Vanessa Hudgens Hopes to Portray Catwoman

June 26, 2009 06:16:58 GMT

Vanessa Hudgens has stated her desire to portray Catwoman, claiming Michelle Pfeiffer's take as the feline villain in 'Batman Returns' as one of her favorites.

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in "High School Musical" series, but she has a dream of playing a character in black leather suit. Met on the set of "Beastly", the teen star expressed her desire to portray Catwoman.

When asked by MTV News about the comic book characters or stories that she'd like to bring to the screen, Vanessa answered uncertainly, "Wonder Woman?" Then she immediately added, "Honestly, when I was a kid, one of the reasons my parents realized I loved showbiz was because I dressed up every single day in my Catwoman costume." After telling how the character inspired her acting career, she continued speaking, "So maybe someday, down the line... I could play Catwoman."

Vanessa, who admitted that she has watched "300" several times, claimed Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of the feline superhero in 1992 "Batman Returns" as one of her favorites. "It would have to be the right [character], but it's always fun, it's always great. Women kicking ass, you know?" she claimed.

Vanessa Hudgens is currently busy filming "Beastly", a fantastical romance based on the "Beauty and the Beast" tale, in which she plays the main female character named Linda Taylor. Another upcoming flick for Vanessa is Zack Snyder's thriller "Sucker Punch".


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posted by tina on Oct 01, 2009
re Moody Blues and ms blue: Lucky for her your only connection to showbiz is sitting on your fat asses at a computer. The directors producers and critics loved her.
posted by UYT78 on Jul 20, 2009
posted by kesha on Jun 28, 2009
vanessa hudgens is cool the best star ever
posted by Ryan on Jun 26, 2009
PLEASE GOD NOOOOOOO!!!!! I think Emily Blunt or Amber Heard would be good choices.
posted by Moody Blues on Jun 26, 2009
Ok my first comment didnt pass. so I will just give her a resounding thumbs down!!!
posted by Moody Blues on Jun 26, 2009
I think she would be freaking great in a p orn flick. Bet she can ride them ponies, yee hah
posted by ms blue on Jun 26, 2009
oh kill me first. could we make her a speed bump that the tumbler drives over instead?

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