Video: Susan Boyle's Interview on 'America's Got Talent'

July 24, 2009 04:13:15 GMT

Meredith Vieira questioned her the level of nervousness on 'Britain's Got Talent', the fame that came after that and the downside that followed.

Video: Susan Boyle's Interview on 'America's Got Talent'
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Susan Boyle finally made it to "America's Got Talent" after almost being trampled by President Barack Obama's news conference on Wednesday, July 22 night. She did an interview with Meredith Vieira to talk about her hotshot fame, how her mother's death encouraged her to go public and the meltdown that came with the sudden media attention.

Although she was praised for her vocal, Susan was a woman of a few words. However, Vieira who taped the interview in London praised her for being pleasant to talk to. "She came off more as a regular person, not as a celebrity. Frankly, I was quite surprised how fun and chatty she was," the talk host told People.

Although Susan's appearance on the reality show was NBC's top priorities this week, it failed to beat Obama's rating. Susan's interview which was featured in the final half of 10/9c hour, only managed to pull 12 million viewers, a far comparison to Obama's conference which absorbed 25 millions at 8/7c. NBC chose to push back the show an hour later to accommodate Obama but it proved to be an unsuccessful lead-in.


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posted by trennie on Jul 30, 2009
Susan Boyle wasn't almost "trampled" by Obama. Obama was forced to change his press conference from 9 to 8 PM,because Susan was scheduled for 9. The headlines worldwide scored it "Subo 1-Obama 0"
posted by JoMike on Jul 24, 2009
Some of the worldwide fans were able to view it streaming live. That number was left out of the total. Susan has only been a star for 3 1/2 months. Give her a little time, and when the public at large hears her sing, she'll command more of an audience next time. We all think it's funny that the little Scottish lass who is just beginning her career made the most powerful man in the free world change his schedule! Next time it will be 25/12 million in favor of Susan!
posted by miles on Jul 24, 2009
The most important thing is we, Susan fans, enjoyed watching her. Having 11 million American fans who watched her is not bad.
posted by on Jul 24, 2009
I wish the program would play a whole song of Susan Boyle instead of just "clips". can't wait for her CD/ Album to come out.

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