'Nurse Jackie' Gets 2nd Season After Overnight Rating

June 10, 2009 06:12:34 GMT

Watched by more than a million viewers accumulatively, the series starring Edie Falco has been stretched to season 2.

'Nurse Jackie' Gets 2nd Season After Overnight Rating
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Showtime has a big faith in "Nurse Jackie". The series described as "wicked, heartbreaking and funny" is renewed for a second season, only a day after the pilot aired on the pay TV channel on Monday, June 8. In the order, 13 episodes are reserved.

Reason of the renewal is based on the fact that the series became the highest debut for Showtime. "Jackie" attracted 1 million viewers on the 10.30/9.30c slot and additional 350,000 on the repeat, making it gathering 1.35 million viewers overnight. The number surpasses record holder "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" that opened to 950,000 viewers last year on the same night, Monday.

"Jackie" may owe the huge rating to heavy promotion prior to the premiere as well as the lead-in from "Weeds". The dark comedy about marijuana dealer, absorbed 1.65 million viewers for its season 5 premiere at 10/9c.

However, the premiere of "Jackie" did not only withdraw viewers but also criticism. The New York State Nurses Association is demanding Showtime to post a disclaimer at the end of the series. The association argues that pill-popping Jackie is a demoralization of the real nurses' life. Chief Executive Officer Tina Gerardi said in a letter to the network, "We believe that the public's view of nurses is influenced by TV dramas, and we have yet to see an accurate portrayal of what nurses really do."

In a response to the statement, Showtime has denied the request, reasoning that "Nurse Jackie" is a work of fiction which sole and foremost purpose is "entertainment".


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posted by Ggirl on Aug 25, 2009
This is for the post by Chris on July 13. Why so mean? There is no reason to talk shit. Nurse Jackie Rocks
posted by slutfacehoebag on Jul 29, 2009
This show is great. people get over it! its on television. If you want real. change ur channel to discovery
posted by nurse bob on Jul 21, 2009
nursing has lost its identity..nursing has aspired to be an art, science, philosophy, profession, and so many other things that it has failed to be....if nursing were a strong image and institution its organizations wouldn't be afraid of fictional characters.
posted by Chris on Jul 13, 2009
Is English not your first language? There are many errors in this article, as well as the comment above me.
posted by nurse jackie on Jun 16, 2009
Good show. My dghtr who is an R.N. says the only thing is that they don't show enough hard work plus all the paperwork.

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