Miami-Based Model Claims Having Sex Tape With Reggie Bush

August 13, 2009 07:41:27 GMT

The lady goes by the name Carmen Ortega claims she has made a sex tape with the athlete, but not sure about what she is going to do with the footage.

Reggie Bush
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The alleged cheating drama of Reggie Bush is escalating as a Miami-based model named Carmen Ortega has stepped forward, claiming she has an affair with the NFL player while he was still dating Kim Kardashian and has made sex tape with him. Sitting down for an interview with New York's Hot 97 Morning Show on Wednesday, August 12, she opened up about her brief fling with Reggie that became one of the reasons he and Kim split.

"Me and Reggie were friends that became more ... during Kim ... (but now) me and Reggie do not communicate ... I don't want to," Carmen testified. Putting the brake on false mounting reports of her pregnant with Reggie's baby, she stressed "I am not pregnant."

Romancing Reggie for about three months, Carmen did admit making a sex tape with him. Asked if she will release the racy video, Carmed answered "Possibly ... There's stuff that I have. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it, to be honest."

Reggie Bush had been dating Kim Kardashian for two years when her representative confirmed in late July that they have ended their romance. The representative didn't mention the cause of the twosome's separation, but a source close to the celebrity couple denied rumors of infidelity, stating the split was due to "conflicting schedules".

Few days later, however, FOX 411 reported Reggie and Kim cheated on each other before calling it quits. She was romantically linked to Kanye West, while he was said having a months-long affair with a Latino model who threatens to tell all about the hookups she had with the hunk in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami, and expose x-rated texts and phone messages.

Still, there has yet a single statement made by either Reggie or Kim.


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posted by tank on Dec 27, 2009
now i want sex lol
posted by XCITEDBOUTLIFE on Aug 16, 2009
Marilyn it doesn't matter if you're the same race as the person you're talking about, it's still a racist comment. I think YOU should go and do a little history lesson. How dare you down ALL of our men when black women have been standing by them for years fighting for equality. All men have flaws no matter the race. If no body else notice this article says they may have BOTH cheated. What does that make her? He's the only dog just because he has a penis? Last I heard there are both male and female dogs walking around here.
posted by Tessy on Aug 14, 2009
The saying that all men are dogs might not be true in all case, Reggie in my opinion was framed by this woman who came to destroy his beautiful love life she envied knowing that he was supposely taken by Kim. Carmen got tired of being the side chick oh no I hope Reggie did not make a sex tape with Carmen. Kim and Reggie get over your differences, everybody has a past. Life is too short. Kim needs to ignore Carmen, don't make her laugh last. I love to see the two of you back and spent more time together.
posted by rosequ on Aug 14, 2009
everyone have up and downs in a relationship.. its up to the persons that r in the relationship to make it work and move on... yea kim and reggie are sexy people, but that dont mean they wont get cheated on... and all BM IS NOT HORRIBLE we have some real great BM in this marilyn maybe is u stop layin down with the BM thats not doin anything with they life u will be cool.. u cant look for love in a bar or on a corner... i know some grat BM WITH JOBS THEY OWN HOMES CARS AND NO KIDS...THE SAME ON ANY RACE...LIKE TANK SAID ITS NOT THE COLOR OF THEY SKIN ITS THE CHARACTER OF THE PERSON....HOPE U FIND A NICE MAN THAT WILL MAKE U HAPPY...AND THAT WAS A RACIST COMMENT, IT DONT MATTER BECAUSE UR BLACK..RACIST IS RACIST..U JUST A RACIST TO UR OWN KIND...
posted by Steve Redfield on Aug 13, 2009
I am clueless as to why somebody would want to cheat on Kim Kardashian :s
posted by Mike Vercetti on Aug 13, 2009
Which stupid idiot reveals that they fucked up somebody's relationship?
posted by Joos on Aug 13, 2009
Marilyn you're an ass for that comment. Period! Just because you maybe had a bad experience with a black man or black men gives you no right to make such an ignorant statement. You obviously cant hold a good man period regardless of his race.
posted by the ugly truth on Aug 13, 2009
well that's life they break up make up and cheat.the life of a celebrity.
posted by amber on Aug 13, 2009
reggie is soo... hot. he has women crawling all over him. a lot of girls would do him, including myself. cheating is just ignorant, and if he didnt like her, he shoulda just broke up with her. cheating happens with every race, not just black men. not all black men are horrible. i am white and happen to think black guys r soo... hottt!
posted by pratk yadv on Aug 13, 2009
my shr
posted by Marilyn on Aug 13, 2009
WOW that hurts!!! That's sad, I really liked to see Kim and Reggie together. Maybe Kim will give up on those black men once and for all, cause they just dont know how to respect women of any kind. by the way I am black so this is not a racist comment. BM are horrible period.
posted by Tank on Aug 13, 2009
Marilyn you talked to the wrong BM thats why you think that they are horrible, what makes you think that white are any better. example the governor of south Carolina. he left the country to get some butt. its not the skin color its the character of that person, dag man people are so freakin ignorant man.
posted by reality check on Aug 13, 2009
you date a handsome, rich athlete... you get what you get. you think any of them are faithful? NOT when they have thousands of women who would sleep with them in a heartbeat, without question.

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