On-Set Source Claims Robert Pattinson's 'New Moon' Abs Are Fake

June 13, 2009 02:14:09 GMT

An unnamed source has been cited as telling Star Magazine that Robert Pattinson's ripped abs seen in some photos taken from the Montepulciano, Italy set of "New Moon" are fake.

On-Set Source Claims Robert Pattinson's 'New Moon' Abs Are Fake
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Kellan Lutz's claim that Robert Pattinson's ripped abs seen in some photos taken from the Montepulciano, Italy set of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" are real has been refuted by an on-set source. Contrary to Kellan's statement, the unnamed source insists Robert's muscular body is fake.

"Rob had a team of makeup artists working on his stomach to make it appear as if he had a six-pack," the source tells Star Magazine. "Rob is definitely not that in shape. He hates the gym and will never really be a muscle man!"

Furthermore, the source reveals, "They used all the tricks - including liquid body paint, shading, and airbrushing - to make his torso look toned. Whenever they stopped filming, Rob would duck back insider to get touched up by the makeup team." That's not all, "The lighting team helped as well, creating the perfect way to accentuate the shading and highlights," adds the source.

Late last month, some shirtless pics of Robert Pattinson snapped during the filming of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" in Montepulciano, Italy were published online. Rumors emerged soon thereafter, claiming the British actor's muscular body were fake.

And while Robert himself remained mum on the talks, his co-star Kellan Lutz insisted, "Taylor [Lautner] been training Rob a lot, and that's why he's got such ripped abs," adding that "Rob's been working hard. He's trying to be the best Edward [Pattinson's character in the films] he can be."


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posted by sofyaa on Oct 16, 2010
heee iiis soo handsomee with abbss or without theem i dont careee he is uniqe and he is betteer thaan aall the people that said that he is ugly or somethong like that because he like what he is poor off youu !!!!
posted by The Change on Jun 11, 2010
Yeah, he used to be open about things, a real human and fun. Once he even joked about dandruff and it was awesome. IHe was different from other actors. t's changed though. That was what I liked best about him, but that probably had to change for some reason?
posted by willow on Jun 11, 2010
I trust him as much as I trust his abs... I think the point people are making is: Who is this guy? What's real and what isn't? I think people want to believe something genuine they can relate to - it's kind of his brand and source of his popularity, so is it painted on or not? I don't mean his film abs when I ask that.
posted by la on Jan 06, 2010
His abs aren`t fake. I dont think so. But how do you think, would edward look like, with so much muscles as jacob???. I mean he is a vampire. That wouldnt look good for a vampire
posted by belle on Dec 02, 2009
this article has obviously been written by rob haters and taylor supporters. this is so gay if u actually got all the facts and did some research there r plently of pics where rob has his abs. and anyway all actors need makup plus his skin is pale so they would hav 2 enhance the abs to make it visible. STOP BEING BITCHES AND LEAVE ROB AND HIS HOT BOD ALONE!!
posted by Maya on Oct 09, 2009
They did enhance his abs by airbrushing, but as said before, that is what happens in movies. You cant see abs that well on screen. They did it with the wolfpack too. Look at the HQ photo of the wolfpack, you'll see the lines of paintbrush.. It looks obvious in photos, but it wil look natural on film. That's just the less-glamorous side of hollywood.. I agree, he had to be toned to be painted on, that's for sure. It would look ridiculous if it was painted on fat.. He's just not as ripped as Jacob.
posted by !!! on Aug 09, 2009
Does it really matter you guys? He's still amazingly hot!! And plus, Robert had to be slim in order for the ppl to draw abs on him. Cuz ppl cant draw abs on belly fat!! so robert did have a nice body already. and plus, not all 6packs show up completely on camera, so robert's not the only one that has had this done. BTW, we dont even know if this is true. I could put up a blog saying "a source onset of new moon says, ..." blah blah blah. ppl gossip a lot so you dont know what to believe. Not everyone has a 6pack so dont be dissing him!
posted by evolet on Jul 28, 2009
so what??? I DON"T CARE...I still LOVE HIM...NO MATTER WHAT...
posted by mind over matter on Jul 28, 2009
haven't you watched TWILIGHT?? His body is shown there, obviously, he's got his abs by then, everyone in showbiz needs make up...he's had those make ups for a reason, and that reason is to enhance the looks of his abs, you wont see it clearly on screen without enhancing them. The vision of the human eye is far better than the camera, so they have to put those make up on...use your heads...
posted by OBSESSIVEDWARDSYNDRO on Jul 28, 2009
please people, leave the man alone...he's just doing his job...he's the best for the role, get over it...if you don't have anything good to say, just shut up and mind your own business...
posted by angel on Jul 28, 2009
you unknown thing who spread this rumor...why don't you just look at the mirror. are you perfect to say such things? i bet you're just insecure...Rob may not be that appealing to everyone, but he's still TOO HOT TO HANDLE....period!!!!
posted by SEDUCTIVE DEVIL on Jul 28, 2009
The hell i care if it's make up or not.....I LOVE his CHEST HAIR DOWN...It's so sexy & hot...I bet it's ticklish....HAHAHA!!!!
posted by Catherine Mae on Jul 28, 2009
Hey you gossiper, you don't deserve that job...can't you just shut the hell're a coward! show yourself...and i will kill you!!! YOU"RE JUST INSECURE...ROBERT IS HOT EVEN WITHOUT THOSE ABS...
posted by Bella Cullen on Jul 28, 2009
i've seen the photos, so what if those abs were fake...doesn't matter...he's sure as hell HOT!!! For Rob- "if people are trying to pull you down, it only means YOU"RE ON TOP OF THEM..."
posted by Carol on Jun 20, 2009
Does it really matter?...I (like most) would have voted for him as the sexiest man, even before he took off his shirt. As far as his physic.. there are somethings that just can't be faked and he looks like he is in very good shape to me. What do you expect someone to look like when they have extreemily white makeup on them?
posted by dame on Jun 15, 2009
who cares. He is so sexy, and beautiful just the way he is. It's Hollywood guys, leave the man alone. No one could ever play Edward better than Rob. End of story.
posted by yen on Jun 14, 2009
He is a great actor and seem s like a great person. so who cares if they are real or not either way is fine. i specially don't like bulky guys
posted by elaine on Jun 14, 2009
Leave him alone! The man is as close to perfection an one can get! He is the sexiest man on the planet and I am not a teen! Bottom line~who cares? He's Robert Pattinson!
posted by Me on Jun 13, 2009
Look, painted or not, it's a movie and people, including men, where makeup. Who gives a hell. You can't put makeup on his arms to make muscles bulge out and Rob definitely had defined arms and a defined back, so whether they shaded areas of his abs over the obvious white makeup to make him Edward, I could care less, because Rob still has his shape, his muscular arms, stomach and chest. Side note: Fire the mf'r who can't keep his trap shut on a movie set. You don't even deserve the job, if indeed you were there. Asswipe.
posted by Vicki on Jun 13, 2009
Who cares if he has tight abs or not- the man is a God among men!! We don't care- he's absolutely gorgeous!!!
posted by Corrie on Jun 13, 2009
First of all he has to have makeup on to play Edward. He may be fair skinned in real life but not fair skinned enough necessary for the role he plays. If you are going to cover something in white then you need to accent the abs with something to make them stand out. Second Edward is not suppose to be muscle bound like Jacob. He is strong not muscle bound. Black Belts can kick you across the room and not look like they could hurt you at all. Welcome to movies they make things look better. That does not make Robert Pattinson a fake just a young man doing his job.
posted by BellaSwanCullen on Jun 13, 2009
I've seen the pictures, too Anonymous and I agree with you. I think they are not airbrushed or painted on or make uped on. They are real. End of story.
posted by francis on Jun 13, 2009
oh yeah.. they also inserted paddings on his arms and neck.. and also on the defined lines on his back and chest to make it look like he's been working out. oh.. wait a second.. HE HAD NO SHIRT!! how do you fake the biceps and the triceps?.. i think i know what real muscles look like.. especially when i see them with my own eyes.. so suck it.
posted by Michelle SA on Jun 13, 2009
Who cares about the abs...he is perfect with or without them........for me anyway!!!
posted by Anonymous on Jun 13, 2009
I think they are real. I know Robert had to work really hard to get those wonderful muscles(shows he is dedicated to his role as Edward). He is never going to bulk up as big as Hugh Jackman or The Rock(which is ok-no meanness intended). That is just not his body type. What muscles Robert does have is perfect to me. I don't like alot of big, bulky muscles anyway. Again, nothing against Hugh or the Rock.
posted by Noha Salem on Jun 13, 2009
this is really sad, how more low and cheap could you go, give Rob a rest, they are not fake, they are real everyone noticed how much he was hitting the gym and how hard he worked for them, just to trash it all is really distressing, leave him be we love him any how, he could have easily painted one before in twilight but he didn't, you are blind not to see they are real, as for airbrushing, he had to, remember he plays a pale white vamp, he had to be painted damn how stupid could your source be or better yet how jaelous "Rob is definitely not that in shape. He hates the gym and will never really be a muscle man!" is he a personal friend of his more close than Kellan or may be that's just what he wants to beleieve or may that's what you want us to believe, well we are fans all the way, so you can just eat ch.........
posted by 2 cents on Jun 13, 2009
My first thought when I saw the pics were that they were airbrushed to ENHANCE what abs he has. I don't think he's that in shape, but he's not that flabby. But the airbrushing goes without question, you can see it. Besides, he needed the color to get the sickly vampire skintone down. They've done a great job! Bottom line is though, WHO CARES?! It's a hollywood movie, and I expect hollywood greatness! Real or not, as long as we believe. :)
posted by crap on Jun 13, 2009
this source wants a piece of rob, geez
posted by dana on Jun 13, 2009
Taylor DOESN´T NEED those ridiculous paintings bwahahaha...take that ROBWARD LOSERS!!!
posted by kathleen on Jun 13, 2009
That´s why Twihards are so detested...they´re so RETARDED! OF COURSE THEY´RE PAINTED! Only idiots like you refuse to see the truth but the world is not like you losers! Everybody is laughing about Robert and incredibly his dumb fanbase. So ridiculous...
posted by iam on Jun 13, 2009
who cares? end of story.
posted by izahbella on Jun 13, 2009
personally, I don't trust this so-called "source". the way it talks seems as if it was a way to destory rob's reputation. maybe they saw it wrong. maybe the make up artists were making his body pale. anyway, rob is great, not because he's got an amazing body, but coz he's coping with his fame well, and he was good enough to get the role of edward cullen.
posted by Renate on Jun 13, 2009
Does his Abs really make him a Better ACTOR. how shallow, his shoulders and back look really good but his Impression beiing ready to risk everything is mindblowing
posted by chow on Jun 13, 2009
hu cares ? he's stiLL hot :]
posted by LAALALLAA. on Jun 13, 2009
muust be a hateh. no wonder they wouldnt say their own name & shit.
posted by sarah on Jun 13, 2009
Robluvr, this is not another article to make Rob look bad - the speculations were there at the beginning, so this is just to kill the rumour and to register people's opinion around his abs. I respect everyone's opinion but truly Rob 's abs are enhanced, they do it all the time with actors and male models. He has worked on his shoulders and stomach muscules a little. Generally as an actor who is being named the sexiest and the most handsome man in the world , he should either hit the gyme or work on his body in some way - he has to be well toned. Otherwise he doesn't fit to be crowned at all - I think fans should be a little critical, it will help him grow as an actor and a person. If everyone thinks you are perfect it certainly gives you no drive to work hard at anything!!! all said and done I personally hate men with over toned rock hard bodies. Elastic and flexible body is the ultimate!
posted by Belle on Jun 13, 2009
Hey Chiara, Maybe he needed the makeup that makes him look pale touched up after the embraces. I'm sure makeup was used for definition. So what? They all do it, even actresses. You think there's a mag cover out there that isn't airbrushed? Rob never claimed they're real or not enhanced. I don't care. With or without abs, he's HOT!!
posted by noty-by-demand on Jun 13, 2009
who cares!whatever!he's really smoking hot!
posted by twilightmad on Jun 13, 2009
Who cares, who cares, who cares!!!!!!WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP ROB IS STILL HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Deborah on Jun 13, 2009
I don't trust this "source". First off the abs look very real on the side view so obviously the weren't airbrushed on. Secondly, I've heard that some behind-the-scenes people were upset Rob wasn't able to interact more with the extras/crew. This sounds like someone with a not-so-hidden agenda to diss Rob. Well I'm not buying what they're trying to sell. Rob's abs are very real, end of story.
posted by april on Jun 13, 2009
who cares if his abs is fake .he is a good actor.they are just jealouse of his fame.
posted by shai on Jun 13, 2009
it is impossible to paint muscles on belly fat, it wood look terrible, he has a great defined body, obviously, he was never a body builder - he is naturally slim and tall.The team of make up artists has to put dots on his skin to mark where the computerized effect for sparkly skin would be placed.Edward's skin is also very pale. There is nothing wrong with visually enhancing muscles with airbrush - every male actor gets it done in the movies.There are just no extras to repot on it and five millions fans to analyze it later.
posted by vampiregirl on Jun 12, 2009
So what if they're fake? He's hot... he's an awesome actor... end of story
posted by mandycts on Jun 12, 2009
Who cares if it's makeup? He is an actor playing a character. What is the difference if he has makeup on his face or his abs.
posted by t on Jun 12, 2009
umm actually it is more believable that they are painted on. and that is not sunlight hitting is lighting effects....because his body is pale...real abs would not be so well defined...besides...don't you think that if rob had specially trained to beef up (like taylor actually did) there be a big scoop about it...of course there would...p.s. 300....lots of painted/enhances abs there...rob is no where NEAR in the condition of those men.
posted by anoni mouse on Jun 12, 2009
Seems like a story put forth my a jealous Taylor/Jacob fan. His muscles were the thing they thought they had over Rob and now that he has the muscles, the looks and the personality there is no way Taylor can compete.
posted by anonymous on Jun 12, 2009
kellan lutz specifically said that they were real...but an unnamed source said they weren't. which is more believable?
posted by barbara on Jun 12, 2009
I'm sorry but Rob's abs are real if you look at the pictures of him from the side and the ones of him up close the sun reflecting of off him doesn't lie. you can definetly see the definition in his abs and his side too. get ove rit people the man is on fire!
posted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2009
I am not saying they did not use any makeup on him. I am just saying he did have somewhat of a six pack already. If you look at a side view, there is some muscles there, and I know those weren't painted on.
posted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2009
people this is all FABRICATION they just want to make ROB seem LESS PERFECT this people are haters indeed
posted by ashlee on Jun 12, 2009
Everybody can see they´re painted need to be confirmed. That´s what Hollywood is all about: LIES! I´m admired how Rob agreed to do such thing!
posted by chiara on Jun 12, 2009
I´m italian and some extras on set confirmed it. Every time there was a hug between he and Kristen he was taken inside to be painted all over again. Wake up, people, he´s not that muscular indeed.
posted by dina on Jun 12, 2009
Rob hates working out. I think he would confirm the whole story of airbush if asked.
posted by claire on Jun 12, 2009
OF COURSE they´re fake. Unless you´re a Twihard retard or blind, you can see clearly that they´re PAINTED.
posted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2009
Right on Cha.
posted by Robluvr on Jun 12, 2009
I feel this is just another article to make Robert look bad. Look at the pictures. You can not fake those. Yes, they may have been enhanced a little with makeup. That's show business people. All actors do it. Besides,nobody has a perfect body, and that includes Rob. That just makes him more real. Another thing I would like to point out is you have to have some abs there already to enhance. I doesn't matter to me though. I still totally love him and he is really HOT!!!!!
posted by Cha on Jun 12, 2009
go suck a dick!Rob was looking sexy so fuck off you basterds!
posted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2009
I don't think his abs are fake at all. They may have added a little makeup to enhance them, but they sure as h*** did not paint them on. Just look at the pics people. Besides, you have to have something there to enhance to begin with. Sorry folks, just an opinion.

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