Recap: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 4 Perform

August 06, 2009 06:11:42 GMT

Four finalists traded partners, performed in a group and showcased their solo piece in the last effort to win the title.

Recap: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 4 Perform
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"So You Think You Can Dance" has reached the final four round that will determine who wins this season. On the performance night dated August 5, Brandon earned lots of praises while Evan earned otherwise. On the other hand, the girls, Kayla and Jeanine, showed a tight race when they both got applauses from the judges.

To warm up the night, all four dancers joined forces for a piece choreographed by Wade Robson. Using Lady GaGa's "Boys Boys Boys", the routine was about two jocks hitting on two cheerleaders.

The group dance was followed by a Jeanine-Evan duet. Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, it was the Jazz piece that put Evan as a man desiring for Jeanine. Adam Shankman said, "This season will never be the same without you."

Next was Brandon's solo that left him gasping for air at the end of it. "It felt a bit frantic," Adam opined, adding that it is a competition and this kind of thing is expected. Nigel Lythgoe agreed with Mary Murphy that Brandon "is amazing" .

Kayla joined Brandon on the dance floor after that, performing a Broadway duet with him which is based on "All That Jazz". Adam said he knew that the two dancers would become finalists, adding that Brandon is an "animal". Nigel chimed in, "(Kayla and Brandon) have just shown us why they're in the top four."

Jeanine performed her solo, dancing a sexy piece of Samba. She got the first standing ovation of the night mostly because of the pirouettes. Adam said she just edged out Brandon while Mary praised her for "peaking at the right time." Nigel was more bold in his opinion, saying Jeanine will be in the final two as far as he's concerned.

Then came the battle of the men. A Jazz number by Laurie Ann Gibson, it was literally a dance of battle. Adam said Evan got a little "dusted" and Nigel thought Brandon "outdanced" Evan. The girls were more balanced in their joint piece which was choreographed by Mia Michaels. It was about taking layers of their clothes which proved to be a difficulty for Jeanine. It was like watching "the world's longest wardrobe malfunction," Adam said.

Evan did his solo. Although Mary said it was "unique", Nigel disagreed and said it was not worthy the top score. "If we're looking for the No. 1 tonight, in my opinion, it isn't you," Nigel said.

Evan, however, got his moment in the duet performance with Kayla. Dancing a country-jive, Evan was praised for supporting Kayla well and shining in the piece. The crowd chanted his name as soon as Nigel said both of the dancers came out with guns blazing.

Kayla was the last solo, doing a piece of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" which was once popularized by Sabra and Neil. Adam regretted the fact that it didn't show a lot of her personality. Nevertheless, Nigel reminded people that Kayla was actually the first person who got into the Top 20.

The last couple dance came from Jeanine and Brandon. It was a pasodoble that brought the audience and judges to their feet. Mary did her signature scream when she's excited. Nigel also screamed in return and said, "You really did carry it off."

On Thursday, August 6, the winner of season 5 will be revealed.


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posted by Lylalove on Aug 07, 2009
A. I agree with you below. They never should have let Evan in which makes me think it's all about ratings. They know Evan isn't a great dancer, or technical, but his mass appeal brings ratings so they kept him. That was their fault and I THINK IT's BOGUS to give him any Kudos other than his niceness and a ability to do a few flips and leaps. I LOVE JEANINE AND BRANDON! Kayla is talented but she puts people off and that is obvious in the votes.
posted by jake on Aug 07, 2009
I watched the finale on TimeWarner in Manhattan on DVR and at the end, I noticed something was missing. After a little while I realized it was Kaylaís solo and interview. They werenít included in the broadcast! What is going on here? At first I thought I was taking crazy pills, but then I watched the whole thing again, even watching the commercials which I normally skip. And Kaylaís interview and solo WERE NOT EVEN IN THE BROADCAST! So Iím a little appalled that she didnít get an equal opportunity to compete. Please tell my Iím wrong, but Iíve been over my recording several times and they didnít air Kaylaís solo or interview. I only noticed because the part at the end where they recap the night showed an excerpt from her solo, then I realized I hadnít seen her solo, or her interview for that matter, already during the show.
posted by hiphop on Aug 07, 2009
I think the show sucked because they didn't do any hip hop or had 'real hiphop' choreograhpers.
posted by trytogetthere on Aug 06, 2009
I am sick of the "judges" cutting down Evan. If they thought he didn't have enough talent they should have cut him when they had the chance. It makes them seem very ugly to belittle his abilities EVERY time he performs.
posted by Canadagirl on Aug 06, 2009
Never a fan of Jeanine, I thought she absolutely shone last night. However, I think Brandon will be the ultimate winner. Kudos to all four though - they were fantastic.
posted by emm on Aug 06, 2009
yes there has. sabra won S3. go jeanine!
posted by nicoledanille on Aug 06, 2009
as much as i want brandon to win and i no he will win, their has never been a girl win so you think you can dance the amarican one.

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