha :D Much apprication for aceshowbiz!!
posted by asdf on Aug 24, 2009
shes not really singing, she cant keep up with the other dancers....who cast this sh!t??? someone should get fired for this......i hope they didnt pay her what a friggin waste of oxygen - her and her hideous husband
posted by me on Aug 24, 2009
I just watch her.....and .....yes she is pathetic.....she can NOT dance!!!!!
posted by JJCC on Aug 24, 2009
She is absolutely pathetic!!!!
posted by reality check on Aug 24, 2009
as if beauty pagents weren't corny enough as it is... heidi is the tasteless icing on top of the lame as cake.
posted by ugh on Aug 24, 2009
posted by lmfao on Aug 24, 2009
WOW!!! Britany wannabe!! Yeah her pants crotch was sagging lol!! She is obviously NOT embarrased, but if she were to see the replay... maybe she'd change her mind! What was with those big black shoes???? LMAO wow!
posted by rob on Aug 24, 2009
watched it cause i like plane wrecks.
posted by cupcake on Aug 24, 2009
blahhhhh wtf is she thinking she is sooo not ment to sing
posted by bubu on Aug 24, 2009
posted by no talent needed on Aug 24, 2009
Oh and one more thing the pants she is wearing are huge on her. Her crotch area is just sagging like a wet diaper. YUCK!... Tailor needed.
posted by no talent needed on Aug 24, 2009
wow that was like a high school talent show. Music has really changed. You only have to look hot and shake your bum a bit and hey your a star. Oh and I thought she was going to sing live!That was a recording that goes to show that we can't even trust her word, but who am I kidding ...
posted by who cares on Aug 24, 2009
that was painful to watch .. what's with the Britney outfit ?!! very painful
posted by ssisawesome on Aug 23, 2009
Wow, she really, really, really sucks!

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